It’s Been So Long

​It’s been so long

I’ve held my broken heart

Taught myself to sleep

But then you came

Now I can’t forget your face

Your voice

Thinking of that kiss

That I won’t be able to forget

My love it’s been months

But you’re still running through my mind

When I thought

All the love inside me was dead

Don’t you go

Spending my nights

Thinking of you

Let’s not worry about tomorrow

Let’s just think of you and me

(Jesse Abundis)

She Passes 

​She passes

The wave of emotions

Puts her best smile

Knowing it hurts to do so

Deep breathes

She knows it can’t show

The world wouldn’t notice

How much she bares

How much she needs a friend

She tells herself

Tomorrow it will end

Just to manage today

Look at her eyes

That’s everything that needs to be said

(Jesse Abundis)

On The Roadside

​I woke up on the road side

In a puddle of my own excuses

Learning to stand up

But it don’t feel right

I feel myself

Slipping in and out

Losing my focus

What I wouldn’t give

To see your face

How do I know

It’s the end

Standing there

Just like a stone

Learning nothing

Still aching 

Knowing life ain’t easy

And hoping you don’t slip away

(Jesse Abundis)

She Is

​This girl catches the fire

She laughs at the flames

Doesn’t mind when it hits her back

Still she says

Still she stands

People shake their head

Want her to be 

Something she can not be

She has many names

She has many faces

She is mother



Keeper of your soul

A wild heart

A free mind

That refuses to be torn apart

(Jesse Abundis)