Year Of Chaos

A Year Of Chaos
By: Jesse Abundis


We lived in a lie, we lived with false dreams, we lived in a false reality. One that we refused to break from. We watched on, as the streets lined with the poor and hungry, still we did not flinch nor cry. Why should we, when our lives were still intact, when no harm befall on our lives.

As days grew darker, people begin to speak, we demanded change, we chanted change as though we believed in a cause, but yet we did nothing to make it happen. Even when we saw men be dragged from their homes in the middle of the night.

But why would we, after all they were labeled terrorist, painted as the root of all evil. Simple men who spoke out of this abusive world. Men and woman who fought back against what was coming.

That was the new face of terrorism. People doing the right thing.

Did the rest of us act when we saw such horror before our very eyes, no. We just shook our heads and thanked our leaders for keeping us safe. Thanking them as they were God, when in the inside we shook with fear. Now that fear grows even worst. As we’re forced into our homes at midnight, told not to leave. Held against our own will. But who are we to make change, we are just frightened lambs, just hoping it all goes away.

But deep inside our heads a message of truth replays over and over again. “We died the moment we ran inside.”


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