Did The Batman V Superman Trailer show too much?

Did the Batman V Superman give too much into the film, did it spoil the entire plot, should we not go see it? You my friend, are freaking crazy. No we did not see the whole film in that trailer, we had reveals. Which many are claiming told the whole story, can you be sure of that?

This film is roughly going to be a 2hr 40 min film. We saw 5 to 6 mins of trailer, that’s counting all the film used in the past three trailers, which a lot of them were repeats. I heard even Youtuber Jeremy Jahns cry “I didn’t want to see Bruce and Clark talk for a whole minute.” Yet, somehow he felt this gave and ruined the movie by showing that interaction, which really is what we wanted to see.

We did see Doomsday, if we can call it Doomsday. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but everyone is jumping on it. Could be an early stage look at the monster that turns to it’s full self by the end of the film. IF, that’s actually the main threat. A lot of people are really underselling Chris Terrio. I don’t think a man in his field would write just a simple comic book film, Hero V Monster, fight, bam, the end. That’s not what he was brought in to do, if you wanted cheap comic book action you would of kept David Goyer’s draft. This is why I truly believe what we saw was just a small glimpse into ACT 1 and ACT 2. The Doomsday bit might just be eye candy, something that doesn’t even play a major plot to the film, just a part that shows the team working together before going against someone bigger.

I for one, wasn’t shock they would unite together. The dang film is called Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Meaning Prologue is Bruce witnessing the destruction of Metropolis, showing us why he fears the Man Of Steel. That will take roughly 9 to 12 minutes. Then we setup the Batman V Superman ACT 1, showing us the interaction, the fights, Lex Luthor and his crazy motives. Which should run to 1hr and 30 Min. Then jump into ACT 2 DAWN OF JUSTICE, Wonder Woman coming to save their ass from the Doomsday Monster, all of them trying to figure out the real threat ( I’m calling Brainiac, manipulating Lex Luthor, because of that new LEX Operating System that was hinted in the viral marketing, that could find a threat and wipe out before it beings, sounds like something Brainiac would do.) That should run up to 50 mins, then we end on a high note to launch the DC universe.

I don’t see the trailer telling the whole story of this movie. I don’t believe WB/DC would put so much money into this film just to screw it up with telling the whole story in a trailer. Some might say, well, they did it with Amazing Spider Man. That was different, you actually saw main fights play out for more then 15 seconds in the trailer. In Batman V Superman we only see 2 seconds tops of a clip, think about that, can you really tell a story from a 2 second clip.

If you’re talking about script wise, BVS is 160 pages long. We’ve only seen 6 pages, leaving 154 pgs left to see. So to say we saw it all, is overstating. And we still have a lot of questions left unanswered.
I can’t wait for this film to come out, and you can bet I’ll be there the moment it releases.


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