IT: 2

IT 2

WRITTEN BY: Jesse Abundis

27 years later

Int. Penneywise Living Room.

Penney wise walks into the room to see an adult Georgie, watching tv in his boxers.

Penneywise: Hey, Geogire..don’t you wanna go outside n get some air. They said it’s good for ya.

Georgie: Na, It’s like too hot and whatnot.

Penneywise scrunches his nose in frustration

Penneywise: Look, Georgie, I know you like being down here and all.

Georgie: We all float.

Penneywise: Right we all float…but you’ve been floating here for 27 years

Georgie shoots Penneywise a disgusted look.

Georgie: And whose fault is that?

Penneywise: I gave you your damn boat!

Georgie: After you bit off my arm and dragged me down here! Against my own will.

Penneywise takes a deep breath. The room falls silent.

Georgie: You know there’s laws against that, they even have names for it. Pita bread!

Penneywise shakes his head.

Penneywise: Pedophile!

Georgie: Ah-ha! See you do know.

Penneywise: I can’t do this.

Georgie: I want a fucking balloon.

Penneywise stops in his words. As an idea comes to mind to lure Georgie outside.

Penneywise: Oh Georige, I got balloons, a whole mess of balloons.

Georige glows.

Georgie: Yeah? Are they red?

Penneywise: oh yes!

Georgie: Blue?

Penneywise: Of course.

Georgie: Yellow?

Penneywise: Wouldn’t be fun without yellow.

Georgie: How about naked women with big ass titties on them?

Penneywise groans.

Penneywise: That’s it, I’m putting a lock on the TV!

Georgie stands in rage.

Georgie: This is why everyone hates clowns!

Penneywise: You take that back, everybody loves a clown. So why can’t you!?

Georgie shakes his head.

Georgie: Nobody likes clowns. Clowns are so hated, people rather be friends with a Mime!

Penneywise brusts into tears and runs out of the living room.

EXT. Derry Library. MORNING

Penneywise sits using the computers, while getting a few odd looks.

Penneywise: Let’s see.

Penneywise puts on his reading glasses as he logs on to Facebook. Searching, till he finds Bill Denbrough. And sends a friend request.

Penneywise: There, soon all this will be over and done with.



My best project

Been busy in life, so I’ve neglected the blog. But I have returned. I’m working on a new novel as we speak called Tabula Rasa. I’m 14k into it. Here’s a small snippet of that new project.

Untitled Project teaser

So, if you are not aware. I’m working on my 6th novel and gearing up for a 7th. I can’t tell you the details, but here is a small sample of what that 7th novel is shaping up to be.

I know I’m dead the moment I come back home. But I spent my nights trying to wash away this blood on my hands, but it doesn’t work. I can’t walk away anymore. It’s time I fix what I broke. It doesn’t matter how many people I have to kill, but I’m going to undo everything I did

Underneath The Bunker #4 teaser

No one see’s this world for what it truly is. We may fantasize that we do, that we are aware. But that is never the truth, if we were aware, we would drift from this hell and never take part in it. To say and do, are two different things. We may state, but we fall back in line quickly. Rent is due, bills are due, someone is a slave to something or someone.

But what if we reject this life, what if we gave it up. I do not state suicide, no, I declare an emancipation from society as we know it. What would happened then, would the world notice, would I be free. This idea grows life a fire with each second.

Underneath The Bunker #3 teaser

“ This is what I was waiting for.” He says with chuckle, like it’s a God given gift. “When all you liberals were on your blogs, facebook, talking about world peace, I was getting ready for reality.” I remember how much I wanted him to shut the fuck up, and swallow his words down. But all I could do was just bare and grin, not for myself but for Janet. She was the one who cared for this old man, not me. “Where’s your world peace now?!” Ash’s laughter was like hearing nails on a chalkboard.

Underneath The Bunker #2 teaser

I can’t recall how long I’ve been going, but it feels like weeks. I’ve been sobbing in tears, just unable to hold it in. Everything is gone, it’s all gone. My whole life is dead. “ Are you going to stop anytime soon?” She has to ask, this stupid red hair bitch. She never leaves me alone. “You should really come to terms with what happened and move on.”

“You didn’t lose what I lost.” I growl at her, feeling the urge to rip her throat with my bare teeth.

“I lost the same as you.” She snickers at me. “The pain is equal.”

“Doesn’t look that way to me!” I scream at her with all my might. “You fucking prance around here like we’re living the fucking high life!”

“We are, you stupid ignorant fuck!” She screams back at me.