3 Books $0.99 each

Ello ello my fellow readers and poets. Just wanted to remind you, that you can own my three books for $0.99 each or read them for free with Kindle Unlimited. The Perfect Woman my thriller novel about a serial killer who is  harvesting victims to create his Perfect Woman. Or if you’re a fan of my poetry, you can read some of my early writings with Years Of Refusal and Maladjusted. 
All for $0.99 cents. Would mean the world and I would love to know what you think of them. Links to my books below.
The Perfect Woman 

Years Of Refusal



Keep The Noise Down

​Keep the noise down

Go get your heart beat

You don’t recover from a life like this

People stare

So depressed 

Eyes to the grown

Stomach burning

She hits the lights off

Doesn’t seem fair

She fakes a smile

Acting as she did her best

When he’s dying

All he wanted was to hold her

But now she left

He’s gasping and dying for air

Now he learned

Die young and save yourself

(Jesse Abundis)

She Takes A Moment

​She takes a moment

To finish this glass of gin

Before she lays out her sins

She’s going to burn it all down

Just to have a frown

Which will turn upside down

She will pray, she will burn

Just to say what needs to be said

To make it right, to make it clean

Even if it’s a misdeed

She’ll hide those eyes

So you can’t see the truth

For her walking into this scene

Ready to confess

Ready to bare

Ready to show

She’s a wolf among the sheep

(Jesse Abundis)

Untitled Project teaser

So, if you are not aware. I’m working on my 6th novel and gearing up for a 7th. I can’t tell you the details, but here is a small sample of what that 7th novel is shaping up to be.

I know I’m dead the moment I come back home. But I spent my nights trying to wash away this blood on my hands, but it doesn’t work. I can’t walk away anymore. It’s time I fix what I broke. It doesn’t matter how many people I have to kill, but I’m going to undo everything I did