Hillary Clinton’s Fault

​People know Hillary Clinton is a fake. She herself split the DNC, by taking money from Goldman Sachs, promising go aid them as they pay for retirement. If she truly wanted to bring the group together she would of made Sanders the VP. Instead she elected Tim Kaine.
Add the e-mails that were made public, making the cries of the primary not a conspiracy theory, but actual cold hard facts just broke the American voter, they knew corruption was alive and well in the Democratic side. It’s one of reasons they seek now to stand WITH HER.
Everything now lays on Hillary shoulder , to fix what she broke. Because after all, she was the one to cause the damage.
Sanders, will and always be a hero in my eyes. And the revolution continues no matter what. We will hope to bring open minded, true fighters that stand by the people. We will vote for the least dangerous, this we know.
But all I’ve heard from Clinton side is vote for us, cause death is coming. Fear won’t drive those voters back, it just pushes them away. And knowing how bombastic Clinton and her group are, they won’t address it, just blame people if things go bad. At one point, we ,Bernie Supporters, were shamed and told “We Don’t Need You, We Can Win On Our Own” that of course was before the emails, and before being down 4 Points in the polls. Now they want unity, when they spend all Primary insulting and covering up the lies of a corrupt candidate, and mocking those after Justice.
It’s a very disappointing election year. But I say let the folks vote or not vote for anyone this year. After this primary can you blame them? To heal the wounds, Hillary will need to be honest for once in her life and stand up for the 99% not the 1%


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