After November 8th

​Will We Move Forward, Or Will We Stay Back?

This election was founded on change, we sought such change with Bernie Sanders. We heard his message, we heard him speak, we heard him. We wanted that change, we wanted an end to the greed. But one does not get what they want, in the political world. Instead we were left with the two worst candidates, we were given option B and C. I do not mix my words in what I say, because I do see both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as the most atrocious people who could stand and declare themselves as a voice for the people. Both have founded their lives on lies, backstabbing, selling out principle to corporations and greed.

I understand Senator Bernie Sanders stance, why he would back Hillary Clinton, after knowing the DNC ran a smear campaign to bring him down. This has been proven, this has become fact. But he puts this fact aside, because he knows what lays on the other side, Donald Trump, and what he has spurred in the white GOP side. Hate, racism, the growth of neo-nazis. To allow such thing to have a victory, would set off the horrors of what segregation in the 50’s and 60’s. And he won’t allow that to rise. So he will stand behind Hillary, even though he see’s what she’s capable of doing. And perhaps even he thinks thinks he can rebuild the DNC from within, seeing how the iron is hot. So he will save his fight, after the election, in hopes to rebuild a DNC much like the GOP have become slaves to greed.

I too, plugged Hillary on my Twitter. Because I am no fan of the new neo-nazi’s Alt-Right. I despise group, I think they’re old ideology will die, we are a nation of different races and faces. And this will be the power to end the Alt-Right. So I will put back my rage, my anger, my frustration towards Hillary Clinton for today.

But once November 9th rings in I plan to take the fight to the bills that will surely try to be put into law TPP ( Trans Pacific Partnership ) a job killer in the making, the fight against the 1%, the fight to keep the internet open and free from Government censorship from bills like CISPA and SOPA. Things that happened in the Obama administration. Because I know with Hillary Clinton as President, and with Wikileaks hand delivering her enough coal for her to power up such fight against internet freedom, you better believe new bills will be tossed at the halls of congress. And it’s up to the people to speak against this.

The question here is, are we going to allow 2016 repeat in 2020? I look at Spain at the social revolution they did with Podemos, a group founded in fighting for all people, fighting against corruption within the Government. This group struggled to get the Senate, Congress, but each year they grew and brought more people to their side. Today, they are growing, the people are having a voice. Something we lack here in the United States. The call for a new party, one of equal rights for all, one that treats corporations not like people, makes them pay their fair dues, and has no hand on Government. This is the party we need. But can the US do this?

I see a lot of teens, college students get mad for a few months, then forget. They post memes, articles of the latest conspiracy blog and they buy a false image of why they can’t change things. But none have gathered to create a new organization to make things right, this goes for all. The youth and those older one that were caught in the sweep of this primary. We can not forget, we can not be blind, we can not ignore the growing problems in politics today. Doing so, is a crime in itself. As the election looms, the real question still lingers, will we rise to fix this, or will we accept another year we’re politics is just a show, with no real sight to help the people.


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