Gotham Villains Trailer Review

What do I make of the Gotham season 2 trailer, it’s got my attention. The tease of what looks to be this shows Joker, given his age, that would throw him in the same ball park of Bruce Wanye where the age difference wouldn’t be as big as the other villains. And this seems to be the selling point for this trailer. They’re leading to the freaks, but it’s kinda hard to do that with out a Batman.

I was not a fan of the show, mainly because the writer’s couldn’t construct a theme or storyline. It bugged me, I felt James Gordon was mishandle, even Barbara was just thrown to a pointless love angle with detective Montoya that made no sense whatsoever.

But that’s the past we’re talking about the now. I kinda feel this is Fox fixing the wrong with a right, even pushing the Joker storyline. I hope someone in FOX figured the idea, if we can’t have Batman, then we’re going to make our own new take of the series, rather than constantly tease “BATMAN IS AROUND THE CORNER…MADE YOU LOOK!”

This trailer has me hooked in wanting to know more. I will be watching a few episodes, if it starts off with that misguided sense of direction I’m out. I’m a big Batman fan, and I want this series to succeed. But when a show sucks you gotta call them like you see it.


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