How Many Books Will Be Created Because Of Trump?

So the bastard becomes President today. It’s not going to be happy day for any of us, let’s face it. I know I’m sad. But my biggest thought going into this is “How Many Books Will Be Created Because Of Trump?”

That’s an honest question. How many Dystopian novels will see this year based off him? How many political dramas will see mimic what Trump is doing in real life, how many pro-Trump novels will we see?

Who’s going to be first author to cash in on the hot trend and fear of the people? I’ve seen it done a million times on other such trends. Superheroes became big with Marvel, superhero books flooded the market. Walking Dead was hot, zombies novel flooded the market. Godzilla and Pacific Rim were hot Kaiju books flooded the market.

When the topic is hot, there’s an author ready to write and cash in on whatever they can. I want to read that first self-published book about Trump. Who knows, it might be the therapy some readers need as long as the bad man burns to the ground.

If you find such book, share the link below in the comments.


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