The Novels And Crow podcast film

I had a real pleasure of doing a podcast with my friend CreepyCrow. It’s a podcast about nothing, we did roughly over, I would say, nine podcast. We did this last summer, did our last show on September. I really did laugh my ass off during the whole show, as you will find out when you hear them yourself. We talked about Zombies, movies, the Crows shot at winning the lotto, breast milk that’s another story in itself.

But that’s the podcast, it goes into random stuff and it’s odd. It’s definitively not for the politically correct crowd. I really did enjoy the podcast, it gave me something new to do. It was out of my comfort zone. I do plan to release the podcast this Summer. Just taking the best tracks of the show, and making into a somewhat standup audio film on youtube. I should be posting samples of the show on May for you guys to check out.

Here’s what I had plan to do with the podcast but I scrapped the idea early this July. Will you guys tune in for the idiotic fun? Give a like if you are.


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