The Perfect Woman 5 Star Review

Got a new Five Star review of The Perfect Woman!

If you haven’t yet, do check out the book yourself.
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3 Books $0.99 each

Ello ello my fellow readers and poets. Just wanted to remind you, that you can own my three books for $0.99 each or read them for free with Kindle Unlimited. The Perfect Woman my thriller novel about a serial killer who is  harvesting victims to create his Perfect Woman. Or if you’re a fan of my poetry, you can read some of my early writings with Years Of Refusal and Maladjusted. 
All for $0.99 cents. Would mean the world and I would love to know what you think of them. Links to my books below.
The Perfect Woman
Years Of Refusal

Three Books For $2

Happy Sunday to my fellow readers, today I wanted to tell you. That you can own three of my books for $2. Pretty damn good, right!?

The three books are The Perfect Woman a dark psychological thriller, on sale for 99 cents. Rated 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon by three reviewers!




The second is Years Of Refusal, a book of poetry about the political injustice hurting our lives. On sale for $0.99



And the last one is MALADJUSTED which is 100% free!! A dark telling of a broken heart trying to get back on their feet. Rated 5 stars by four reviewers!




Hope you guys grab your copies. It would mean the world to me and if you do download your copy, don’t forget to leave a review for others to see. Thanks for reading, I will see you tomorrow!

Years Of Refusal re-release

Years Of Refusal cover (1)

Hey, guys. Just wanted to let you know that I’m relaunching my first book of Poetry YEAR OF REFUSAL with a brand new cover, and six new poems! This new change will be made on May 1st and will be made Free for 5 days!!!


I will be dropping the link on release date, I hope you guys grab your copy. Let me know what you think of the cover.

The Perfect Woman

Hey, guys. Just letting you know my novel The Perfect Woman is on sale for $0.99. If you’re into the dark and crazy, this title is for you.


The premise of the story lies with a serial killer wanting his Perfect Woman by any means necessary. He’s chosen New York as his hunting grounds, what led him to that path is the mystery.


Along the way three other souls who lives are on the edge of shattering will intertwine with this mad man…in the end nothing will be the same.


This was my first and not my last novel. But it would mean the world if you guys owned your copy today. It’s on ebook format, good for all smartphones, Tablets, Kindle devices. If you have Kindle Unlimited you can read the book for free!

Hope to hear from you guys soon.

Me And Instrgram Oh My!

Yeah, if you didn’t know I opened my very first Instagram page @jessenovels on instagram. I’m not making my page a “SELFIE HERPES RAID” But when I feel the need to feel damn sexy, I shall post one. 😀

Check me out, give me a follow or shout out and I’ll make sure to hit you back, not in the Chris Brown way. That’s not my style.

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The Perfect Woman on sale for 99 CENTS!!!

What’s up my friends, my first novel THE PERFECT WOMAN is on sale for 99 cents! It’s a price drop from the $3.00 tag, the reason I’m doing is because of the soon to be release paperback. So if you haven’t bought a copy of your own, please do so, it would mean a lot, and with the 99 cent price you can’t go wrong!





A serial killer plagued with an idea to find his ideal woman, has taken to the streets of New York to harvest the body parts of the women he has romanced and fallen in love with, to paste together his perfect woman, all to end the demon inside him.  This killer is unlike others, he's avoided the attention of the NYPD by making his victims look like love struck girls, running to disappear from their lonely broken lives.  Unaware to the killer, two unlikely souls, Karen & Peewee, have taken the cause to investigate and put an end to the string of disappearances. Their search will lead them down a dark path, one that will bring Karen's own demons into the light.  But they are not the only ones that have crossed paths with the killer, Lieutenant Detective Brian Klecko was the first one to investigate the first missing victim, a case that crippled his soul and put his sanity into question as he falls deeper into a black abyss that temps him to become a monster this world has ever seen.