Tax Forgiveness Act, death of the 99%

Tax Forgiveness Act, backed by Obama, Hillary, Democrats who are bought by corporations and Republicans. Oh don’t worry, if you common folk don’t pay taxes or cheat you still get thrown to prison. This new bill is for corporations who are holding money overseas so they don’t have to pay taxes back in the US. And it’s a bill that hasn’t been talk or covered by mainstream media, shocking right!?

Companies hold 2.1 Trillon in cash in off shore banks (Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, Citigroup, Amgen, Qualcomm, JPMorgan Chase, Gilead Sciences, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America.) And today are demanding they pay less to nothing on the back taxes they owe, and without making a promise to help the US economy.

For every 562 Billion they owe 162 Billion, but under the new act being pushed by all parties, they would only pay 97 Billion, saving the many companies holding trillion over seas a mouth dropping 400 Billion.

Picture that will you, these are the same people who say, there is no money for healthcare, for free college, to help the poor and dying. But yet each one holds 2.1 Trillion overseas.

And what’s the scare tactic they use. If you don’t give into our demands, we’ll give up our citizenship and move to another country. This is what America has become, a land not for the people, but for the corporations. And these are the same people who are invested in President Obama, and like a good investment he’s paying off. So who’s the next investment Hillary Clinton, Trump, Cruz, Rubio.

Not Bernie Sanders, he’s the last person they want in power.

If this bill passes, we are looking at another year of debt, and fall of the 99%. These corporations will continue to do what they want, because no one shines the light on the truth. Instead they use the “Mexicans are to blame” card. Wake up people, start talking, start demanding change.

Because you know where US Government is using their money to fund wars, and the losts these companies refuse to pay? Out of your taxes, your retirement plan, kinda the reason when the youth reaches 64, we won’t see a dime of it. Tell me if you think that’s fair?

Companies used to pay 32.2% in taxes in 1952, today they pay 10% and have massive loop holes to keep them from paying on the spot. That’s the country we live in, are you ready for change yet?

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