Finding your inner thoughts
As you run through dark
Sitting here
Waiting for you
Playing out the motions
That’s when I saw you
Standing in the corner
Acting out your own death
Then having hope
Struck you in the back of the head
That’s the moment I knew
I had to be crazy
Because you still make me feel
You make me stand
You make things right

You Say

You say you’re done
You say you’ve walked the end of the line
Still you lay and wait
Fighting that restless heart
That yearns
For that subtle kiss
That no one see’s
But gives you some life
Makes you shine
And brings a smile
From side to side
Before the lights go off
But still you shine
Always glowing in the dark

Her Pain

She comes down
Tells me about those horrible dreams
She looks at me
Asks what it all means
I just hold her tight
As she stands on that edge
Thinking it’d be good
To have some sweet dreams
Doesn’t know what it means
To have a day
Without that pain
Poor girl
Got so many things
I just want to stop her pain
Even if it drives me insane

End Of The Line

The end of the line
Never going to look back
Trying not to break
You caught me
When I was falling
Saw through my disguises
Saw the broken parts
Saw me standing there
Found love
Found life
That was gone from my eyes
I Try to be
I Try to find
Holding on tight
Pray when we reach the end
You’re there by my side