A Few comics to read

Here are a few comics you should really check out! 

Batman Earth One Vol.1
Is one of my favorites. A whole new take on the Batman history, it’s darker, it’s edgy, you will fall in love with it! And Vol.2 only gets better.

Superman Earth One Vol.1 
Another whole new origin for the Man Of Steel and one of most human takes you could get on him. Some people have been divided on the series. But I’m sold on this. 

Lowering The Bar

Do you know why all retail giants are screwed? No, it’s not Amazon. It’s because all retail giants set the bar sooo fucking low. They set it low the moment they started to let the thought of “We can pay people less if they don’t have college degrees!” Don’t believe me, walk into any retail store and ask said Supervisor or Store Managers if they have a college degree in business, and the answer may shock you. But the bigger shocker might be none of them actually never finished college. 

I can already hear some of you say “Just because they didn’t finish college doesn’t mean they’re not fit to lead!” True, 1 out of 100 might be gifted with management skills off the bat, but looking at retail as a whole, you might be utterly shock how many of those passed along end up doing more harm to the environment around them. If you breed the ideology of unintelligent into said world, then don’t be shocked to see the end result.

The real victim here are college students. Think about it, if you worked so hard to earn a degree and then end up getting reject because they see you as too “High Maintenance” and probably the person doing the interview is someone who didn’t put 99% of the effort of getting a degree you have, so they kick you around and tell you to look elsewhere. Or the old cliché words said by many “If they graduated college why are they here, ha ha.” Said by someone who’s highest point was fucking one of their teenage co-workers.

The bar has been set low that’s it’s just sad now. College students are being forced to be lower class citizen’s in the eyes of the work force. The good jobs have been made a members only club, so if you don’t know a guy who knows a guy you might be stuck taking orders from Tom who out of high school worked 4 yrs in retail, kissed ass, got drunk with the supervisors and now is your boss.

The funny thing in all this, is that retail Giants keep asking themselves why are we failing? My response to that would be, you get what you pay for.

True Confession Of An Indie Author: The Life

I’ve been in so many author chat forums, and I hear a lot of them say “My monthly sales is 100-500 books a month.” At first you’re shocked, wow, what’s his secret to getting all that cash. But then you click on the link to their book, sitting at 31 reviews, but ranked 1,336,225. Let that sink in.


I think authors are very fragile people when it comes to being honest with the amount of sales we make a month. It’s not to say, people don’t have those type of sales, but that’s very much not the case with 89% of the market I will tell you that. Honesty is something you won’t find an author admit to, when you ask him point blank “How much have you sold”


I think we’re stuck in this stigma, if you’re not making a living off your books, then what you’re doing is pointless. You’re just wasting time. If you’re not making bank, then you should be utterly ashamed being a writer.


But the true fact, is that we live in different times. The writer isn’t the rock star it used to be. People would go weak in the knees when they met an author in the golden ages, today you can shout in a crowded room with your book in hand and say “I’m JESSE ABUNDIS (or whatever your name be) and I wrote this book!” People would tell you to fuck off. Not that I’ve tried. As writers we’ll get lucky if we can cut in front the Chuck E Cheese line.


I think fondly back to Harold Ramis, late great film writer and actor best known for his GhostBuster role as Egon. When he was talking about being a writer on Stripes, that when they pulled to the red carpet in a limo for the premiere, and the usher who opened their door said “It’s no one, just the writers.” So they took them to the back entrance. Harold said the next words with so much conviction, a feeling I knew deep inside was true. “Writers don’t get the love.” That’s just how things are, and that was back in the 80’s. Today that is more sounded with the changing world.


My sales aren’t booming. At times I make a sale a month, best moments are when I hit 8. I don’t have my own fan club, I haven’t been on any radio shows, or did book signings. But I’m still writing. I love writing, I love promoting. Coming from the old school Indie Authors, I was around when back then we we’re promoting on writing sites, grabbed Stars not bucks. I was there fighting with agents and editors who said we had no right to be called authors. When Indie finally had a platform to sell, my main thing was, if someone is reading my book, I’ve won. How many people can do what I’m doing and keep at it for years.


My name Jesse Abundis, is my brand name, I am promoting my ideas, a story that I built out of nothing, and made someone enjoy it for a bit. If they hated it they’ll let know I’m sure. Writing isn’t a hobby, to me it’s my passion and life. But neither am I going to quit my day job, in this economy we live in you’re a straight up fool to do that. You have to see reality of things as they are, the book market is always an up or down month. You need to find a place, to be that artist that speaks out, be the man you need to live your life, and carry a steady job.


I think when or if you are going to be an Indie Author, you have to come into this field and know where your heart really is. Are you here just to get an ego boost, are you mainly here just for the fame aspect of it all, the cash that you think you can score easily? Or are you really here to write, because if you’re here to write story after story, you’re going to enjoy the freaking ride. If you’re here for anything else, you’re going to give up within a month, Another thing that’s plagued the market in a bad way.


True authors keep writing, even when people say writing is dead, we don’t give two cents of the annalist, we keep fucking writing because it’s in our souls and we keep going till that book no one would read, finds a home in that heart of that one reader. That’s my life as an indie author.

Nine Years On WordPress!!


I can’t believe it. Nine years on WordPress, what a freaking ride it’s been. When I started this blog, I didn’t even think I would be writing for this long. Hell, when I started this blog my first novel was still light-years away.

I’m smitten that people take the time to read it, and continue to visit. I don’t plan to stop writing, neither do I plan to stop saying what is rattling inside my head. Being books, politics, a new project, or something to make you laugh. Let’s enjoy another nine more years.

Tax Forgiveness Act, death of the 99%

Tax Forgiveness Act, backed by Obama, Hillary, Democrats who are bought by corporations and Republicans. Oh don’t worry, if you common folk don’t pay taxes or cheat you still get thrown to prison. This new bill is for corporations who are holding money overseas so they don’t have to pay taxes back in the US. And it’s a bill that hasn’t been talk or covered by mainstream media, shocking right!?

Companies hold 2.1 Trillon in cash in off shore banks (Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, Citigroup, Amgen, Qualcomm, JPMorgan Chase, Gilead Sciences, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America.) And today are demanding they pay less to nothing on the back taxes they owe, and without making a promise to help the US economy.

For every 562 Billion they owe 162 Billion, but under the new act being pushed by all parties, they would only pay 97 Billion, saving the many companies holding trillion over seas a mouth dropping 400 Billion.

Picture that will you, these are the same people who say, there is no money for healthcare, for free college, to help the poor and dying. But yet each one holds 2.1 Trillion overseas.

And what’s the scare tactic they use. If you don’t give into our demands, we’ll give up our citizenship and move to another country. This is what America has become, a land not for the people, but for the corporations. And these are the same people who are invested in President Obama, and like a good investment he’s paying off. So who’s the next investment Hillary Clinton, Trump, Cruz, Rubio.

Not Bernie Sanders, he’s the last person they want in power.

If this bill passes, we are looking at another year of debt, and fall of the 99%. These corporations will continue to do what they want, because no one shines the light on the truth. Instead they use the “Mexicans are to blame” card. Wake up people, start talking, start demanding change.

Because you know where US Government is using their money to fund wars, and the losts these companies refuse to pay? Out of your taxes, your retirement plan, kinda the reason when the youth reaches 64, we won’t see a dime of it. Tell me if you think that’s fair?

Companies used to pay 32.2% in taxes in 1952, today they pay 10% and have massive loop holes to keep them from paying on the spot. That’s the country we live in, are you ready for change yet?

Writers Block

Here’s a quick tip to beat writers block. Step away from your computer, stop trying to force a bad idea that you hope will look good after you’re too tired to think. It doesn’t work that way.


Just standing in front of your laptop won’t make an idea come to you, you need to be thinking about that story for days, weeks, months, hell even years about it. Magically sitting at a Starbucks won’t make the artist come out of you.


Writers Block is just a make believe story, it’s just the mind saying I don’t feel this, I don’t think this is us. It’s not a curse. The moment you feel you got nothing, step back, walk around, think about it, and you will see the picture clearer. And you know what, you didn’t have to pay anyone or do some magic voodoo to figure that out.