True Confession Of An Indie Author: The Life

I’ve been in so many author chat forums, and I hear a lot of them say “My monthly sales is 100-500 books a month.” At first you’re shocked, wow, what’s his secret to getting all that cash. But then you click on the link to their book, sitting at 31 reviews, but ranked 1,336,225. Let that sink in.


I think authors are very fragile people when it comes to being honest with the amount of sales we make a month. It’s not to say, people don’t have those type of sales, but that’s very much not the case with 89% of the market I will tell you that. Honesty is something you won’t find an author admit to, when you ask him point blank “How much have you sold”


I think we’re stuck in this stigma, if you’re not making a living off your books, then what you’re doing is pointless. You’re just wasting time. If you’re not making bank, then you should be utterly ashamed being a writer.


But the true fact, is that we live in different times. The writer isn’t the rock star it used to be. People would go weak in the knees when they met an author in the golden ages, today you can shout in a crowded room with your book in hand and say “I’m JESSE ABUNDIS (or whatever your name be) and I wrote this book!” People would tell you to fuck off. Not that I’ve tried. As writers we’ll get lucky if we can cut in front the Chuck E Cheese line.


I think fondly back to Harold Ramis, late great film writer and actor best known for his GhostBuster role as Egon. When he was talking about being a writer on Stripes, that when they pulled to the red carpet in a limo for the premiere, and the usher who opened their door said “It’s no one, just the writers.” So they took them to the back entrance. Harold said the next words with so much conviction, a feeling I knew deep inside was true. “Writers don’t get the love.” That’s just how things are, and that was back in the 80’s. Today that is more sounded with the changing world.


My sales aren’t booming. At times I make a sale a month, best moments are when I hit 8. I don’t have my own fan club, I haven’t been on any radio shows, or did book signings. But I’m still writing. I love writing, I love promoting. Coming from the old school Indie Authors, I was around when back then we we’re promoting on writing sites, grabbed Stars not bucks. I was there fighting with agents and editors who said we had no right to be called authors. When Indie finally had a platform to sell, my main thing was, if someone is reading my book, I’ve won. How many people can do what I’m doing and keep at it for years.


My name Jesse Abundis, is my brand name, I am promoting my ideas, a story that I built out of nothing, and made someone enjoy it for a bit. If they hated it they’ll let know I’m sure. Writing isn’t a hobby, to me it’s my passion and life. But neither am I going to quit my day job, in this economy we live in you’re a straight up fool to do that. You have to see reality of things as they are, the book market is always an up or down month. You need to find a place, to be that artist that speaks out, be the man you need to live your life, and carry a steady job.


I think when or if you are going to be an Indie Author, you have to come into this field and know where your heart really is. Are you here just to get an ego boost, are you mainly here just for the fame aspect of it all, the cash that you think you can score easily? Or are you really here to write, because if you’re here to write story after story, you’re going to enjoy the freaking ride. If you’re here for anything else, you’re going to give up within a month, Another thing that’s plagued the market in a bad way.


True authors keep writing, even when people say writing is dead, we don’t give two cents of the annalist, we keep fucking writing because it’s in our souls and we keep going till that book no one would read, finds a home in that heart of that one reader. That’s my life as an indie author.


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