Amazon Prime Hits 6 Million Paid Users

There were strong doubters of Amazon Prime and Amazon itself. A lot of bashers who were saying the company nearing its end and it would show the world how much a failure it truly is. Well when news broke that over 10 million people had tried for the 30-day free trial of Amazon prime this holiday season, people were snickering, saying ” Sure, but how many will op-out before the 30 day, maybe that’s Amazon plan to trick them and force them to buy it.”

Amazon does have a policy if your not using at all durning the past 30 days, then you don’t get charged. But the news coming in was that, many who had tried the 30 days, said they were sold and wanted to pay for the whole year. ( that’s $99.99 one flat payment for the year) And that was 6 Million, 6 Million!!!! will they stay on for next year, they just might and that number might grow seeing how Amazon is brining more content and original made shows to their Amazon Prime service.

I still can’t get over the amount of hate Amazon is being thrown at. You see if on every web article, every bitchy Author who blames lack of sells on the company, and perhaps not the poor book they got out there. I’ve always felt Amazon has been judge more harshly than any other company, tobacco gets more respect than Amazon.

I think Amazon doesn’t pander to Wall St, they don’t act like a Wall St company , they don’t give a shit what someone from the NY TIMES is posting about them, they’re focus in one thing, making an idea happen. And the 6 Million that they reached prove it works.


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