Batman V Superman review

To the people who said this Superman was souless, were you watching the wrong movie or looking at your Facebook feed? SUPERMAN comes full circle in this film. This was a Superman man sequel.

The 1st hour is an epic drama, and that’s what I wanted. It pinned comic world with real world situations. It slowly drawned in Bat V Sup conflict. SUPERMAN doesn’t know where he fits in this world, he’s an outcast, he can do right but it just keeps getting worse, which in the real world would freaking happen. And you can tell Superman is a little jealous of Batman doing his thing and not getting crapped on.

I saw a very emotion vulnerable Superman and that was great.

The opener was a very 9/11 DC world, it was hauntly beautiful and the Suicide bombing, Jesus. This is a dark film and that’s what makes this great! We’re getting different, and maybe that’s what bugged critics. The writing is amazing, Terrio earned his pay.

Ben Affleck is more Michael Keaton Batman. He’s going to fuck people up and if they die oh well. Alfred (who was played by Irons beautifully) said it best, that Bruce had change his methods, meaning he took his craziness to the max. You can tell Batman is suffering from PTSD from all the years wearing that cape. And I think it’s an emotional badge he carries with him best as he slowly reflects on life.
Lex Luthor played by Jesse, is amazing. He was the Luthor we needed in this franchise, the know it all, who does know it all.


Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman fucking crushes it!!!!! She is the monkey wrench that added to the film.

I will say, this film does best when it goes into the human emotion of its characters and focuses on how humanity views Superman. The film does lose a few steps and brain cells when Synder directs action scenes. I think Nolan did a much better job directing the actions scene than Synder. Synder tends to go a little too Transformers with his film. I think if he had scaled it back four points, the film would of been a 10 out of 10. The final act is rushed, and I feel the Justice League could of been put on hold.

This isn’t really a Batman V Superman, it’s more of World’s Finest and I’m fine with it. The title was misleading, but it was still a great film. It’s a huge step up from Man Of Steel, and does it well. Bring on Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman.

Also to add, the mama Kent and Superman bound from Man Of Steel which carries on, it’s perfect. The feels are real.


Rating 8.5 out of 10


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