My Dream Job Of Writing A Script

I think if I could geek out and write any script to my favorite franchise it would be Dragon Ball. If you know me, you know I’m a big Batman fan, and this news might come to a shock to you. But, yeah, I would really want to write the script to Dragon Ball.

 It was one of my favorite franchise growing up. I loved the story of Goku, the boy with the monkey tail, who turns to a full-grown King Kong sort of ape if he looks at the full moon and the series branching out with Dragon Ball Z.

 A lot of people would want to start the franchise at Dragon Ball Z, because it was the most vastly know to mainstream, but die-hard fans will remember the story before DBZ. And to me it makes sense if you started with that world first. Get a young actor, sixteen max and build the series around him till you get to DBZ.

 I think if tackled the franchise, I would write the first part with Emperor Pilaf build it around him vs Goku, Bulma , Yamcha, Master Roshi , Chi-Chi. Re-imagine Pilaf in a new way, he’s a setup to the world that’s soon to come.

 The second part I would bring the Red Ribbon Army, now you get to bring Krillin, Goku’s best friend. Pull Bulma and Yamcha out of this sequel or make them into small cameo roles, because they were left out in the series as well. Bring in Tien and Chaozu, I would make them hired thugs for the Red Ribbon but then have them aid Goku at the last-minute. Have the Red Ribbon Army tie into with King Piccolo.

 And then we have our final film in the trilogy. King Piccolo the monster that is hell-bent in ruling the world. Bring the whole cast, have them fall, then have Goku fight King Piccolo in one amazing epic 20 min battle for humanity. An easter egg in the end, King Piccolo leaves his clone to hatch and outcomes Piccolo we all love in the series.

 If I had chance to write the franchise, I would do it like this. Then I would quit and let someone else handle DBZ. Because that’s too easy to do. The origin to Dragon Ball is the granddaddy of all scripts.

 Ok, well I geeked out enough. And shared my input. What did you think of my plot for the franchise, what franchise would you love to write script about, let me know below.


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