The Era Of Trump, What Happens To Self-publishing? 

If you don’t think the new president elect will effect the market, then you live in a very comfortable world, one I would like to live in. The era of Trump is among us, in just a few days. No one knows what it will bring, what it will do to us. As a self-published writer I take notice of how the market will swing. Will it be kind to us, will it be harsh, will it be a dead season. One of the things I have noticed since the looming election was that the market was very unkind. A lot of books dropping to 99 cents, hoping to make up some sales from whatever they can. Yes, 99 cents is a norm to reel people in, but now it’s more widespread in recent months than you’d care to admit.

Recently, the American Association of Publishers sent out a letter to the newly elect Donald Trump to protect their earnings and their digital rights. Also to punish the distributors (Let’s face it, they mean Amazon) who try to set their prices. They’ve also promised to lobby hard while he’s in office.They even mention how he was a great author/business man who could relate to their problems. When the ass kissing get tough, they kiss harder and deeper.

Dealing with publishers in my years, I don’t assume they’ll stop at that.They have never stop on just one demand. Because to them, small unworthy people are taking their money away, and that’s bad for their business. And whatever they can do to stop us, would just be fine by them.

Let’s not also forgot Trump spewing the nonsense of a “Great Firewall” they need to protect the US from getting ‘hacked’ Any mention of stronger internet laws is doomsday for all Self-Published writers. If internet regulation is forced on, and information is vetted before being sent out, you will see a massive collapse in the industry. Because now your hard work has to be put on hold, before it can be sent out overseas, or even published. It was the reason we fought hard to keep SOPA and CISPA from becoming law. And it seems we’re heading back to such conversations again in the era of Trump.

To my Self-Published writers, I urge you to keep an eye on where the market is going and get ready for any such internet laws that could cripple all of us. Like it or not, this could be a new obstacle that threatens to squash the growth of literature, just because of one thing. Money.

Article to 5 page letter written by the bombastic AAP


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