How Many Books Will Be Created Because Of Trump?

So the bastard becomes President today. It’s not going to be happy day for any of us, let’s face it. I know I’m sad. But my biggest thought going into this is “How Many Books Will Be Created Because Of Trump?”

That’s an honest question. How many Dystopian novels will see this year based off him? How many political dramas will see mimic what Trump is doing in real life, how many pro-Trump novels will we see?

Who’s going to be first author to cash in on the hot trend and fear of the people? I’ve seen it done a million times on other such trends. Superheroes became big with Marvel, superhero books flooded the market. Walking Dead was hot, zombies novel flooded the market. Godzilla and Pacific Rim were hot Kaiju books flooded the market.

When the topic is hot, there’s an author ready to write and cash in on whatever they can. I want to read that first self-published book about Trump. Who knows, it might be the therapy some readers need as long as the bad man burns to the ground.

If you find such book, share the link below in the comments.

Find An Old Friend!

Never let anyone tell you, that you can’t find great deals at the library. I just did. I had this collection of books long ago, but one move set everything out of whack and I loss my collection.

I went to my local library, which I hadn’t visit in a long time. I went to see what they had for sell in the bargain bin. 50 cents for paperbacks and $1 for hardcover. I found some Novels that killed my vibe, just not my cup of tea, till I saw the motherload! 

Tom Clancy’s classic and first series of Op Center, Net Force and Power Plays. That was the Trinity in my youth. I loved the whole world of espionage, greed of the corporations, good vs bad. 
Yes, now I can see how those books don’t really hold up now, especially Net Force. But it holds a place in my heart, if it hadn’t been for Net Force I wouldn’t have been hooked into the world of literature. It was that book, that edge me on to write. 

Though Tom Clancy’s name is on the cover, the man who wrote the series was Steve Perry, so I was a Steve Perry fan before I was a Clancy fan. I re-read that series , no lie, like a good 15 times from book 1 to book 7. The series lost me when Steve did a whole character change , and that’s when the whole series for the books just ended.

Power Plays end in early 2004, which was a shocker, that series still had life. But it was discontinued with no word as to why? I lost my series, and I never had a series after that. 

Just talking about these books. Having them back with me is bittersweet, these were the books that brought me into literature. These were books not forced on me, it was something I discovered on my own. So mabye that’s why they have always earned a soft spot in my heart.

I recommend to anyone reading this post, to pay a visit to that book that won your heart. Say hello to that old friend, let it save your soul, let it have a room at the table tonight.
Those first ones, are ones we should never forget.

The Era Of Trump, What Happens To Self-publishing? 

If you don’t think the new president elect will effect the market, then you live in a very comfortable world, one I would like to live in. The era of Trump is among us, in just a few days. No one knows what it will bring, what it will do to us. As a self-published writer I take notice of how the market will swing. Will it be kind to us, will it be harsh, will it be a dead season. One of the things I have noticed since the looming election was that the market was very unkind. A lot of books dropping to 99 cents, hoping to make up some sales from whatever they can. Yes, 99 cents is a norm to reel people in, but now it’s more widespread in recent months than you’d care to admit.

Recently, the American Association of Publishers sent out a letter to the newly elect Donald Trump to protect their earnings and their digital rights. Also to punish the distributors (Let’s face it, they mean Amazon) who try to set their prices. They’ve also promised to lobby hard while he’s in office.They even mention how he was a great author/business man who could relate to their problems. When the ass kissing get tough, they kiss harder and deeper.

Dealing with publishers in my years, I don’t assume they’ll stop at that.They have never stop on just one demand. Because to them, small unworthy people are taking their money away, and that’s bad for their business. And whatever they can do to stop us, would just be fine by them.

Let’s not also forgot Trump spewing the nonsense of a “Great Firewall” they need to protect the US from getting ‘hacked’ Any mention of stronger internet laws is doomsday for all Self-Published writers. If internet regulation is forced on, and information is vetted before being sent out, you will see a massive collapse in the industry. Because now your hard work has to be put on hold, before it can be sent out overseas, or even published. It was the reason we fought hard to keep SOPA and CISPA from becoming law. And it seems we’re heading back to such conversations again in the era of Trump.

To my Self-Published writers, I urge you to keep an eye on where the market is going and get ready for any such internet laws that could cripple all of us. Like it or not, this could be a new obstacle that threatens to squash the growth of literature, just because of one thing. Money.

Article to 5 page letter written by the bombastic AAP

New Book To Read

First time reading Childhood’s End by Arthur C Clark, 49 pages so far and I’m loving it. Despite it’s time, it’s written freaking well. The Overlords taking over earth, setting new laws that make mankind better, but against our own will.

My girlfriend actually bought me the book as a gift, so I could take some time off writing and read something, which I tend to not do a lot of from time to time.
So I plan to enjoy some reading time with my busy holiday season. If you have any books to recommend, comment below.

Wake Up People 

​”Let’s not blame the 1%, Dems or Republicans, President Trump or Hillary Clinton, we need to come together and love one another.” That statement is so wrong, so wrong. We should blame them all. And it’s shocking to see some FB posts like that.

It would be nice to live in that fantasy, that we are all equal. That we can love each other, but I don’t see 1% coming around saying “Poor people, I bring you money to help your crisis, as long as we share we’ll be alright.” No, that won’t happen. You know what will, a bunch of cops who will pepper spray you in the eyes and beat you to the ground. (Look At The North Dakota Pipeline dispute) 

People need to wake up to reality. We are in so much trouble, we have given our rights, our lives, our future to Corporations. The same people who brought you Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Obama and Romney, bring to you another 4 years of Corporation run America. And these people will not give up power. 

Maybe your optimistic, maybe you think the 1% will see the error of their ways. Just ask yourself this, in our shitty 9-5 job, how drunk do people get off power? You’ve seen real assholes up the ladder and they’re not the 1% not even close, but greed changes everyone. Now picture these Giants, do you think they’re going to give up power? Na, never. Greed is a drug that no one can give up and they’ll slit your throat to keep it.

The protest around the US would be great, if it were for the right reasons. People are mad at Trump, who is Trump? Nothing. He’s an idiot who conned a bunch of desperate people, who he’ll screw in the end, to the guys running the show “corporations”. His “Drain The Swamp” was cute, but untrue, they’ll let him repel Obamacare, make some laws against Gay Rights keep his narrow minded followers in place n happy, as he cuts their welfare, Medicare which White Americans are the biggest users of. But as for the swap, it’ll remain a swamp and he knows it. So I don’t see a point, I don’t think it’s productive.

What the 1% is doing so well right now, is putting Poor Vs Poor, as they laugh, heckle and escape with another election. And what will the 99% just get mad at each other and welcome 2020 with the same old same old, another Corporate Win.

The smartest thing for us to do today, is take steps in taking down corporations. That means rebeling against all candidates who are in bed with banks who take money from donors who happen to be Corporations. Send a message to politicians that they’re job is only safe because we allow them to keep it.

I’ve said this before and time again, we ask for the product, we control demand. If we strike at corporations, and refuse to buy, they would become our slave, not the other way around.

But people today enjoy living with eyes closed, they say the old saying ” I’m not political” post and rant how people need to chill and forget. With people like that, you will see this country get handed to corporations year after year.

Because you should get angry, you should be mad at Democrats, Republicans, the 1%. It should get you mad enough to overturn this injustice, and take your Political party back for the people.