You Will Not Win

You tell me to keep my objections


Or I will fall

I can’t believe

What I saw today

Not sure I can see

Not sure I can understand

What is becoming law

Is this the end of it all

Is this how it will end

A bill

A law

That says

You will not win

If I close my eyes

And pretend it’s alright

Will it hold

Will it hold

But I fear these wrongs

Will not make things right

But what can I do

But what can I say

When the cities are burning

And here I am

Holding my words down

As the laws that are born

begin to kill

begin to destroy

Every man

Every woman

Tell me why?

When the racist

When the greed

When the blood

Has a home

And I stand in shame

Give Me A Second, Give Me A Minute

Give me a second

Give me a minute

Stand there

And here’s the joke

Here’s the saddest story

You’ll ever listen

You’ll laugh

You’ll cry

You’ll flip over

When I tell you the story of my life

Give me a second

Give me a minute

Can I borrow a umbrella

Can I borrow some luck

This joke

This sad story

Will knock you out

Will leave you dead inside

What if I told you

If it was the story of my life

Red Revolution: Chapter 1 Calling Out The Devil

She mixes her words, she dances to the tune playing in the back. She tries to rise the flames of this man that entered her room. Didn’t say a word, didn’t say a whisper, he put his bills on the table, that told her enough.

Her name is Stella. Stella the one that plays with the hearts of all the men that enter her sight. Fools trapped in a cage, unable to contain what they’ll do. She is the reason for you to live, the moment you enter her.

But not this one, not this man that sits at the edge of her bed. She flaunts her skin, tempting him to fall like the others. “Kiss me, lover, kiss me like you want to.” She slithers closer to this gritty man. “ Do to me what you want, do to me however you want.”

Tempting him harder, opening her legs as she lays in the bed, trying, praying, this man will be like the rest and enter her. This is what Stella was for, this was what she saw in herself, this is what she knew she was best at.

The man doesn’t stare, the man doesn’t touch, he doesn’t play, he doesn’t grab on to the stiff rock that should be growing in his pants.

She brings herself to her knees, crawls to this man that refuse to taste the apple hanging from the tree.

Her lips comes close, but the man grabs her face. “ No, I do not need to taste your lips.” He pushes her back onto the bed, confusion dawns upon this woman, lost, was this still the dance to her means, or was this a new dance altogether. “A man, he comes here, black beard, dark eyes, dares to call himself the devil.”

She knows the devil, remembers him well. Cuts on her thighs are his alone. “ Why him, why do you want to speak of such evil.”

“ I want to see the devil.” The man flashes his grin,  one to please, plastered on like a mask. Stella knows this, knows the look in his eyes, this man is not a man, he is damaged beyond repair. This is why he dares call out the devil.

“ What possess a man to call out such beast?” She stammers to her feet, knows this man in her room brings a storm, one that will flood the streets red.

“ The devil needs to pay his due.”

Red Revolution ( prologue )

This mistake, this tragic step, this forever changing night. It enters his soul, it breaks his bones. Eyes so wide, taking it in, taking back from the mere sight, taking back from the smell of pain that filled his nostrils.

What was he seeing, what was happening, why was his mother screaming, why was his father laying in a pool of his own blood.

Why was there no God, why was there no angel, why was there no right to end it all.?

His mothers screams is all he hears through the night, as the men enter her insides, while the other, the man dressed in black, eyes to match his clothes stares with a grin before he puts the blade down her neck. Tired of her screams, tried of her cries, but he still has time to laugh at the shock face of that poor soul that came into the room that night, before ending it all, piercing the meat, that sent blood gushing side to side. How the devil howled with joy as it struck his face.

This night, these actions ended the innocents of a boy, ending everything he held dear in his heart. These men gave birth to the day, to a life covered in red.



By: Jesse Abundis

Red Revolution.jpg

On The Last Train

On the last train

I’m meeting your eyes

But we both dare not to speak

We’re both going our own way

You whisper a word

Not so loud

Not so deep

I just close my eyes

I clear my throat

I clear the pain

On the last train

Sitting close by

Inches apart

Touch me

Reach out to me

Tell me something

Anything to win my heart

But sadly we’re going different ways

On this lonely night

Never to see the other

Never to look into your gaze

If I gave you my soul

If I gave my word

Would you believe

Would you stick by me

Even when things went down in flames

Even when things went down

If I gave you a kiss

If I gave you all the love in me

Would you get off with me on this next stop

Would you stay close

Would you stay forever

Would you stay right here

Would you stay

Would you be


Moving Closer To The End

I look a bit older

See my face

Take a deep breath

I’m moving closer

To the end of the chapter of my life

I’m moving

I’m repeating over and over again

I still got a beat

I still got a wish

I still got to see what’s on the side

When my heart shakes

When my heart beats

When my heart runs cold

When my heart dies

Will you still remember my eyes

Will you still remember the things I used to say

Will you still remember the times I listen to you sleep

This life is got me feeling older

Taking another deep breath

Trying to be kind

Trying to love like I saw your eyes for the first time

I got a beat

I’m still alive


I got myself running from side to side

My heart is at it’s end

But I got myself running at full speed

These folks wouldn’t know

They just sit and stare

Thinking they know best

If they only knew what was running through my head

What runs through my head as I toss in my sleep

I’m running at full speed

I’m running like it’s my last

I feel their eyes

I feel their stares glaring at me

It’s fine

It’s fine

They will watch

But they’ll never know