So, it’s no surprise I’m working on a new project called ‘That’s Hollywood’ I can’t get into it much, but the one thing I want to do more in 2019 is share more of rough and unfinished work with you guys. So, here’s an out of order scene of ‘That’s Hollywood’ plz comment or like, or heck even follow my blog if this scene catches your eye.


‘This scene opens with a girl in a bar. She’s hungry, she’s dazed, she’s dead inside. So she orders a whiskey and a coke, puts her hand on a random soul and says ‘I can not stay here tonight, I have to move on. So won’t you come with me.’ Why does she do this you ask, because she’s sick of being alone. Even though she knows she will die alone. The burden of our short fragile lives.”


Batman: War


My new retelling of the story of The Dark Knight and the world he lives in.

Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie crossover film idea

Here’s my idea for Bewitched and I Dream Of Jeannie crossover with a darker side to it. Are you ready? Let’s begin.

We first jump into the telling of both how Samantha’s from Bewitched and Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie came to be and found their other. A origin tale that lasts say 22min tops. Then we move forward to the present.

So Darren is super excited for his meeting with a wealthy Elon Musk type entrepreneur who plans to make space flight a breeze. He kisses Samantha & lil Tabitha goodbye before his meeting.

The meeting starts. Darren is wooing this guy over with what good advertisement can do for his image. The man is sold, they shake hands and he says to Darren “I look forward to working with you.”

Darren replies “You should come over n have dinner with my wife Sam–” Darren never finishes his words. A bomb goes off killing them both. Samantha gets the news while holding baby Tabitha in her arms.

Samantha blames herself for Darren’s death. She thinks if she acted less human she would of been able to save his life.

We see Samantha’s mother Endora standing near Darren’s grave heartbroken. She says to him “I never cared much for humans, but you made my daughter happy. You made her more than just a witch.”

We see Samantha going through Darren’s old emails When she finds a threatening email by one Tony Nelson, warning him to back off the (XSpace) contract. Samantha uses a spell to pull more info on Nelson (cause witches don’t have time to type and shit) she finds out he’s a major in the Air Force n carried out the hit on the Elon Musk type fellow on the day of the meeting to end a competitor.

Fuming with rage Samantha invades the Air Force base and goes on killing a spree, till she finds Major Nelson who tries to call out to Jeannie but is turned to ashes before a word can be said.

Jeannie feeling her master in distress teleports herself to the scene a second too late. She is lost for words in the carnage and she finds her master dead.

Jeannie mother comes to her, saying the attack could only be done by a witch. Jeannie back at home trying to hold her life together can not let this go unpunished. Despite her mother’s warning to not take on a witch, she blinks the footage of the attack on the TV.

There she see’s the face of Samantha, who she recognized from the news. Jeannie knows she has a daughter and will take the last joy from her, because unlike Samantha she does not have a memory of her lost one.

And then we have our battle.

Jeannie and Samantha duke it out. Samantha is able to get the upper hand, till Jeannie mother comes and strikes Samantha from behind. As Jeannie goes to take Tabitha, Endora comes to her rescue and it becomes a two on two.

As both sides have hit their limits and are drain. Two unlikely characters appear from the Shadows. Jeannie evil sister, and Serena Samantha’s evil cousin. Both who orchestrated the plan and planted the lies (fake email) They were both tired of being cast to the Shadows and having to be governor by the likes of them when they walked the human world. So they decide to kill 2 birds with one stone, the mother’s were just an added incentive. Knowing they are unable to defend they swoop in for the kill.

Only to have lil Tabitha to step in, seeing her mother in danger unleashes her uptap powers. She goes all out and breaks both Serena and Jeannie twin sister in half. Crippling but not killing them.

Endora and Jeannie mother lock both villains up for good.

Endora says time can be repaired. They can undo these deaths, but it needs to be done by two genies n two witches who’s hearts are bound by friendship n a child pure of heart.

So the five gather in a circle and fix everything that has been broken. Time reverts back to hours before the meeting. Samantha n Tabitha see Darren, they both cry from joy and hug him tight. Darren ask “Is there something I should know?”

Jeannie returns and finds her Master back at work, she takes a deep breathe knowing all is well.

Endora looks on as Darren has his meeting n nails the deal. She smiles thinking of doing a prank on him for old time sakes and says “Maybe tomorrow.”

The ending. Both Sam and Jeannie cross paths with their husband. They don’t say a word, just a nod and a slient thank you. Before each couple goes their own separate way.

That’s my idea for the crossover. Let me know what you think below.

IT: 2

IT 2

WRITTEN BY: Jesse Abundis

27 years later

Int. Penneywise Living Room.

Penney wise walks into the room to see an adult Georgie, watching tv in his boxers.

Penneywise: Hey, Geogire..don’t you wanna go outside n get some air. They said it’s good for ya.

Georgie: Na, It’s like too hot and whatnot.

Penneywise scrunches his nose in frustration

Penneywise: Look, Georgie, I know you like being down here and all.

Georgie: We all float.

Penneywise: Right we all float…but you’ve been floating here for 27 years

Georgie shoots Penneywise a disgusted look.

Georgie: And whose fault is that?

Penneywise: I gave you your damn boat!

Georgie: After you bit off my arm and dragged me down here! Against my own will.

Penneywise takes a deep breath. The room falls silent.

Georgie: You know there’s laws against that, they even have names for it. Pita bread!

Penneywise shakes his head.

Penneywise: Pedophile!

Georgie: Ah-ha! See you do know.

Penneywise: I can’t do this.

Georgie: I want a fucking balloon.

Penneywise stops in his words. As an idea comes to mind to lure Georgie outside.

Penneywise: Oh Georige, I got balloons, a whole mess of balloons.

Georige glows.

Georgie: Yeah? Are they red?

Penneywise: oh yes!

Georgie: Blue?

Penneywise: Of course.

Georgie: Yellow?

Penneywise: Wouldn’t be fun without yellow.

Georgie: How about naked women with big ass titties on them?

Penneywise groans.

Penneywise: That’s it, I’m putting a lock on the TV!

Georgie stands in rage.

Georgie: This is why everyone hates clowns!

Penneywise: You take that back, everybody loves a clown. So why can’t you!?

Georgie shakes his head.

Georgie: Nobody likes clowns. Clowns are so hated, people rather be friends with a Mime!

Penneywise brusts into tears and runs out of the living room.

EXT. Derry Library. MORNING

Penneywise sits using the computers, while getting a few odd looks.

Penneywise: Let’s see.

Penneywise puts on his reading glasses as he logs on to Facebook. Searching, till he finds Bill Denbrough. And sends a friend request.

Penneywise: There, soon all this will be over and done with.


My best project

Been busy in life, so I’ve neglected the blog. But I have returned. I’m working on a new novel as we speak called Tabula Rasa. I’m 14k into it. Here’s a small snippet of that new project.

Untitled Project teaser

So, if you are not aware. I’m working on my 6th novel and gearing up for a 7th. I can’t tell you the details, but here is a small sample of what that 7th novel is shaping up to be.

I know I’m dead the moment I come back home. But I spent my nights trying to wash away this blood on my hands, but it doesn’t work. I can’t walk away anymore. It’s time I fix what I broke. It doesn’t matter how many people I have to kill, but I’m going to undo everything I did