The Perfect Woman CH 3

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Chapter 3

A Night Like No Other

Lisa was treated to the Everly brothers as Gerard drove down to a studio art complex in the Bronx, it wasn‘t the band behind the bushes, but it would do. Lisa was a bit confused as to what they were going to do in an art studio, she wonder if this was going to turn out like a scene from Titanic, her being swayed to undress as Gerard painted every inch of her naked body, she wouldn’t be upset if that was the case, not one bit.

She tried restlessly to get him to divulge the surprise but he would not budge, even if she nibbled on his neck, which half the time worked in the past. Nonetheless she gave up and went with the flow, after all she was with the person she wanted to be with the most, what else could she ask for?

The car came to a stop, “ Here we are.“ He raced to get out, so he could open Lisa’s door as a gentlemen would. She felt like royalty from the special treatment she was getting, he even gave her a hand out from the car.

“ You’re such a gentlemen, but I’m not tipping you.” She joked around.

They crossed arms and walked up the stairs to the complex. “We’re on the fourth floor.” He said to her.

The building was old and worn out, it was in need of a desperate paint job or a demolishing crew. When Gerard open the door to the building, it made a haunted mansion style creak and the smell of a dead animal carcass seem to loom in the air. Lisa prayed whatever Gerard had planned, was worth going through this. The halls of the complex was hot and musty, graffiti written every where and puddles of water on the concrete floor, no doubt from the leaking water pipe above.

They walked into the freight elevator, which seemed to be the only way to reach their floor. Lisa was a tad scared if they would make it to their destination alive in the old and rusty elevator. Even with all these faults Gerard just kept smiling at her. “After you madam.” He closed the gate behind them and pulled the rope down to close the elevator doors.

He pressed the button on the panel and the elevator hummed to life with an almost dying breath. “ Going up, hopefully.” He chuckled, which Lisa came back at him with a pinch on the arm. “I’m kidding.”

He nestled with her and began to playfully kiss her neck. “ What’s waiting for me?” Lisa asked through her moans of pleasure, as his breath tickled her neck.

“ You’ll see.” He said with a devilish smile as he devoured her.

“ If your plan is to fuck me, we can do it right here in the elevator. I’ve always felt the urge to be a dirty girl and judging by the floor I would be one.” Lisa enjoyed her own joke.

It took the old elevator a few seconds until they reached their stop. “ Close your eyes.” Gerard said with a child like enthusiasm. She did as she was told, she wasn’t one to ruin his big plans for tonight.

Lisa could hear him pushing down the doors and opening the gate, he almost seemed out of breath, “ Babe, don’t faint on me.” She told Gerard, who seemed more eager for this night than her.

“ Okay, I did my best, I hope you like it. Now, open your eyes.”

Lisa was welcomed with a view of candles lighting up the entire studio, classical music playing in the background, and a bottle of wine waiting for her on a red cloth table. She slowly stepped in, amazed at the work he had done, the wooden floor had been waxed magnificently , the windows covered with red drapes. There were a few wooden crates and a bag in the corner, still none of it was enough to take from the beauty of it. This explained why he had made it so late, he was planning all this for her. “I love it.”

“I thought you would, I spent all day fixing this up just for you.” He softly squeezed her hand. He gestured to the table.

“Baby, did you rent this place just for tonight ?” She asked

“Yes I did, I just wanted to give you a night like no other. “ He kissed her cheek, “ Go have a drink, I think you’ll like the wine.” He devilishly smiled.

“Care to join me?”

“I will in a moment, but I got one more big surprise, so no peeking.” He wagged his finger at her.

“Hurry up, I don‘t like to drink alone.” Lisa patted him on the butt, squeezing a little as he walked away. She made her way over to the table to give Gerard time to whip out his next surprise. Lisa examined the wine bottle before pouring herself a glass, she couldn’t believe what it was, “Cabernet Sauvignon. “ This was the same drink they had together on their first date, at the restaurant in Little Italy, Casa Cotti. “ Baby, I didn‘t think you remembered.” She said awestruck.

“How could I not? “ He said to her.

Lisa could hear him fumbling with the crates behind her, probably miss placing her gift. She nibbled on her lip as the image of an engagement ring came to mind. She poured herself a glass and took one large gulp to calm her nerves.

She could hear Gerard walking back to her, she couldn‘t stop smiling, she knew this was it, he was going to pop the question to her, “ So, what‘s my next surprise? ” She turned around with a glowing smile shining so ever brightly for this moment, “ I‘ve been waiting all day for it.” Only to be greeted with the image of Gerard holding a wooden baseball bat in his hand, “ What are you doing?” She laughed out loud, not knowing how to react to this picture, it seemed like a bad joke. But before the reality of it could sink in, he swung the bat at her, sending her world into darkness.


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