The Film FINAL HOUR which I am screenplay writer to


So, recently a few months back. I was contacted to read and give input to a film maker who was working on a film project. I read the script gave my feedback, said where this movie could go, what she could add. I was thanked and then that’s it. Few weeks ago, I was contacted again and asked if I would help pen a new draft, a storyline that would work for this film. I took the job and was hired on as screenplay writer.

The night I took the job, I re-read the script, studied, thought were this film could go. It’s a short film keep in mind, so I wanted to make sure the characters stood out. I re-wrote the script in one day, spent my entire day writing the script. Turned in draft the next day, knowing I had done my best. I know I had done my best, because I questioned what I was telling, seeing if the movie that played out in script would work in film.

When the director of the film read it, she loved it. She sent it off to her right hand man, cool guy, he read it and he was sold on it. So the film is going into production, they are looking for actors and actress as we speak. Really proud of myself, a script I wrote is coming to life. They’re aiming for film festivals wants they’re doing editing it. They haven’t said when filming will start, but you can bet I shall be giving you guys sneak peaks of the film as it starts shooting 🙂

FINAL HOUR is the film, hope you guys check it out when it releases.


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