Meds : Prologue

It’s All In The Eyes

It starts like any other day. I awaken, I turn on the TV, put it on the news. Look down the hall see that my daughter Lucy is still in her room fast asleep. “Kiddo, get up!” I shout, walking down to the kitchen and see that beautiful angel that I married ten years ago. “Sasha.” Her brown hair sways, as she’s cooking, pancakes and ham, good meal to start the day.

I walk up to my angel, put my hands around her, kiss her on the cheek. Hoping to see her nestle her weight onto me, but she doesn’t, she shivers as I hold her. “What’s wrong?” I ask concerned at the reaction, she just laughs.

“Nothing, it’s nothing.” She smiles, kisses me on the lips, trying to make the moment go away. I never felt a kiss so cold.

“You sure?” I let go of her and walk back to the table, pulling my seat out, still feeling a very unsettling cold knot in my gut. I look back at our daughters room, I’m feeling anxious. “Lucy, get out of bed!” I shout louder.

“Let her sleep.” My beautiful angel turns to me, grabbing two plates. “She’s tired is all.”

“Kids shouldn’t be asleep for that long, they should be out seizing the day.” Sasha walks up to me places a plate in front of me, holding a smile, but it’s all in the eyes, something is wrong with this, something is wrong with this whole picture. “ Are you sure everything is ok?” I ask in a nervous chuckle.

“Yes, Matt, why?” She says a bit annoyed by the question.

“You seem off is all.” I say no more, I let things lie. But I can feel it, something is not right.

“Everything is fine, just perfectly, fine.” She says never turning back to let me see if she means those words.


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