Short Short Stories #1

“Is this it?” She breaks those words with a sudden shock. Neither of us thought this would end, we were happy, we were good. Then it just changed. Just like a season, the us, became just I.


IT: 2

IT 2

WRITTEN BY: Jesse Abundis

27 years later

Int. Penneywise Living Room.

Penney wise walks into the room to see an adult Georgie, watching tv in his boxers.

Penneywise: Hey, Geogire..don’t you wanna go outside n get some air. They said it’s good for ya.

Georgie: Na, It’s like too hot and whatnot.

Penneywise scrunches his nose in frustration

Penneywise: Look, Georgie, I know you like being down here and all.

Georgie: We all float.

Penneywise: Right we all float…but you’ve been floating here for 27 years

Georgie shoots Penneywise a disgusted look.

Georgie: And whose fault is that?

Penneywise: I gave you your damn boat!

Georgie: After you bit off my arm and dragged me down here! Against my own will.

Penneywise takes a deep breath. The room falls silent.

Georgie: You know there’s laws against that, they even have names for it. Pita bread!

Penneywise shakes his head.

Penneywise: Pedophile!

Georgie: Ah-ha! See you do know.

Penneywise: I can’t do this.

Georgie: I want a fucking balloon.

Penneywise stops in his words. As an idea comes to mind to lure Georgie outside.

Penneywise: Oh Georige, I got balloons, a whole mess of balloons.

Georige glows.

Georgie: Yeah? Are they red?

Penneywise: oh yes!

Georgie: Blue?

Penneywise: Of course.

Georgie: Yellow?

Penneywise: Wouldn’t be fun without yellow.

Georgie: How about naked women with big ass titties on them?

Penneywise groans.

Penneywise: That’s it, I’m putting a lock on the TV!

Georgie stands in rage.

Georgie: This is why everyone hates clowns!

Penneywise: You take that back, everybody loves a clown. So why can’t you!?

Georgie shakes his head.

Georgie: Nobody likes clowns. Clowns are so hated, people rather be friends with a Mime!

Penneywise brusts into tears and runs out of the living room.

EXT. Derry Library. MORNING

Penneywise sits using the computers, while getting a few odd looks.

Penneywise: Let’s see.

Penneywise puts on his reading glasses as he logs on to Facebook. Searching, till he finds Bill Denbrough. And sends a friend request.

Penneywise: There, soon all this will be over and done with.


This Shadow

See this shadow running over me
Holding my demons
Holding my truth
Clutching and grasping on every inch of me
Refusing to let go like cancer
Run as fast as you may
But it will always catch up to you
Because this shadow is really you
(Jesse Abundis)

Your Humanity For Sale

They call you slave
Never by your name
Just a part of their little game
Keep you in shame
Keep you in place
Take what makes you human and make everything a disgrace
Shame on you if you speak
Shame on you if you try to break away
Shame on you for seeing the value in yourself
Shame on you for not wanting to bow
That’s the rules
That’s the dance we’ve entered with these fools
Every dollar you make
Another pint of blood they will take
(Jesse Abundis)

What We Leave

Possessions come and go
Money Burns
Bitterness and anger floats away as we die
What we leave are the words and the seeds we plant in those young minds
Do we break them from the chains that held us down
And let them be free
Or do we let them down
And let them repeat what we’ve been forced to see, forced to be, come to terms that man is not meant for peace.
(Jesse Abundis)

My Worth

Shoved to the ground
Broken to the last
Told this is all for me
No more
No more will I be
Just a lost
Forgotten thought
One day my young
Will toss my ashes away
For their faith is the same
But I reject
I will not fall
I shall rise
I will speak
Till there is nothing left to say
(Jesse Abundis )

Hit The Lights

Keep the noise down
She doesn’t want to blow it
She’s bare
She’s an open book
Clearly depressed
Hit the lights
She wants you to hold her
Catch her before she loses breath
This is so messed up
What was her reason
She’s faking a smile
As she’s choking inside
Hit the lights
Watch her disappear
(Jesse Abundis )