Star Wars Force Awakens Lazy writing?

If you’re the type that hates spoilers, its better you walk away. I’m not going to break the film down, but the similarities to a film in the franchise…..



Ok here we go



Star Wars Force Awakens is Star Wars New Hope 2.0. It’s the rehashed forumal under a new cast, its like they move the furniture around and said “Bam, new stuff.”


The Death Star is now The Star Killer. Darth Vader is now Kylo Ren….and they share the same twist minus being someones dad.
Han Solo is Obi wan, that is a pure freaking given.

Rey is Luke Skywalker, and she’s strong with the force.
Luke Skywalker will be Yoda in the next installments.
And the concept is the same as New Hope. It’s a copied formal right down to its bone. And perhaps JJ Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan wanted to tell a story of history reapting itself, but it also screams lazy writing, you couldn’t tell that same tale in a different way?



The one way this film will bank is by selling what the fans wanted, and what they wanted is the same thing. This is why you hear people calling it the best thing in the franchise because they want a rehash, they want to feel nostalgic, and they will pay to see it. One of the reasons DISNEY posed the no spoilers rule, because you’ve seen it already.



It’s easy to convince people this is a great film after Lucas left a bitter taste with EP 1 2 n 3. But don’t expect this film to break new storytelling, uh huh, no way. Now the question is, can they turn it around and take a bold step in the next installment and stand alone on its own two feet?









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