Red Revolution CHAPTER 3: The Red Storm

The rain pours as heavy as it can, Stella screams as a group of men dressed in black smile as they see their treat. The large man throws her on the ground like a piece of meat, snapping his fingers to the men circling around the girl. “ Do as you wish, teach this bitch to never think she is above you or I!”

They nod their heads pull out blades hiding behind their sides, Stella cries, prays to awaken from this nightmare. She will become their meal on this night, she will become a story the mother’s tell their children at night and why you never should stay at the crossroads after midnight

“ Unhand her you beasts!” The strong raspy voice, shakens the souls of those hounds ready to have their meal. “ She is not yours to take.”

The man that commands the hounds shakes his head, thinks this poor foul must want to commit suicide, just not brave enough to take his own life. “ Walk away, boy, before we put you in your place.”

“ I was a boy, on the night you came.” The man doesn’t know what he speaks of, till he shows him the coin. “ Mister Walker, do you remember me now.”

“ How do you know my name?” The puppet of the devil hangs his mouth open, unable to believe such a thing.

“ You are a man of the law are you not, a man that seeks to protect the good from bad, but on some nights you throw it aside, and let the devil inside.” The man tosses the coin to the air, out of sight. “ Tonight is the night, we make things right.”

“ Who are you?” Officer Walker cries out from fright, feeling death grip his heart so tight.

“ Cane is my name.” And the story is told, the boy who saw his parents die that night, he has a name, he has a story, he has a journey that must be told.

“ Kill him, kill him now!” Officer Walker screams at the men shaking from the sight.
They run at Cane, Blades flying through the air, each one only cutting the hard falling rain, but never Cane.

Ribs break, necks snaps, knees crack, and a smile is imprinted on the face of that boy somewhere lost in time, looking upon himself, becoming the monster that needed to be to save his parents on that night. He feels things are going right.

The men in black scream as they witness this animal rip the nose off his own fellow man, like it was a meal to have, spitting the blood onto the others eyes, grabbing his skull breaking it as it was a nutshell. Bathing in their pain, calling out for more to come.

They sweep at this monster, but he grabs their blades, cuts one man’s stomach open, watching it all spill to the floor, the men weep like children scared of the shadow under their bed.

Stella grabs her chest, never once thinking this man that came into her room that night, would be so dark, be so evil, be worst than the Devil he was chasing after.
The rain stops, the ground is red, a man soul still burns from the past, angrier than before. Walker gets on his knees praying for a God to hear his pleads. Cane walks to the crying oaf who closes his eyes tightly, trying to make it go away.

“ Do you remember the woman you raped, and the father you killed on that night?”
He opens his eyes and stares the beast they created. “ We didn’t mean it, I swear on my mother, I swear , I swear, I swear, I swear!” He screams like an infant through a silent night.

“ Lies is what you say,” He extends his hand out and catches the coin that they left that night for him, the price they sought for his pain. “ You paid for the crime you committed, you left a coin , you left a boy, you left him to bury his own mother and father in the yard.”

“ What do you want?” Walker shivered from the sight of the blood that hung on his chin.

“ You know well what I want, I want to meet the Devil.”

“ The women in red, she hangs on the crossroads every mid night, she won’t show if you got nothing to offer.” He gulps hard, knowing what he says should not be said. “ She sent me to see what the whore wanted, wanted to know what got her thinking she can summon him, she’ll be waiting for me.”

“ I see, she’ll be waiting to see your face at midnight. Then that’s what she’s going to see.” A second later Walker would know the true meaning of pain.


Red Revolution Chapter 2 Mark Of The Beast

Chapter 2

Mark Of The Beast

Men come in, dropping the rings that they wore tightly on their fingers. Pretending to be a single man, held by no chains, no family obligations to be seen, these men love to pretend to be free. Wagging their dollars, calling out the women that past them by. Each seductress eying what poor fool is holding the most in their hand, the man they will give one minute of pleasure, then lead them out of the brothel, were they will slumber back into the street with a smile, and a burden on their shoulders as they sneak back into their home. With a wife that will see the signs, even after they shower and shower, to wash away the stench of another juice all over their flesh.

All seem eager for lust, for a kiss, for sex. But not him, the one in the corner, twirling the gold coin, tossing it in the air, remembering the night the Devil tossed the coin to his feet. “ Something for your mother’s service.” He kept the coin with him, never letting it go, never letting slip from his hand. This was his only this thing he had from the Devil, the only proof that he existed, when others debated his existence in life.

He waited for him to show, Stella the dancing sexual queen, the one that promised to lure the Devil out with her flesh and meat, something he found as a treat. She promised on her grave, she would not show her face till she brought what he so wanted to claim.

How he waited for this day to come, so many years, so many restless nights trying to find that evil that flew away into the night. Now to have it here, to have it near, he exactly knew how he would react when that evil step through that door. He would hand him the same coin he gave to him that night, put the blade under his neck, smile wide as he did, and see the blood gush side to side.

Minutes elapsed, till she walks through the door, soaking wet. A storm had come. She watches him from afar, nods her head, doesn’t meet his gaze.

The man holds the coin tightly to his fist, muttering these words under his breath. “ Tonight you shall come, as you did into my life, tonight you will die, as I died that night.”

The door swings open, everyone in the room falls silent as the night. The man that has entered is not the Devil, but just a mere puppet that was with him that night, the man that was begging and waiting his turn to enter this poor man’s mother insides. A round man, long mutton chops, rotting teeth, a gold chain with Jesus pressed to his chest, with a large dark coat that hung on him like his soul.

Stella runs to him, shock in her face, she falls to the ground as this man graces her present. “I thought he would come, I called for him, sir, did he not answer my call?”

The man spits on top of her, showing her the kindness he will show her, and anyone that lays in front of him. “ No wench, he does not answer you, nor does he answer any man. You call him, but what do you have to offer, just use used abused skin, what makes you think he would rise from the ground just to answer a filthy thing that gives herself to any man?”

Stella picks her head, fear in those eyes, just like everyone who mutters a prayer, hoping this evil will leave and let them be. Not a single one dares to bat an eye at him. “ Forgive me, I thought he would come, I thought I held a place in his heart.”

The man laughs and snickers at her. “ You will pay for this, this is why I am here. You call on such a man, waste his time, demand!” He growls at her with those busted teeth. “ You must be taught to learn your place in this world, as all of you should!” He screams at the people here, they all bow their heads.

Stella cries for mercy as her hair is pulled by the brute “ Forgive me sir, please I beg you to forgive.”

He laughs like a mad man, dragging her like a doll. “ No, no, every whore has to learn her mistake, it’s time you learn yours.” Taking her out to the cold, far from a place she called home.

The man in the corner follows behind, people gasp knowing he follows the cold chill that runs through the room.

Red Revolution: Chapter 1 Calling Out The Devil

She mixes her words, she dances to the tune playing in the back. She tries to rise the flames of this man that entered her room. Didn’t say a word, didn’t say a whisper, he put his bills on the table, that told her enough.

Her name is Stella. Stella the one that plays with the hearts of all the men that enter her sight. Fools trapped in a cage, unable to contain what they’ll do. She is the reason for you to live, the moment you enter her.

But not this one, not this man that sits at the edge of her bed. She flaunts her skin, tempting him to fall like the others. “Kiss me, lover, kiss me like you want to.” She slithers closer to this gritty man. “ Do to me what you want, do to me however you want.”

Tempting him harder, opening her legs as she lays in the bed, trying, praying, this man will be like the rest and enter her. This is what Stella was for, this was what she saw in herself, this is what she knew she was best at.

The man doesn’t stare, the man doesn’t touch, he doesn’t play, he doesn’t grab on to the stiff rock that should be growing in his pants.

She brings herself to her knees, crawls to this man that refuse to taste the apple hanging from the tree.

Her lips comes close, but the man grabs her face. “ No, I do not need to taste your lips.” He pushes her back onto the bed, confusion dawns upon this woman, lost, was this still the dance to her means, or was this a new dance altogether. “A man, he comes here, black beard, dark eyes, dares to call himself the devil.”

She knows the devil, remembers him well. Cuts on her thighs are his alone. “ Why him, why do you want to speak of such evil.”

“ I want to see the devil.” The man flashes his grin,  one to please, plastered on like a mask. Stella knows this, knows the look in his eyes, this man is not a man, he is damaged beyond repair. This is why he dares call out the devil.

“ What possess a man to call out such beast?” She stammers to her feet, knows this man in her room brings a storm, one that will flood the streets red.

“ The devil needs to pay his due.”

Red Revolution ( prologue )

This mistake, this tragic step, this forever changing night. It enters his soul, it breaks his bones. Eyes so wide, taking it in, taking back from the mere sight, taking back from the smell of pain that filled his nostrils.

What was he seeing, what was happening, why was his mother screaming, why was his father laying in a pool of his own blood.

Why was there no God, why was there no angel, why was there no right to end it all.?

His mothers screams is all he hears through the night, as the men enter her insides, while the other, the man dressed in black, eyes to match his clothes stares with a grin before he puts the blade down her neck. Tired of her screams, tried of her cries, but he still has time to laugh at the shock face of that poor soul that came into the room that night, before ending it all, piercing the meat, that sent blood gushing side to side. How the devil howled with joy as it struck his face.

This night, these actions ended the innocents of a boy, ending everything he held dear in his heart. These men gave birth to the day, to a life covered in red.



By: Jesse Abundis

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