Writers Retreat

When I hear the word “Writers Retreat” I cringe. Because what I really hear is “CON JOB” These retreats are meant to make you better, make you write stories you couldn’t write on your own. And to me that’s like trying to sell you a bridge that isn’t there.

It’s almost as though authors treat their work like an excuse to waste money. Never have I spend money on a writers retreat, or invested on a writing coach (Don’t get me freaking started on that) and I’ve managed to write six novels to date.

People say “Well, you get to disconnected from the world, you get to write in peace.” Let me tell you something. You can’t run from the world or reality. You need it to write. What these people charge, is the same thing I can do, by not forcing myself to write and taking time to think about the project, the story. Why is writing forced to be a rushed? I never have gotten that concept, and I think it’s laughable at people who say “The faster you write, the better you write, the more stories you write.” Honestly, I rather take my time with my work. Sometimes I’ll write chapters because I feel it, sometimes all write the scene bit by bit.

Authors are really to blame for this mess, and if you really need to sell this package, then it’s a good chance you don’t know what art is. Art is about you just feeling, seeing what you see, writing it down however you can, in your pace, in your words. Locking yourself in some cold basement won’t shake the artist in you at all. You got to unleash that artist in you, anywhere, anytime. That’s the advice I can give you for free and not force you to pay for it.


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