The Perfect Woman: Teasers


Ever since coming to New York, sleep alluded Brian Klecko. Within the months it got worst, he was running only on an hour here and there. Most of his time he’d spent just staring blankly at the wall waiting for night to turn into day, it was though this city was eating him alive. “You never call this late,” or maybe it was life just catching up to him, seeing what he’d seen, been through the things he had been through, one had to wonder if that affected you. “What’s bothering you?”



His insomnia led him online searching for some random person to speak to, but he needed to find someone he could trust, he thought he’d never find that, especially online. Until one day he saw a post on Craigslist with the title, “Looking to make sense out of my life” He fought himself from answering, you never knew what could be waiting for you on the other side and apart of him knew he was better than this. “ Just talk to me, isn’t that why you called me?” But he needed someone to confine in, before this heavy weight on his chest ended him, and he found his relief through her.



“I just wanted to hear your voice.” He always pressed his ear to the phone just to hear her talk, it was quite soothing.



So, you didn’t call to explore our fantasy?” He loved her laugh.



I’m sorry for calling you like this,” He apologized. “It’s just been one of those days.”



“I don’t mind breaking the rules.” He didn’t know her name, she didn’t know his. They were just two random strangers, sharing the things they could never tell a soul.




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