Rumored ” Booster Gold And Blue Beetle film”

Booster Gold And Blue Beetle

This little news just came down the wire. It seems WB and DC are aiming for a Booster Gold and Blue Beetle team up, that will take place after Justice League. Now for some of you who don’t know Booster Gold is from the future, but he isn’t that great, he’s pretty unwelcome in Justice League past and future. Blue Beetle is all brains and fighting skills sort of the second rate Batman.

If this comes out to be true I can see DC aiming perhaps for a Flashpoint storyline down the road, in which the Flash (Barry Allen ) ends up going back to the night his mother was killed, ends up saving her and alternating the future. Gives the needed space to do a soft reboot if and when should the superhero bubble pop. That’s been my stance since they started and we all know actors tend to hate a role after so long.

And with Booster Gold being such said time traveler that would make the idea more playable and also perhaps give a look into the future of what the DC world looks like, there can be a massive story to tap into.

I’m pumped for this story line to make it’s way to the big screen if it happens to be true. It would be an amazing sci-fi adventure with a DC telling, and if they keep it in their own tone that wil be just freaking mind blowing. For now we wait and see what happens, this has not been confirmed by WB/DC just a little rumor that came out of El mayimbe from Heroic Hollywood

In which they claim Greg Berlanti is set to direct Booster Gold a superhero comedy/buddy cop featuring Blue Beetle and Booster Gold for Warners.

Also that screenwriter Zak Penn is being eyed to write the screenplay for Berlanti. Zak Penn wrote X-Men: The Last Stand, The Incredible Hulk, and came up with the initial story for Marvel’s The Avengers. Zak Penn recently directed a hot documentary Atari: Game Over

One thing that makes this more of a rumor is the term “Buddy Cop Comedy” which doesn’t seem right, if this was Marvel yes, but DC tone is not a Rush Hour type film.

I’ll keep you updated. Let me know what you think below in the comment section.


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