Red Revolution CHAPTER 3: The Red Storm

The rain pours as heavy as it can, Stella screams as a group of men dressed in black smile as they see their treat. The large man throws her on the ground like a piece of meat, snapping his fingers to the men circling around the girl. “ Do as you wish, teach this bitch to never think she is above you or I!”

They nod their heads pull out blades hiding behind their sides, Stella cries, prays to awaken from this nightmare. She will become their meal on this night, she will become a story the mother’s tell their children at night and why you never should stay at the crossroads after midnight

“ Unhand her you beasts!” The strong raspy voice, shakens the souls of those hounds ready to have their meal. “ She is not yours to take.”

The man that commands the hounds shakes his head, thinks this poor foul must want to commit suicide, just not brave enough to take his own life. “ Walk away, boy, before we put you in your place.”

“ I was a boy, on the night you came.” The man doesn’t know what he speaks of, till he shows him the coin. “ Mister Walker, do you remember me now.”

“ How do you know my name?” The puppet of the devil hangs his mouth open, unable to believe such a thing.

“ You are a man of the law are you not, a man that seeks to protect the good from bad, but on some nights you throw it aside, and let the devil inside.” The man tosses the coin to the air, out of sight. “ Tonight is the night, we make things right.”

“ Who are you?” Officer Walker cries out from fright, feeling death grip his heart so tight.

“ Cane is my name.” And the story is told, the boy who saw his parents die that night, he has a name, he has a story, he has a journey that must be told.

“ Kill him, kill him now!” Officer Walker screams at the men shaking from the sight.
They run at Cane, Blades flying through the air, each one only cutting the hard falling rain, but never Cane.

Ribs break, necks snaps, knees crack, and a smile is imprinted on the face of that boy somewhere lost in time, looking upon himself, becoming the monster that needed to be to save his parents on that night. He feels things are going right.

The men in black scream as they witness this animal rip the nose off his own fellow man, like it was a meal to have, spitting the blood onto the others eyes, grabbing his skull breaking it as it was a nutshell. Bathing in their pain, calling out for more to come.

They sweep at this monster, but he grabs their blades, cuts one man’s stomach open, watching it all spill to the floor, the men weep like children scared of the shadow under their bed.

Stella grabs her chest, never once thinking this man that came into her room that night, would be so dark, be so evil, be worst than the Devil he was chasing after.
The rain stops, the ground is red, a man soul still burns from the past, angrier than before. Walker gets on his knees praying for a God to hear his pleads. Cane walks to the crying oaf who closes his eyes tightly, trying to make it go away.

“ Do you remember the woman you raped, and the father you killed on that night?”
He opens his eyes and stares the beast they created. “ We didn’t mean it, I swear on my mother, I swear , I swear, I swear, I swear!” He screams like an infant through a silent night.

“ Lies is what you say,” He extends his hand out and catches the coin that they left that night for him, the price they sought for his pain. “ You paid for the crime you committed, you left a coin , you left a boy, you left him to bury his own mother and father in the yard.”

“ What do you want?” Walker shivered from the sight of the blood that hung on his chin.

“ You know well what I want, I want to meet the Devil.”

“ The women in red, she hangs on the crossroads every mid night, she won’t show if you got nothing to offer.” He gulps hard, knowing what he says should not be said. “ She sent me to see what the whore wanted, wanted to know what got her thinking she can summon him, she’ll be waiting for me.”

“ I see, she’ll be waiting to see your face at midnight. Then that’s what she’s going to see.” A second later Walker would know the true meaning of pain.


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