The Perfect Woman, The Road To Madness

“David, take me home, please.” The words barely managed to escape Angela’s mouth. Her shaking hand extended out to him, she wanted to have her sweet angel back. She would give anything to have him back.


David walked over to Angela, slapping her hand away. “Like I would touch those fucking hands.” He scoffed at her.


He used his knees to pin her arms to the side. He grabbed her head with his hands, let his tears dripped down onto her face, he wanted her to see the pain she caused him. “Don’t do this.” She pleaded.


Her words set a fire in him, he tighten his grip on her head and began to slam it to the concrete floor repeatedly. David wanted her to pay for the lies she had cast down on him, he wasn’t going to stop until she paid for it all. He could hear the back of her skull begin to crack, but her eyes kept staring at him, they mocked him, called him a fool. “ Stop laughing at me!” He used his thumbs to dig into her eye sockets, he squeezed with all his force, the blood began to seep from the corner of his fingers. Angela cried out in dry heaves, kicking her legs under him, hoping to break free.


A few seconds later his thumbs caved into her, causing Angela’s body to seize up, foam shot out of her mouth as she felt his fingers digging into her skull. Seconds later her entire body shut down. Angela was no more.


David remained on top of her, still crying, his thumbs still inside her sockets. He cursed repeatedly under his breath. He looked at every painting he had up, shaking his head. “ I did this for you, you were s uppose to be apart of something special. Now look at you.” He said to her dead body.



Writing The Perfect Woman was so intense. It deals with this homicidal maniac, out luring women, falling in with them or sort of. Becoming everything you envisioned your SOULMATE would be. Yet having someone who is putting up an act in a way, to harvest one body part from you, that he thinks will complete his meat puppet he’s building head to toe, you might end being the toe.


I wrote this novel around 2011. It took a lot of turns till I had it finally done and over till 2013. Believe it or not, my first novel went through many changes. Then it was bittersweet for me, to finally release my first novel on Oct 3,.2014.


This is a crazy novel, filled with characters who are not what you will call normally acceptable. But who is, and I hold this novel close to my heart because it was my first one, my first time I sat down to work every detail I could before it’s release.


Today was just a nostalgia trip, because I know this October, it will be my novel’s 2nd Anniversary. Thanks for reading, hope you grab your copy just for $0.99 a set price that will stay in tact till the end of time.


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