Trump Won

Every morning we wake up, all we see is Trump this, Trump that, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump. On every headline, every sentence, every late night show, every joke, every banner, every Facebook post, every God damn tweet. Trump everywhere you go!

Let’s go back before the elections. Where was Trump? Being a forgotten memory, he was clutching on to stay current, but the media would have none of it. So, he focused on Obama, saying the worst of the worst so the world could focus on him, they kinda did till Obama showed his birth certificate and out shined Trump. And he was back to being a nobody.

Then came the Republican Primaries. Trump knowing he would have to go big or go home, did what any egotistical man would do, he said the most hate ridden speeches that could come to mind. A little for his supporters and a little that came from the bottom of his heart. This was it, live or die….and what did the media do? They laughed, got a kick out of it, and they covered it 24/7 like there was no tomorrow, giving birth to “Trump Novela” that everyone is obsessed and can’t stop talking about today. Think about it, can we go without a day talking about him? Can the media not talk about him, can social media not mention Trump? I think not.

Think about it, Trump has cemented himself in history. He will be a thing our children’s children will talk about, for better or worse he will be the focus of attention for generations. And he knows it. A man so egotistic he claims he’s so rich, you wouldn’t imagine how rich he is. We had the chance to stop it, but the moment we turned around to look at it, it was all over.

Trump is the trend, if you’re not verbally attacking him on Twitter you’re not cool. People have made a new platform of success by hating Trump, hate him and you become internet famous. #LoveTrumpHate , or the impeachment news pouring in 24/7 everything is on Trump. And that’s how he won, Trump is getting what he always wanted, to be in your heart and mind. And nobody can deny it.

The greatest weapon we had was to ignore him. But It’s too late, we’ve welcomed this new toxic environment, the moment we don’t have that chaos we’ll feel cold and strange, so we’ll create another monster. Welcome to the Trump era you can’t escape from it.


Trump Era Exposed A Truth

If you really think about it the age of Donald Trump has given life to a whole new wave of Art. I spoke about this really early back before his inauguration, the rage people have against Trump would cause this firestorm of new endeavors into the art world. Many will call it political art, but every piece of work is being sold for money and thus giving life into a new genre. One that shines an ugly truth.

You may hate the man, you may even despise him. But there is not a doubt in your mind that Trump has brought life into the art world. We’ve seen parody novels, and now we’ve seen artwork that is being distributed like crazy. We’re seeing a rage we haven’t seen in the Obama era, because now it’s socially acceptable to be angry. You couldn’t be angry when Obama was around. You were just frowned upon at best you would be called a racist. And trust me there was a lot to complain about during the Obama era. From growing markets of private prisons, the high rate of assassinations, unable to regulate big corporations, to bending down and becoming just a corporate Democrat. But such passion and rage could not be shown, you had to keep it hidden. You couldn’t say anything about the Administration. But today it’s okay to say such things because now we have a face we can hate.

Sad to say, but if Hillary Clinton had won we wouldn’t have this outrage. We wouldn’t even question everything wrong with the system, we would continue as life is normal. In a way you have to thank Trump for making more people more self-aware to the things happening around them. Will it last forever? That’s still unknown.

The people making money off shirts, hats, art work, books should be actually praying for another re-election, because like it or not people love to Rally against a villain. All those artists who made their money off the Trump era, wouldn’t have made their earnings if Hillary Clinton was President. In a way you can’t make money without the devil.

And in a way we become slaves to trend, the fire is lit as long as money is being made. What happens when the light goes off, will there be anyone willing to question the Injustice that’s happening or will they just simply come to the rescue when money is involved.

The truth is in your feed. How political was the world around you before Trump. Today is the only thing you see, from we must March, to we must stand, but where was that fire storm years ago? Occupy Wall Street was swept under the rug and the same Hillary supporters didn’t even lift a hand to stand with Occupy Wall Street. Trend can be good, but it could also destroy everything. Because if it’s not hot then nobody cares. And that’s what this new era of Trump has given life to and exposed to the world. The writing is on the all, just up to you to see it.

Fragile Egos Of Authors

Let me take a moment to address something very important that I have seen in a lot of Facebook writing pages from fellow indie authors. Do not go into a full suicidal meltdown because of a bad review. Do not vent to all your writer friends so they can gather and begin to stroke said ego by calling a reviewer a “Brainless, a coward for not showing their faces or giving their home address.” Then please do not continue to follow up, by getting people to come to your aid to give you a five star review.

We’ve all taken our shots, we’ve all been brought to the floor with a  bad review. Are some called for, not always. Are there authors out to sink other authors maybe a few pathetic ones. But also know that not everyone will be worshiping your feet as much as you worship your own feet. One day, someone might just want to be brutally honest and say “I didn’t like it.”

The thing with writing is this, if you’re so wrapped up about wanting to keep a perfect 5.0 record on Amazon, then you will spend your life being a miserable, five star begging writer. And don’t get me started in the whole review for review shit that is peddle like drugs on each Promotion Groups. Now, if you want to just write and not give a fuck about what people think, then you my friend will have the most wonderful life.

Because if you’re in this to boost your ego and keep that fake little crown on your head untouched. Then get ready to be something you wouldn’t dare associate yourself with in real life.

The Era Of Trump, What Happens To Self-publishing? 

If you don’t think the new president elect will effect the market, then you live in a very comfortable world, one I would like to live in. The era of Trump is among us, in just a few days. No one knows what it will bring, what it will do to us. As a self-published writer I take notice of how the market will swing. Will it be kind to us, will it be harsh, will it be a dead season. One of the things I have noticed since the looming election was that the market was very unkind. A lot of books dropping to 99 cents, hoping to make up some sales from whatever they can. Yes, 99 cents is a norm to reel people in, but now it’s more widespread in recent months than you’d care to admit.

Recently, the American Association of Publishers sent out a letter to the newly elect Donald Trump to protect their earnings and their digital rights. Also to punish the distributors (Let’s face it, they mean Amazon) who try to set their prices. They’ve also promised to lobby hard while he’s in office.They even mention how he was a great author/business man who could relate to their problems. When the ass kissing get tough, they kiss harder and deeper.

Dealing with publishers in my years, I don’t assume they’ll stop at that.They have never stop on just one demand. Because to them, small unworthy people are taking their money away, and that’s bad for their business. And whatever they can do to stop us, would just be fine by them.

Let’s not also forgot Trump spewing the nonsense of a “Great Firewall” they need to protect the US from getting ‘hacked’ Any mention of stronger internet laws is doomsday for all Self-Published writers. If internet regulation is forced on, and information is vetted before being sent out, you will see a massive collapse in the industry. Because now your hard work has to be put on hold, before it can be sent out overseas, or even published. It was the reason we fought hard to keep SOPA and CISPA from becoming law. And it seems we’re heading back to such conversations again in the era of Trump.

To my Self-Published writers, I urge you to keep an eye on where the market is going and get ready for any such internet laws that could cripple all of us. Like it or not, this could be a new obstacle that threatens to squash the growth of literature, just because of one thing. Money.

Article to 5 page letter written by the bombastic AAP

Wake Up People 

​”Let’s not blame the 1%, Dems or Republicans, President Trump or Hillary Clinton, we need to come together and love one another.” That statement is so wrong, so wrong. We should blame them all. And it’s shocking to see some FB posts like that.

It would be nice to live in that fantasy, that we are all equal. That we can love each other, but I don’t see 1% coming around saying “Poor people, I bring you money to help your crisis, as long as we share we’ll be alright.” No, that won’t happen. You know what will, a bunch of cops who will pepper spray you in the eyes and beat you to the ground. (Look At The North Dakota Pipeline dispute) 

People need to wake up to reality. We are in so much trouble, we have given our rights, our lives, our future to Corporations. The same people who brought you Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Obama and Romney, bring to you another 4 years of Corporation run America. And these people will not give up power. 

Maybe your optimistic, maybe you think the 1% will see the error of their ways. Just ask yourself this, in our shitty 9-5 job, how drunk do people get off power? You’ve seen real assholes up the ladder and they’re not the 1% not even close, but greed changes everyone. Now picture these Giants, do you think they’re going to give up power? Na, never. Greed is a drug that no one can give up and they’ll slit your throat to keep it.

The protest around the US would be great, if it were for the right reasons. People are mad at Trump, who is Trump? Nothing. He’s an idiot who conned a bunch of desperate people, who he’ll screw in the end, to the guys running the show “corporations”. His “Drain The Swamp” was cute, but untrue, they’ll let him repel Obamacare, make some laws against Gay Rights keep his narrow minded followers in place n happy, as he cuts their welfare, Medicare which White Americans are the biggest users of. But as for the swap, it’ll remain a swamp and he knows it. So I don’t see a point, I don’t think it’s productive.

What the 1% is doing so well right now, is putting Poor Vs Poor, as they laugh, heckle and escape with another election. And what will the 99% just get mad at each other and welcome 2020 with the same old same old, another Corporate Win.

The smartest thing for us to do today, is take steps in taking down corporations. That means rebeling against all candidates who are in bed with banks who take money from donors who happen to be Corporations. Send a message to politicians that they’re job is only safe because we allow them to keep it.

I’ve said this before and time again, we ask for the product, we control demand. If we strike at corporations, and refuse to buy, they would become our slave, not the other way around.

But people today enjoy living with eyes closed, they say the old saying ” I’m not political” post and rant how people need to chill and forget. With people like that, you will see this country get handed to corporations year after year.

Because you should get angry, you should be mad at Democrats, Republicans, the 1%. It should get you mad enough to overturn this injustice, and take your Political party back for the people.

Trump’s Plan in Week 1 of taking office.

​Trump Plan in his first week

-End Obamacare

( which will put millions of Americans n myself without healthcare, so I can kiss getting my checkups goodbye)

-Pull Out Of The Climate Treaty

( because he does not believe in global warming, and has stated time and time again. This means coal will be on the rise, and as stated on FOX news by Rand Paul they will end the Obama regulations that stop companies doing harm to people. If your children’s health isn’t important to you, then smile on.)

-Elect A Supreme Court official

    (Who outlaw abortion, push to take away LGBT rights. So your friends lives are about to be put through hell over this. Remember Trump and Pence believe marriage is between man and woman. Pence thinks if you electrocute LGBT people, they turn straight. So you have that to look forward to. Imagine we as Americans are forcing people to hide who they are. And half of the country voted for it. Because like it or not, no matter if you say “well that’s not the reason I voted for him.” But that’s what they stand for and you did.)

    -End The Iran Deal

    (War, that means we are going to war. Iran was being watched, they were given the tolls to use nuclear energy, just like Japan, Canada, South Korea and the US, to provide electricity to its people. Even if Trump rips the deal, and says no more. Iran already has the tools, and will go on to create it. What will Trump do, he’ll go to war. And we will cause another hornet nest in the middle East, with Russia laughing their ass off)

    None of these plans, I see Making America Great Again. What, is the wall the thing to cure us? We don’t have the money for it, and once Trump goes down his great plans, you can say hello to a great depression. If jobs are coming back because we plan to frack and make coal mines,  how is that solving the problem. We’re going to destroy our land even worse. So we have 4 years of this. So if you’re a Trump supported and voted for the man, where is the Make America Great Again, in his plans? Because I don’t see any.

    If pulls from NATO so what, that saves nothing. Giving zero taxes and destroying laws for corporations doesn’t make America Great Again, it makes Corporate America Great And Free Again.
    If you believe the TPP is his badge of honor, guess again. I am willing to bet you, he will pass the bill and claim he made a better deal which helps America. And if you did any research on the TPP, you know any deal with that bill wouldn’t help American jobs.

    Congrats, we are going to be taken down the rabbit hole of being a third world country. I hope I’m wrong, I really do. But I don’t think I am.

    After November 8th

    ​Will We Move Forward, Or Will We Stay Back?

    This election was founded on change, we sought such change with Bernie Sanders. We heard his message, we heard him speak, we heard him. We wanted that change, we wanted an end to the greed. But one does not get what they want, in the political world. Instead we were left with the two worst candidates, we were given option B and C. I do not mix my words in what I say, because I do see both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as the most atrocious people who could stand and declare themselves as a voice for the people. Both have founded their lives on lies, backstabbing, selling out principle to corporations and greed.

    I understand Senator Bernie Sanders stance, why he would back Hillary Clinton, after knowing the DNC ran a smear campaign to bring him down. This has been proven, this has become fact. But he puts this fact aside, because he knows what lays on the other side, Donald Trump, and what he has spurred in the white GOP side. Hate, racism, the growth of neo-nazis. To allow such thing to have a victory, would set off the horrors of what segregation in the 50’s and 60’s. And he won’t allow that to rise. So he will stand behind Hillary, even though he see’s what she’s capable of doing. And perhaps even he thinks thinks he can rebuild the DNC from within, seeing how the iron is hot. So he will save his fight, after the election, in hopes to rebuild a DNC much like the GOP have become slaves to greed.

    I too, plugged Hillary on my Twitter. Because I am no fan of the new neo-nazi’s Alt-Right. I despise group, I think they’re old ideology will die, we are a nation of different races and faces. And this will be the power to end the Alt-Right. So I will put back my rage, my anger, my frustration towards Hillary Clinton for today.

    But once November 9th rings in I plan to take the fight to the bills that will surely try to be put into law TPP ( Trans Pacific Partnership ) a job killer in the making, the fight against the 1%, the fight to keep the internet open and free from Government censorship from bills like CISPA and SOPA. Things that happened in the Obama administration. Because I know with Hillary Clinton as President, and with Wikileaks hand delivering her enough coal for her to power up such fight against internet freedom, you better believe new bills will be tossed at the halls of congress. And it’s up to the people to speak against this.

    The question here is, are we going to allow 2016 repeat in 2020? I look at Spain at the social revolution they did with Podemos, a group founded in fighting for all people, fighting against corruption within the Government. This group struggled to get the Senate, Congress, but each year they grew and brought more people to their side. Today, they are growing, the people are having a voice. Something we lack here in the United States. The call for a new party, one of equal rights for all, one that treats corporations not like people, makes them pay their fair dues, and has no hand on Government. This is the party we need. But can the US do this?

    I see a lot of teens, college students get mad for a few months, then forget. They post memes, articles of the latest conspiracy blog and they buy a false image of why they can’t change things. But none have gathered to create a new organization to make things right, this goes for all. The youth and those older one that were caught in the sweep of this primary. We can not forget, we can not be blind, we can not ignore the growing problems in politics today. Doing so, is a crime in itself. As the election looms, the real question still lingers, will we rise to fix this, or will we accept another year we’re politics is just a show, with no real sight to help the people.