Rooster Teeth: LAZER TEAM ( Trailer Review )

I was thrilled to death, when I heard Rooster Teeth was doing a full length film that was going to hit theaters.  I always knew a small company as themselves had it in them to make such a bold leap into, out of the net and onto the big screen.

When the teaser trailer was released online, I got to admit I was blown away. It was a 9 out of 10 on my radar, it gave me high hopes. And I knew Burine Burns the founder of Rooster Teeth had stated they had done three re-writers till they got it right. I was so fucking proud to hear that.

Then the full length trailer dropped, and that’s when everything went wrong. The two minute trailer didn’t really get me hyped, didn’t really show me anything ground breaking, it showed me a two minute of one line three stooges jokes that is funny to you and your close friends. It’s like having an insight joke which no one knows about. And this worries me.

I hope to God, the trailer didn’t show their A+ stuff, because if that was, then there best looked like their worst. And this ticks me off, I love Gavin and Michael banter online, and I was hoping they would be able to pull something more organic, but it just didn’t seem that way in this trailer.

Felt like a lot of forced lines, with action scenes that look good, but is meant to be seen on TV.

Do I think this film is doomed, I hope not. I hope they really stay true to their word and brought an amazing script to the table. I want to watch this film and have my mind blown. I refuse to root for a film that’s bad, just because they’re one of the groups I admire. Basing off what I saw in this trailer, this film does not hold much to offer.

And I don’t care about the budget, budget has nothing on  great comedy, and writing. You can make a low budget film and make it rock. But the more I see this trailer, the more I see the Rooster Teeth staff laughing at this, but not quite seeing what they were doing.

Then again it is just a trailer, but it’s not one that offers hope. I rate this trailer a 4.5 out of 10. Watch the trailer below and let me know what you think.




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