Why I Love My Girlfriend

I do love my girlfriend. Just in case that title didn’t make it clear. But the reason I love her, is because she’s my best friend. She’s the one who saw me. She’s the one who got to know me. But she’s also the one who has fed me my literature. I will confess, I write a lot. I love writing, it’s my passion, it’s my crack. But I am not a big reader. Let that sink in, guy who writes and sells books, does not read a lot.

I was a big Tom Clancy fan, Star Wars reader. But nothing went beyond that. My girlfriend is different, she’s the bookworm. She reads, loves to read a lot of books at once. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have read Childhood’s End. Which is a masterful book, written in a style I can respect. And now I’m diving into Fahrenheit 451. Maybe some of you have read that already, I can’t wait to read it. I just got to make the time for it.

But to have someone that injects something new into your life style, is a beautiful taste of nirvana. She’s showed me music I would have never listened to in my life. From Los Bunkers, Zoe (Latin Rock Bands) to even rapper Joe Budden, to dare I say it Rihanna. Not going to lie, that girl has some good songs, and apparently a perfume as well. My girlfriend ended it up buying it while I waited on the bench on the mall, watching Dallas get blown out 21-3 in the first half. But I digress. If it wasn’t for my Maria, my love. I shutter what my writing would have been.

I tell her this so many times, but not sure she believes it. But the moment I’ve been with her, I started to discover more about myself. I started to find new parts of me that weren’t there to begin with. Even my writing has gone deeper than I could of imagined, I sit back and read this new novel I’m writing, and think, this would have never happened if Maria wasn’t in my life. That’s why I love my Girlfriend, she’s the inspiration, she gave me a new drive.

We’re going five years strong, never regretting a single day about it.


Find An Old Friend!

Never let anyone tell you, that you can’t find great deals at the library. I just did. I had this collection of books long ago, but one move set everything out of whack and I loss my collection.

I went to my local library, which I hadn’t visit in a long time. I went to see what they had for sell in the bargain bin. 50 cents for paperbacks and $1 for hardcover. I found some Novels that killed my vibe, just not my cup of tea, till I saw the motherload! 

Tom Clancy’s classic and first series of Op Center, Net Force and Power Plays. That was the Trinity in my youth. I loved the whole world of espionage, greed of the corporations, good vs bad. 
Yes, now I can see how those books don’t really hold up now, especially Net Force. But it holds a place in my heart, if it hadn’t been for Net Force I wouldn’t have been hooked into the world of literature. It was that book, that edge me on to write. 

Though Tom Clancy’s name is on the cover, the man who wrote the series was Steve Perry, so I was a Steve Perry fan before I was a Clancy fan. I re-read that series , no lie, like a good 15 times from book 1 to book 7. The series lost me when Steve did a whole character change , and that’s when the whole series for the books just ended.

Power Plays end in early 2004, which was a shocker, that series still had life. But it was discontinued with no word as to why? I lost my series, and I never had a series after that. 

Just talking about these books. Having them back with me is bittersweet, these were the books that brought me into literature. These were books not forced on me, it was something I discovered on my own. So mabye that’s why they have always earned a soft spot in my heart.

I recommend to anyone reading this post, to pay a visit to that book that won your heart. Say hello to that old friend, let it save your soul, let it have a room at the table tonight.
Those first ones, are ones we should never forget.