The God Damn Wonder Woman

12342705_479012385602134_6923413123868604151_nCould be one of reasons I’m thrilled to death to see this film, but this is the other reason!


IMG_20151203_000225Not the Trinity shot, but freaking Wonder Woman!!!!! She looks and feels like a total badass. Look how she’s front and center in the fight, while Batman and Superman stand behind.

Seeing her be a true hero, not just the girl who cries for help. This woman can hold her own, and that’s what I always wanted for this hero. To have the writers make her more, make her steal the show. I know Gal Gadot will own this role, doesn’t hurt to have Terrio writing your lines.


I hope her standalone film due 2017 is in the right hands. Having someone who thinks of this as a comic book film will ruin everything DC is trying to create. Okkk, I gushed enough, let me know what you think.


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