The Harsh Truth

You always wonder where you will be after your first novel. I think others dream of being famous, world renowned, everyone with their own ideal fantasy playing in their head. I think a younger me, would go crazy with such thoughts, measuring sucess and failure, like it matters.

Now in my age, being through publishing and promoting, growing as a writer, growing as a person. Where I stand, is in an area called “I don’t really give a fuck.” And it’s a better place than the one I see a lot of authors find themselves in.

I’ve seen the author go mad by wearing themselves thin by social media, always on it, always waking up in the middle of the night to it, seeing them meltdown, seening them be absolutely fake that they can’t stand themselves. I look at my area and thank my lucky stars.

Be careful when you write, figure out what you want, figure out what really brought you here. Before you press sumbit. Was it your passion, was it your dream, or did you just want the ego trip?

So much can go wrong in this field, authors getting consumed with trying to win a race that doesn’t exist. Authors spending time on forums trying to find a way to beat the system on Amazon so their books can climb the top, the RT game, the review for review beg forums. All of it, just the whole life style is a bag of pointless, how much of your life are you going to leave on the table, to win a war with no winners.

A lot of authors are out there sounding more and more like a desperate fool trying to sell a pyramid scheme. Some are buying it, and it’s sad. To win, you just have to be happy and content with what you’ve created, leave the fame behind, we’re not in the olden days of when writers were treated like rock stars. Just write, go home, get sleep, and be happy.

But it’s hard to get that message out to others. True story, an author posted on FB she needed her books to sell because she stopped working because of social anxiety and needed this book to sell or her family would be on the streets. One has to wonder if this is real and if it is, why in the world would this woman put her family so at risk, to lock herself away and write, when knowing the dream doesn’t always pay the bills. Buyer beware.

I work, I write, I live my life. But I never will let myself be consumed to the point where I give my time to bang my head on the wall. Whatever comes I’m ok with it. I have no fears because I’ve found myself tapped with no sales for this month. Because I love writing and I still would do it for free.


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