Hillary And Banks



Hillary and banks are becoming too close of friends. And with her stating it so proudly at the debate ” Yes I took money, but it did not effect my vote.” That’s already a huge red flag, for someone bragging she doesn’t get pushed by big banks, she certainly isn’t looking creditable as being the one to regulate them. I haven’t seen a single politician bite the hand that feeds them.

Hillary says its no big deal, because it all went to her campaign, but are we that gullible to really believe a line like that. To me, Hillary Clinton has lost every ounce of respect she had the moment she took money in any forum from the big banks. But the balls on her to smile and look at the camera and state “She’s the one to make things right”

Would you trust a cop, who took bribes from drug lords to uphold the law? Because like it or not, this analogy applies to this.


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