Trump’s Plan in Week 1 of taking office.

​Trump Plan in his first week

-End Obamacare

( which will put millions of Americans n myself without healthcare, so I can kiss getting my checkups goodbye)

-Pull Out Of The Climate Treaty

( because he does not believe in global warming, and has stated time and time again. This means coal will be on the rise, and as stated on FOX news by Rand Paul they will end the Obama regulations that stop companies doing harm to people. If your children’s health isn’t important to you, then smile on.)

-Elect A Supreme Court official

    (Who outlaw abortion, push to take away LGBT rights. So your friends lives are about to be put through hell over this. Remember Trump and Pence believe marriage is between man and woman. Pence thinks if you electrocute LGBT people, they turn straight. So you have that to look forward to. Imagine we as Americans are forcing people to hide who they are. And half of the country voted for it. Because like it or not, no matter if you say “well that’s not the reason I voted for him.” But that’s what they stand for and you did.)

    -End The Iran Deal

    (War, that means we are going to war. Iran was being watched, they were given the tolls to use nuclear energy, just like Japan, Canada, South Korea and the US, to provide electricity to its people. Even if Trump rips the deal, and says no more. Iran already has the tools, and will go on to create it. What will Trump do, he’ll go to war. And we will cause another hornet nest in the middle East, with Russia laughing their ass off)

    None of these plans, I see Making America Great Again. What, is the wall the thing to cure us? We don’t have the money for it, and once Trump goes down his great plans, you can say hello to a great depression. If jobs are coming back because we plan to frack and make coal mines,  how is that solving the problem. We’re going to destroy our land even worse. So we have 4 years of this. So if you’re a Trump supported and voted for the man, where is the Make America Great Again, in his plans? Because I don’t see any.

    If pulls from NATO so what, that saves nothing. Giving zero taxes and destroying laws for corporations doesn’t make America Great Again, it makes Corporate America Great And Free Again.
    If you believe the TPP is his badge of honor, guess again. I am willing to bet you, he will pass the bill and claim he made a better deal which helps America. And if you did any research on the TPP, you know any deal with that bill wouldn’t help American jobs.

    Congrats, we are going to be taken down the rabbit hole of being a third world country. I hope I’m wrong, I really do. But I don’t think I am.


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