Fragile Egos Of Authors

Let me take a moment to address something very important that I have seen in a lot of Facebook writing pages from fellow indie authors. Do not go into a full suicidal meltdown because of a bad review. Do not vent to all your writer friends so they can gather and begin to stroke said ego by calling a reviewer a “Brainless, a coward for not showing their faces or giving their home address.” Then please do not continue to follow up, by getting people to come to your aid to give you a five star review.

We’ve all taken our shots, we’ve all been brought to the floor with a  bad review. Are some called for, not always. Are there authors out to sink other authors maybe a few pathetic ones. But also know that not everyone will be worshiping your feet as much as you worship your own feet. One day, someone might just want to be brutally honest and say “I didn’t like it.”

The thing with writing is this, if you’re so wrapped up about wanting to keep a perfect 5.0 record on Amazon, then you will spend your life being a miserable, five star begging writer. And don’t get me started in the whole review for review shit that is peddle like drugs on each Promotion Groups. Now, if you want to just write and not give a fuck about what people think, then you my friend will have the most wonderful life.

Because if you’re in this to boost your ego and keep that fake little crown on your head untouched. Then get ready to be something you wouldn’t dare associate yourself with in real life.