The Story About This Girl

Will you listen to my story

About this girl that came in the night

And asked me if she could stay

I thought she was mad

But she had that face

That made you feel so sorry

She found a place in my heart

When she weep

She grab my soul

As she laid by my side

Days got better

Love was in this heart again

I never knew life could be this good

Days got darker

Pain turned to love

Tears turned to laughter

I felt my body go cold

As she put me down

To friends who I knew

I never felt so lonely

I asked if she would leave

But she cried

And promised to stop such things

Lock the door

And she pounds till I let her in

She acts so cool

Till things get out of hand

And I’m left feeling sorry

Thinking about that night she leap into bed

I should of knew that smile

Meant only the worst

Lock the doors

But she’s always got a way inside my head


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