Looking At Life

I think the biggest thing I can take from life, is the stages you live in. What you are at one point is not who are you down the road. You’ll be in different places all time, changing from one thing to another. Read my blog and you’ll see so many different things about me, at one point I wanted to write batman novels, I was more into sci-fi, I bashed Instagram for some of it ‘s lames uses and now I have one. I remember one point in my life, I swore I would never write poetry because it seemed pointless to me. Now look at my blog, facebook, twitter, instagram and you’ll see it there.

I remember opening this blog because I wanted to write, and that’s never changed, and I wanted to reach out to people, show them a piece of me. And hope that my words found a place in their hearts so they could do something just like it, to someone else. Now that part of me hasn’t never changed.

And that’s one thing you have to take with stages in your life, they bring something new, teach you something new and make you better as you go on. You learn about yourself as you go through them. Don’t get stuck in one, because you’re denying knowledge from your life, just let it be, Just got to think about that today as I sat down to write a few blog post for my site.


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