Heroes Reborn Review

Heroes Reborn, let me state off the bat. This wasn’t a first timer friendly show. A lot of newbies would be lost by the whole setup, story line, pretty much bitch and moan what the hell was going on screen. The only  way they would grab the weight of it was to at least watch season 1. That being said, how was the much awaited series  in my eyes.

Heroes Reborn, was freaking fucking spectacular. That is not an  overreaction statement, that was my true to the bone reaction watching this show. One thing it grasp so well, was keeping it focused and fresh. It felt like falling in love with that classic show that won our hearts when we first watched it. And I really think having a shorter season forced this team to stop making pointless side quest, that go nowhere.

( Spoilers Ahead In Case You Haven’t Seen The Show )

The opening act of the show starts off with the destruction of Odessa, Texas. Where Claire Bennett ( the indestructible girl ) got blown to kingdom come after she tried to be a sort of beacon of light to bring together evos ( meta-humans ) into the world, to show the people they had nothing to fear, that these people were here to do good in the world, even perhaps save it.  Well Someone, something went wrong, as a nuke or someone with the ability of one ended up blowing the place to hell. Killing humans and Evos ( Meta-humans). Noah Bennett ( Jack Coleman ) was caught in the blast, only to awaken, screaming the name of is daughter among the ashes. A big red flag popped into my head the moment I saw that play out, one, how did Claire die if she was practically indestructible, second how did Noah make it out alive, being so close to ground zero? A lot of flags going up, which frankly begins to smell fishy.

Later on we find out, that Sendhil Ramamurthy as Mohinder Suresh has taken the blame for the attack, turning into a sort Evo terrorist. Mankind is hunting down Evos ( Meta-humans) like it was rabbit season. One of these hunters is Zachary Levi as Luke Collins and Judith Shekoni as Joanne Collins, a couple who lost their son in the Odessa bombing. They’re roles are just amazing, their motives and lack of remorse as they gun down Evo (Meta-humans) is just too much to handle, they know what they’re going up against, they know they can die, but it’s all about vengeance.

This new world also leads to an underground rail road in Los Angeles, helm by other Evos who try to sneak people out of the country. I felt that story line alone, could of been it’s own series with Ryan Guzman as Carlos Gutierrez. They got a little Batman going into that part of the story. Another part I enjoyed about the series, is despite having different plots and stories going in different angles, you didn’t feel any of them become slow painful torment. Each one is telling their story well and will come full circle as the series moves on.

Robbie A. Kay as Tommy Clarke has gotten a lot of beef by some reviewers, who saw it as another sad cliche of a looser kid in high school with superpowers… I’ll remember that when it comes to review Spider-Man or any other Marvel film you’ll be praising and saying ” THE MOST ORIGINAL IDEA EVER”. His character was enjoyable, I found myself rooting for this kid to kick ass, especially when he came face to face with Zachary Levi as Luke Collins, sending them packing to God knows where. “Is this hell?” said a very scared and almost losing her mind Judith Shekoni as Joanne Collins.

Tommy is the one to root for, you can tell this kid will be the heart to this series as it continues. He’s an Evo himself who has been running all his life, even was held captive for years till a breakout in season 3. This kid knows what it means to be hunted down. He’s going to be the anchor when everything is going to hell.

Another character story line I felt was right up there with comic book worthy storyline is Kiki Sukezane as Miko Otomo. The girl can literately project herself in a game, that’s right she can live in virtual reality, but it can also kill her. She seems to be connected with Hiro, she has his sword, that lets her unleash these powers with in her. A lot of debate if this will end up being his child.

Then we have the man looking for truth to his missing sister, Henry Zebrowski as Quentin Frady. He stalks Noah, and even tells him that  June 13 the attack on Odessa was a cover up, it was made to fool the world…seems crazy till Noah and Quentin start digging deeper, finding a list at the old Primatech HQ which has his daughter as N/A missing.

All in all this series has me sold. It’s making Heroes, HEROES again. I find the negative reviews a little shallow and just mainly attacking show that doesn’t have the Marvel or DC brand on it. To me this show was a solid 10 out of 10. Driving the whole series on character and story line. Yes, we’re just two shows in, but what a way to start. I was going make my decision to stay with this series based on these two episodes, and for them to knock it out of the park as they did, has me invested for the season. I hope Heroes Reborn ends strong and returns to a second season with a limited 13 episodes.


2 thoughts on “Heroes Reborn Review

    • I watched all the way to the end. Season 1 was the best, the last two seasons were just bad. They kept taking a bat to what they created and destroyed it. This new season feels right. I was blown away, and I hope they end on a high note.

      But the early reviews by some papers were dead wrong. Some I assume didn’t even watch it. Because they stated things on the first two episodes that didn’t show up.

      You would love it. This first two episodes renewed my love for the franchise.

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