Star Wars Force Awakens ( Plot and ending predictions)

Here’s how I think Star Wars Force Awakens storyline will play out. ( now remember, I could be 100% dead freaking wrong. But I’m going to do my best in trying figure it out)
Kylo Ren is the son of Leia and Han. Luke Skywalker created a new order after the events of EP VI. Kylo (which I don’t think is his real name, just the name given to him by the new order) grows up to be a Jedi, but someone with the order begins to study the ways of the Sith, also dragging Kylo whom beings to understand his grandfather Darth Vader ideology.


Luke will have a love interest that died before the film took place, killed by Kylo, knowing he failed to stop this and bring balance to the force. Luke goes into exile.

Han and Leia during this struggle have a new child Rey, for her own protection they hide her away, seeing she might the last thing in the universe that can stop Kylo and the Sith.
(Ok that’s the back history)


Jumping forward, Kylo and the new order will create the Starkiller an homage to the Death Star and doing what Vader set out to do in the first place, rule the galaxy in his image.


Leia will be leading the attack among the new order, torn that she must battle her own son, and knowing there will be no turning him back to the moral side of justice and knowing he must be killed. Han will come back to recuse Rey after knowing Kylo is on the hunt for her, even in the trailer he hands his daughter the lightsaber, pushing to take the role of a Jedi for better or worst.

Luke will be sought out to finish the fight he left undone, and destroy the order he created with his new soon to be Jedis Rey and Finn , after there near death experience against Kylo.


Kylo won’t kill Rey in the scene where he’s holding the light saber to her neck, thus hinting at there bond of brother and sister.
Also I believe Chewie will die after saving Rey from an attack of the First Order. Sealing the deal for Luke to come back from the shadows and force himself to see he has done more damage in hiding then he could ever have if he was out there in the world.

The ending battle will not take place against the Starkiller, but saving the rebel base from falling into the new orders hand. I believe Luke will clash with Kylo, not killing him, but trying his best to let him turn back. Rey will try to kill him, only to have the truth come out of who he is. The Rebels will win an inch.


Finn and Rey will be lost within the truth of it all, but will continue to study the ways of a Jedi to protect the world from the First Order.


Thus leading to a build up to EP 8 which will focus all the cast for one final fight that will lead to many deaths and new starts.


Ok, that’s how I see it playing out on film. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. We’ll see come Dec 18th.


May the force be with you . . .


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