Red Revolution ( prologue )

This mistake, this tragic step, this forever changing night. It enters his soul, it breaks his bones. Eyes so wide, taking it in, taking back from the mere sight, taking back from the smell of pain that filled his nostrils.

What was he seeing, what was happening, why was his mother screaming, why was his father laying in a pool of his own blood.

Why was there no God, why was there no angel, why was there no right to end it all.?

His mothers screams is all he hears through the night, as the men enter her insides, while the other, the man dressed in black, eyes to match his clothes stares with a grin before he puts the blade down her neck. Tired of her screams, tried of her cries, but he still has time to laugh at the shock face of that poor soul that came into the room that night, before ending it all, piercing the meat, that sent blood gushing side to side. How the devil howled with joy as it struck his face.

This night, these actions ended the innocents of a boy, ending everything he held dear in his heart. These men gave birth to the day, to a life covered in red.



By: Jesse Abundis

Red Revolution.jpg

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