Trump Won

Every morning we wake up, all we see is Trump this, Trump that, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump. On every headline, every sentence, every late night show, every joke, every banner, every Facebook post, every God damn tweet. Trump everywhere you go!

Let’s go back before the elections. Where was Trump? Being a forgotten memory, he was clutching on to stay current, but the media would have none of it. So, he focused on Obama, saying the worst of the worst so the world could focus on him, they kinda did till Obama showed his birth certificate and out shined Trump. And he was back to being a nobody.

Then came the Republican Primaries. Trump knowing he would have to go big or go home, did what any egotistical man would do, he said the most hate ridden speeches that could come to mind. A little for his supporters and a little that came from the bottom of his heart. This was it, live or die….and what did the media do? They laughed, got a kick out of it, and they covered it 24/7 like there was no tomorrow, giving birth to “Trump Novela” that everyone is obsessed and can’t stop talking about today. Think about it, can we go without a day talking about him? Can the media not talk about him, can social media not mention Trump? I think not.

Think about it, Trump has cemented himself in history. He will be a thing our children’s children will talk about, for better or worse he will be the focus of attention for generations. And he knows it. A man so egotistic he claims he’s so rich, you wouldn’t imagine how rich he is. We had the chance to stop it, but the moment we turned around to look at it, it was all over.

Trump is the trend, if you’re not verbally attacking him on Twitter you’re not cool. People have made a new platform of success by hating Trump, hate him and you become internet famous. #LoveTrumpHate , or the impeachment news pouring in 24/7 everything is on Trump. And that’s how he won, Trump is getting what he always wanted, to be in your heart and mind. And nobody can deny it.

The greatest weapon we had was to ignore him. But It’s too late, we’ve welcomed this new toxic environment, the moment we don’t have that chaos we’ll feel cold and strange, so we’ll create another monster. Welcome to the Trump era you can’t escape from it.


Guess Who

They all just stared
They all began to say
They sold me
Before they knew me
But I could care less
I’m broken
But a pretty mess
Guess that’s all to it
Guess that’s my story
Guess who lost
The go in and go for it
(Jesse Abundis)

Trump Era Exposed A Truth

If you really think about it the age of Donald Trump has given life to a whole new wave of Art. I spoke about this really early back before his inauguration, the rage people have against Trump would cause this firestorm of new endeavors into the art world. Many will call it political art, but every piece of work is being sold for money and thus giving life into a new genre. One that shines an ugly truth.

You may hate the man, you may even despise him. But there is not a doubt in your mind that Trump has brought life into the art world. We’ve seen parody novels, and now we’ve seen artwork that is being distributed like crazy. We’re seeing a rage we haven’t seen in the Obama era, because now it’s socially acceptable to be angry. You couldn’t be angry when Obama was around. You were just frowned upon at best you would be called a racist. And trust me there was a lot to complain about during the Obama era. From growing markets of private prisons, the high rate of assassinations, unable to regulate big corporations, to bending down and becoming just a corporate Democrat. But such passion and rage could not be shown, you had to keep it hidden. You couldn’t say anything about the Administration. But today it’s okay to say such things because now we have a face we can hate.

Sad to say, but if Hillary Clinton had won we wouldn’t have this outrage. We wouldn’t even question everything wrong with the system, we would continue as life is normal. In a way you have to thank Trump for making more people more self-aware to the things happening around them. Will it last forever? That’s still unknown.

The people making money off shirts, hats, art work, books should be actually praying for another re-election, because like it or not people love to Rally against a villain. All those artists who made their money off the Trump era, wouldn’t have made their earnings if Hillary Clinton was President. In a way you can’t make money without the devil.

And in a way we become slaves to trend, the fire is lit as long as money is being made. What happens when the light goes off, will there be anyone willing to question the Injustice that’s happening or will they just simply come to the rescue when money is involved.

The truth is in your feed. How political was the world around you before Trump. Today is the only thing you see, from we must March, to we must stand, but where was that fire storm years ago? Occupy Wall Street was swept under the rug and the same Hillary supporters didn’t even lift a hand to stand with Occupy Wall Street. Trend can be good, but it could also destroy everything. Because if it’s not hot then nobody cares. And that’s what this new era of Trump has given life to and exposed to the world. The writing is on the all, just up to you to see it.

Peter Rabbit

People rage quitting over Peter Rabbit having a food allergy prank are just idiotic. It’s as though, people are taking their Trump rage on everything and they demand an apology and become that person who cries “Think of the children, won’t someone please think of the children.” Because Peter Rabbit will ruin children!!

Not life, not social media, not the constant bullshit. No, it’s Peter Rabbit. Sad news rage quitters, it’s pointless and if you think saving your child from one scene will save them from a life of wrong, then you enjoy living in a little world we call in denial.