The Perfect Woman CH 1

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Slower and slower

Every second was torture, Lisa spent the better part of work staring at the clock on the wall from her desk, praying it would jump from eleven to five miraculously, so she could run home for a quick shower before her date with Gerard. She was dying to know what surprise he had for her. Her mind raced with the image of him popping the question, with a band hidden behind the bushes that he had paid for the night, all waiting to come out and serenade her with her favorite song, “ All I have to do is dream” by the Everly Brothers. This was a fantasy she had picture in her mind a million times with her past relationships, before they burn to the ground, but this was different, Gerard was different, He wasn’t like the others.

The image of marriage wasn’t a stretch to fantasize about either, they had been going out for six months, something she hadn’t bother telling her mother on the train, she didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, then have to break the bad news of another failed relationship. Better to have them think she only invested weeks in him, rather than months.

Her images of white flowers, wedding bells and hidden bands behind bushes were interrupted when her brain dead co-worker Jackie came over to her desk. “ Hey, girly.” Every word out of her mouth sounded so fake, it pained Lisa to listen. She flashed her new red heels and the new mini skirt that she claimed to “ bought with my own sweat and blood“. Lisa knew the new skirt was a gift from their boss Larry Saxon. Saxon was the owner and founder of Saxon In Law, he was a balding old man with enough money to afford a yacht, a private home uptown and the love of his secretary.

Everyone at the office knew of the romance. Jackie was twenty-eight, perky breast, thin and easy, everything a married man like Saxon wanted, as long as Jackie kept her mouth shut to Harriet Saxon, his wife of forty years. Jackie had no reason to blab, she was getting paid double her salary, did no paper work, her job was suck the bosses cock, and word around the water cooler was that Saxon had rented her a new apartment just a few blocks from the office. Work and a quick fuck, what every man wanted.

Jackie bragged about how her father had sent her money this week, a lie to cover her affair, Lisa almost gagged on her own saliva from it. She continued on how she found some great deals at Forever21, she even threw in the idea of them having lunch together sometime. All Lisa could muster as a response was “ uh-huh” as her mind turned to mush.

The conversation seem to go on for eternity ,which was killing every bit of Lisa’s poor soul, only to be saved from a blessing in disguise as their boss Mr. Saxon called Jackie into his office so she could take “notes”, no doubt from under the desk. Lisa was a pro in knowing the signs already, his office blinds were sealed shut, his voice crackled like a teen hitting puberty when he spoke, it all meant Jackie was about to earn her paycheck.

Hours passed and lunch had arrived. Mr. Saxon order take out for the entire staff, his way of buying the silence of his team. Lisa didn’t want to fill up because of her date later tonight. Some of her co-workers teased her for trying to starve herself, they joked around, teasing her that she wanted to be a model, that a gram cracker and water was her daily regiment to reach her perfection. Far from it, Lisa was a curvy girl and darn proud of it. She just had a salad and a diet coke, to silence her co-workers mouths, but not the rumors.

She stared intensely at the cell, hoping Gerard would text her a love note, joke, or what are you thinking about text. Anything to brighten her mood. No such luck. “ You suck.” She put the phone back in her purse.

One of the young paralegal’s named Bradley came over to Lisa’s desk to flirt with her, they all seemed to walk in an odd way when they attended to flirt, it was like they had something cram up their butt cheeks, they called it swagger, to her it was just mortifying, especially coming from the whitest people you could imagine. Since she’d been working here, she couldn’t help but notice that all the white preppy wannabe lawyers looked alike and acted in the same manner, same dull sense of humor, same suits, same chiseled model faces. There was Bradley, Chad, Brad, Billy, Bruce and Berry, she had a hard time telling them apart, she just knew it was Bradley because of his thick eyebrows.

Bradley complemented her on her stunning outfit, which he described as pricy. Lisa wasn’t quite sure if she should tell him that she bought her clothes from a thrift store around the corner of her apartment.

He continued to serenade her, while Lisa ponder if this fell into the category of sexual harassment, the bells of a big pay day rang in her head. With minutes of woo and one line zingers, but no crack in her armor, he gave up and moved on to another girl in the office.

Bradley’s advances wasn’t his fault. Lisa always kept her private life away from her work, not a single co-worker knew she was dating or if she had someone in her life. She was just the happy go lucky secretary who was always on time and knew where things were. “ The Radar of this MASH unit “ Mr. Saxon would always call her. Lisa had no idea who that was until she googled the terms Radar and Mash, she wasn’t a small balding man with glasses, but she sort of saw the complement.

Finally the end of the day had arrived, she had finished all the paper work on her desk, e-mailed and faxed every important document to keep everyone updated and ready for the next day. She was the first out of the door, she said her goodbyes and told them all she would see them tomorrow. Perhaps she would return as an engaged woman. She smiled at the notion as she walked out of the elevator and headed to catch the train. She sent her love a text. “ I’m ready for tonight, I can’t wait for the surprise *kiss*


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