Throw Me Out

Throw me out the door
I’m just one of your own
Don’t bother listening
Mama when you leave
Don’t leave an ounce behind
I am doing fine
Burned out my soul
Didn’t understand
Couldn’t comprehend
What this world did to me
Living like a stone
Willing to learn nothing
I went blind
Learned to live in solitude
Back to the way it was
Before I tried

Skin And Bones

Watch me go
Drifting down
Time is running thin
As my health goes
Skin and bones
Is what I am
Watching this cancer
Eat through what’s left
Oh don’t go
Just lay beside my bed
Just tell my mom
I’m doing fine
We know that’s a lie
My feet are cold
But still I ask for seconds
That’s the price I pay
Just to live

These Voices

These voices got me going crazy
All I wanted was to be
Life didn’t see
So it drove me off that edge
I wish I was a poet
Would write my words so specific
Try to make sense of all this madness in my head
Keep all the eyes off me
People who mutter
I know what they say
But I need to be saved
Stop this horrible despair
I think I’m praying
Or am I just crazy
Don’t know
Just got to pretend
That nothing is there

Gotta Blame Myself Sometime

Gotta blame it on myself sometime
Gotta learn to hide
When this pain comes back inside
I kinda think I lost my mind
Searching for myself on the ground
In the middle of the night
Doctors think it’s just anxiety
Sends me back
With pills to ease my mind
Gotta count to three
Gotta find a place to breathe
This all seems too much for me
I wonder what the world thinks of me
As I fail

What’s There To Say?

What’s there to say
I lost my way
Staring at the sun
Feeling my life is gray
Rain falls down
Just trying to make me hide
I feel the need to give out apologizes
Wish I was more like you
Free from shame
I try my best to speak
But can’t find the right words to say
So I stand in the back
Pretending I got nothing to say
Tomorrow you will call
I will die inside
And feel amuse
When you toss the blame

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What Can I say?

What can I say
Stop me if I repeat
Losing track of time
I remember when you used
To say
All is well, now come lay beside the bay
I don’t have a clue
But I know
In the clouds above
Is where I was meant to be
Don’t worry
We still have time
I wish I was like you
Always singing a tune
What is it you play
I don’t have a clue
But I love every tune

Star Wars Force Awakens Lazy writing?

If you’re the type that hates spoilers, its better you walk away. I’m not going to break the film down, but the similarities to a film in the franchise…..



Ok here we go



Star Wars Force Awakens is Star Wars New Hope 2.0. It’s the rehashed forumal under a new cast, its like they move the furniture around and said “Bam, new stuff.”


The Death Star is now The Star Killer. Darth Vader is now Kylo Ren….and they share the same twist minus being someones dad.
Han Solo is Obi wan, that is a pure freaking given.

Rey is Luke Skywalker, and she’s strong with the force.
Luke Skywalker will be Yoda in the next installments.
And the concept is the same as New Hope. It’s a copied formal right down to its bone. And perhaps JJ Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan wanted to tell a story of history reapting itself, but it also screams lazy writing, you couldn’t tell that same tale in a different way?



The one way this film will bank is by selling what the fans wanted, and what they wanted is the same thing. This is why you hear people calling it the best thing in the franchise because they want a rehash, they want to feel nostalgic, and they will pay to see it. One of the reasons DISNEY posed the no spoilers rule, because you’ve seen it already.



It’s easy to convince people this is a great film after Lucas left a bitter taste with EP 1 2 n 3. But don’t expect this film to break new storytelling, uh huh, no way. Now the question is, can they turn it around and take a bold step in the next installment and stand alone on its own two feet?