Hang Me

​Hang me high

Hang me low

Used to this pain

Used to this shame

That impels 

Into my bloodstream

Walking with eyes closed

Picturing a love

I shall never know

Falling deeper into this hole

That shakes me to my soul

(Jesse Abundis)

I’m Calling You

​I’m calling you

But then I forget what I wanted to say to you

If I could leap into a new 

I would do so

Just to forget everything wrong with this day

Why do I bother

Why do I wait

Why do I sigh

When night comes into play

She’s drinking

She’s forgetting

About that day

We met eye to eye

And we laughed out loud

What a shame

As I call out your name

(Jesse Abundis)

When You Think Of America

​When you think of America, what do you think of? Is it the fact that we are number one when it comes incarceration? Or is it that we have a booming new gold rush in private run Prisons which are guaranteed to hold 99.9% capacity of inmates, because if not they can sue the States for millions if that contract is breeched? 

Is it that are three major money makers are Private Prisons, Pharmaceutical Industry, Military Industrial Complex. Let that sink in. Now know that both candidates running for President today will make no effort to break up those thriving business. In fact they’ll keep escalating it for many years to come. One of the reasons you don’t hear them bringing up this shocking facts in the debates.

When something is a gold mine, no one will break it apart. Oil used to be that gold mine, yes it fuels your car, but it also ruins the environment. But no facts or damage to the world would stop that business, hell we went to war for it.

Hold those facts, next time you hold a I’M WITH HER sign or a MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Because America either wants you to pill you up, toss you to prison, or put a bullet into you.Just remember, private prisons hold 19.9% of the American population.

Girl Least Likely

​How many times

She says deep in her heart

She knows she can not

Page after page

Living on minimum wage

Spewing from a sickening rage

Still she shutters, she hums

Prays deep in her heart

Somethings gotta change

As she sits


Standing with a poise

That seems obscene

So how many times

She thinks

As hope slips pass

And gives away to a harsh burden

She puts away for another day

(Jesse Abundis)