Batman Death Of A Family CH 2 The Death Of Jason Todd

Pg 4

The tape keeps rolling as he hits you again and again, laughing his ass off as he does it. Two men in leather jackets just look on, not amused by his antics at all. One even yawns, hoping he’ll get this over with already

pg 3

“ Look at you now, ain’t so tough now, hehahahahah!” The Joker takes a second to breathe, soak in this moment that he’s apart of. I wish I could  leap back to that memory and tear him apart, limb from limb. “ What’s your name?” He walks to your side, caressing your face.

It broke my heart to hear you cry as you spoke. “ Robin, my name is Robin.” I always taught you to be brutal, tough, cold. But seeing you then, I knew I couldn’t force you to be something you weren’t. You were just a boy, you were seventeen.

“ No, no, no.” The Joker just shook his head, before he pounded his fist to your skull three times. “ Not your stupid hero name, your birth name, idiot!” He even had the balls to slap you in the back of the head. I never wanted to kill anyone more than I did right now.

“ Jason, my name is Jason Todd.” He even forced you to tell your whole life story, how you were just a homeless kid on the streets, making you think, you and him were sharing a bond at that moment. He even fed you false hope that you would live, only if you gave up being Robin. You gave in and you even thanked him. “ Thank you, I swear to God, I’ll stop this, I won’t be a hero again.”

pg 6

“ That’s what I wanted to hear.” He says with a big grin on his face before his two thugs walk into view with machetes, tossing him one as well.

“ Wait, wait, you said you would let me go!” I closed my eyes at this point, I could hear you sobbing for mercy.

“ I never said such a thing,” God damn it Joker, what you made this cruel? “Alright boys, pick a spot and hack this little piggy down, HEHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!” Next is just the God awful screams as you die, it goes on for minutes, till you stop, but the sound of them chopping your meat doesn’t end for another ten more minutes. “ Well Batman, I’m going to go make me a Robin Sandwich, going to get some of his rump, that’s where all the meat is, HEHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!”

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