Spell #1

Great first chapter, a must read to the fantasy lovers.



It was a cool Tuesday morning in the village of Valora. The sun was slowing arcing in the sky as the villagers prepared to start their busy day. Merchants were up early to make their shops ready for heavy traffic. People traveling to the upper kingdoms would eventually stop to shop, rest, and eat. This proved to be most profitable for Valora.

While everyone in the village was up and being productive, there was one who was still in bed with no intention of getting out of it. Zeke Martens, a wizard’s apprentice, tried to ignore the sound of people talking just outside of the wizard’s shop in which he lived. He tossed and turned, putting the pillow over his head in the hopes of drowning out the noise outside. This was slightly successful until the knocking started.


Zeke groaned loudly and sighed. He was…

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