Batman V Superman Trailer Review

Superman BVS

Tonight, there will be special screening of Batman V Superman trailer. One that is much different than we saw leaked and the one that was released to the public the day after. I can’t wait to see what was shown there.

Today I’m reviewing the trailer of the Batman V Superman film. What can I say, but, FUCKING AMAZING. This is the film all fans wanted to see, we’ve been waiting nearly 20 years for a film like this. From project after project being dropped, we finally get to see these two titans clash in the big screen.

The film does what it’s suppose to do. It tells you the dark undertone of what’s coming to this world. After Man Of Steel, Superman/Clark Kent is looked upon as a God by some. You see it in the images of people around him, trying to touch him, the lady trying to reach out to him and touch him in the sky. The troops bowing down to him as he was a king. That is such a big impact. And I believe this scenario is greater than him being the big boy scout of the classic DC eras, we’re he’s flying over for pie, where people don’t mind him flying around…THIS world is much better, it shows what the human, true human reaction would be. And you know this would be it.

But we also see half of the people hate his guts, and you see in the chanting among the crowd, the FALSE GOD painted on the Superman statue. There’s even one piece of audio where you can hear  a man saying “ He brought his troops” meaning they blame him for all those deaths in Metropolis. And to have a statue made and placed in ground zero of this false god, it will send this group in a fit of rage. The tone has been set.

A lot of comments online are “ Why are they fighting, they’re heroes, shouldn’t they have fun and stick together.” DC is not going with the Superman and Batman BEST FRIENDS FOREVER off the bat. Are you kidding me, that would be sooo bad in their part. How can you trust a man like Superman after the events of Man Of Steel, think about it for a second. If you hadn’t seen a movie, and knew some God like man destroyed a whole city, would you be so easily to go up to him and say let’s team up. HELL NO. And this is where the beauty of this trailer comes next.

BEN AFFLECK as Bruce Wayne is awesome, it is, it truly is awesome. We heard Alfred tell him “That’s how it starts, a fever, a rage, the sense of powerlessness, that drives a good man, cruel.” And that drives the nail to the point of the why Batman takes arms against Superman. All his life Bruce has felt powerless, his parents were gunned down, he couldn’t do anything. His sidekick Jason Todd was killed by the Joker ( which we know will be a main focus in the storyline) and he couldn’t do anything to save him. These Gods fought and killed bystanders, and he still couldn’t do anything. Picture how weak you would feel, how hopeless you would feel, watching people die and you not being able to do a thing. AND that is the scars left on Bruce’s mind.

Now Bruce is tired of this, he doesn’t trust Superman, he doesn’t trust this God. So he’s going to cross a line, team up with bad people (LEX LUTHOR) to make this God bleed, make him break. Maybe his sense of morality will go out the window, because he wants to know who this God is, is he here to make a difference or is he a time bomb waiting to go off. He needs to know if he can go toe to toe, even if does get him killed, that’s just a great motivation. Till a greater foe comes in to take them both down, which I know will happen, either way fucking epic.

This trailer, which is just a tease, get’s in my eyes a 10 out of 10. It’s perfect! We are being given the first act of this film, I know it in my gut, the real storyline is still unknown, because in the end these two giants will make each other bleed, till they come back down to earth and see how much this world needs them both.

I can’t wait for this film, I can’t wait to see it. It looks awesome. This is my type of Batman and Superman team up I wanted. So that’s my review which felt like a breakdown I know, but it’s too epic not too.

And Batman’s voice EPIC!

Stay tune Wednesday when I’ll be giving the rumors and insight of the newest things to come down the wire about the Batman V Superman film. Also, weigh in and watch the trailer if you hadn’t already!

Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling best thing ever!

The best thing I’ve seen online, by far is the Max Landis ( writer of Chronicles ) video Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling . A history of HHH the wrestler, from his upcoming to his history as the CEO of WWE. It’s a laugh out riot, and the ending is true to the core about fiction. It’s a must watch, and you will not regret it. This is why online entertainment out shines at it’s best than you will see on TV.


Rooster Teeth: LAZER TEAM ( Trailer Review )

I was thrilled to death, when I heard Rooster Teeth was doing a full length film that was going to hit theaters.  I always knew a small company as themselves had it in them to make such a bold leap into, out of the net and onto the big screen.

When the teaser trailer was released online, I got to admit I was blown away. It was a 9 out of 10 on my radar, it gave me high hopes. And I knew Burine Burns the founder of Rooster Teeth had stated they had done three re-writers till they got it right. I was so fucking proud to hear that.

Then the full length trailer dropped, and that’s when everything went wrong. The two minute trailer didn’t really get me hyped, didn’t really show me anything ground breaking, it showed me a two minute of one line three stooges jokes that is funny to you and your close friends. It’s like having an insight joke which no one knows about. And this worries me.

I hope to God, the trailer didn’t show their A+ stuff, because if that was, then there best looked like their worst. And this ticks me off, I love Gavin and Michael banter online, and I was hoping they would be able to pull something more organic, but it just didn’t seem that way in this trailer.

Felt like a lot of forced lines, with action scenes that look good, but is meant to be seen on TV.

Do I think this film is doomed, I hope not. I hope they really stay true to their word and brought an amazing script to the table. I want to watch this film and have my mind blown. I refuse to root for a film that’s bad, just because they’re one of the groups I admire. Basing off what I saw in this trailer, this film does not hold much to offer.

And I don’t care about the budget, budget has nothing on  great comedy, and writing. You can make a low budget film and make it rock. But the more I see this trailer, the more I see the Rooster Teeth staff laughing at this, but not quite seeing what they were doing.

Then again it is just a trailer, but it’s not one that offers hope. I rate this trailer a 4.5 out of 10. Watch the trailer below and let me know what you think.




I’m Breathing But I’m Dying

I’m breathing
But I’m dying
I just want some answer to this life
That has me carrying this weight
Making me feel like there is no tomorrow
Just waking up
Trying to stand poise
Like nothing is the matter
I’m breathing
But I’m dying
You’re telling me to feel
I feel loss
I feel hopeless
I feel like crying till I past out
You’re telling me to be real
I know you’re joking
I know you’re insane
Can’t you see
I am real as can be
This is why I’m in pain
This is why I’m closing my eyes trying to picture a better life
This is why I just shake my head and sigh
I’m breathing
But I’m dying

I Saw It

I saw it in her eyes

Her heart had been tore

I saw the look in her eyes

She wanted to hang

She wanted to reach a place

Somewhere far from here

She whispered under her breath

Somewhere there must be a place called home

I saw it in her eyes

She had been taken through life

She had been dragged

She had been blamed
She had been drained

Now she wanted to close those eyes

Sing a sweet goodbye

Fall back

Let her soul drop


That someone is there

That someone will catch her

Before she says goodbye

It’s All Your Fault

If you deny this

If you hide this

If you shun this

It’s all your fault

Can’t you find

Can’t you open your bleeding heart

Can’t you find a place

Can’t you hold me close to that damage part

If you drown this

If you curse this

If you end this

It’s all your fault

Can’t you hear it

Can’t you see it

Can’t you stop it

And accept me like you saw me

And said I love you

I need you

Please hold my heart

It’s all your fault