Farewell To The

People say to me

“You look like death

No one wants you”

What a wreck

I just don’t understand

I have a different view

Floating to the unknown

As I’m branded 

With labels I never knew

Is it fine if I don’t care

If I try to escape

And lose myself 

Pretend to be well

As I ponder the steps

That took me back to this place

Will that be alright with you?

Too late I moved on from you.


Miss My Life

Miss my life

Miss my home

Miss those simple things

I held close to my heart

Before I had to see

Before I had to leave

Let this life run its course

And find myself standing in this strange world

Dead on the floor

Six feet in the ground

Feeling this world pass me by

While I lay there like a block of stone

Nothing to say

Nothing to show for

(Jesse Abundis)

Fragile Egos Of Authors

Let me take a moment to address something very important that I have seen in a lot of Facebook writing pages from fellow indie authors. Do not go into a full suicidal meltdown because of a bad review. Do not vent to all your writer friends so they can gather and begin to stroke said ego by calling a reviewer a “Brainless, a coward for not showing their faces or giving their home address.” Then please do not continue to follow up, by getting people to come to your aid to give you a five star review.

We’ve all taken our shots, we’ve all been brought to the floor with a  bad review. Are some called for, not always. Are there authors out to sink other authors maybe a few pathetic ones. But also know that not everyone will be worshiping your feet as much as you worship your own feet. One day, someone might just want to be brutally honest and say “I didn’t like it.”

The thing with writing is this, if you’re so wrapped up about wanting to keep a perfect 5.0 record on Amazon, then you will spend your life being a miserable, five star begging writer. And don’t get me started in the whole review for review shit that is peddle like drugs on each Promotion Groups. Now, if you want to just write and not give a fuck about what people think, then you my friend will have the most wonderful life.

Because if you’re in this to boost your ego and keep that fake little crown on your head untouched. Then get ready to be something you wouldn’t dare associate yourself with in real life.

My best project

Been busy in life, so I’ve neglected the blog. But I have returned. I’m working on a new novel as we speak called Tabula Rasa. I’m 14k into it. Here’s a small snippet of that new project.

Why I Love My Girlfriend

I do love my girlfriend. Just in case that title didn’t make it clear. But the reason I love her, is because she’s my best friend. She’s the one who saw me. She’s the one who got to know me. But she’s also the one who has fed me my literature. I will confess, I write a lot. I love writing, it’s my passion, it’s my crack. But I am not a big reader. Let that sink in, guy who writes and sells books, does not read a lot.

I was a big Tom Clancy fan, Star Wars reader. But nothing went beyond that. My girlfriend is different, she’s the bookworm. She reads, loves to read a lot of books at once. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have read Childhood’s End. Which is a masterful book, written in a style I can respect. And now I’m diving into Fahrenheit 451. Maybe some of you have read that already, I can’t wait to read it. I just got to make the time for it.

But to have someone that injects something new into your life style, is a beautiful taste of nirvana. She’s showed me music I would have never listened to in my life. From Los Bunkers, Zoe (Latin Rock Bands) to even rapper Joe Budden, to dare I say it Rihanna. Not going to lie, that girl has some good songs, and apparently a perfume as well. My girlfriend ended it up buying it while I waited on the bench on the mall, watching Dallas get blown out 21-3 in the first half. But I digress. If it wasn’t for my Maria, my love. I shutter what my writing would have been.

I tell her this so many times, but not sure she believes it. But the moment I’ve been with her, I started to discover more about myself. I started to find new parts of me that weren’t there to begin with. Even my writing has gone deeper than I could of imagined, I sit back and read this new novel I’m writing, and think, this would have never happened if Maria wasn’t in my life. That’s why I love my Girlfriend, she’s the inspiration, she gave me a new drive.

We’re going five years strong, never regretting a single day about it.