So lately I’ve been digging around the net, keeping my ear to ground seeing what I turn up. Lately the news surrounding Batman’s voice in the trailer, which people said that sounded too mechanical, and wondered if that was Batman’s voice for the film? Well from what I’m hearing via Jett from Batman On Film is that the voice is not Batman at all, he won’t say what or who, but he’s stating that this someone else altogether.

Also if you look closely at the soldiers in the trailer, they are wearing Superman symbol on their side, Jett again says he can fully confirm his source that came out of the film, and this is leading to something BIG. Can we assume it’s Injustice mixed into this, maybe, even Holly Hunter can be the one leading a cult of extremist who want Superman to be the only world leader.

AGAIN we can’t say for sure. But knowing Jett this man is well contacted with the films, he doesn’t say much to spoil, but he knows what he’s talking about. So follow his twitter for all news on Batman.

Also other little tease, is that you can see the Robin costume behind Ben Affleck in the trailer. This is hinting at Death In The Family, which will tie over to Suicide Squad coming after Batman V Superman , in which the Joker killed Jason Todd the second Robin. I like that they’re going there, it’s something I wanted so deeply, even though we won’t see it in full affect. We don’t have much time, nor can we visit seven to nine films leading to Death In The Family. Bruce is older, his classic storyline will be mentioned and told down the road, I liked that, gives the team to focus more on newer and bigger storylines. I hope the Court Of Owls mixed with Under The Red Hood.

That’s all I got for now, being the Bat fan I am, you can bet your ass I’ll be giving you more info when it breaks


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