The Perfect Woman CH 4

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Chapter 4

You’re The One

It felt as though water had been poured into her head, she could hear it sloshing back and forth. Lisa slowly began to open her eyes, but found it to be difficult as blood trickled down into her eye sockets. She tried to move, only to discover that she was tied down to what seem to be an operating table. Her first thought was that she and Gerard had been into a car accident and now she was laying on an operating table. “Gerard!?”

The moment She shouted his name, it all suddenly began to come back “What are you doing?” the image of him swinging the bat and knocking her out cold, how it stabbed like a jagged knife into her skull.

“No.” She whimpered. “He wouldn’t do anything to harm me.” She refused to believe so, not after the moment they shared at the museum, the months they spend together, they had slept in the same bed, made love together, cooked for each other, they both wanted a life together, they wanted to grow old together. Every ounce of her body rejected the images flooding in her mind.

“You’re so beautiful.” Gerard’s voice echoed through the apartment in a demonic tone. Lisa tried to fight from the restraints but he quickly advised her otherwise. “I wouldn’t try moving, I had to strap you down nice and tight. Besides you’ll only do more harm to yourself if you got up. I‘d say you’re hemorrhaging really bad right now, all that blood is going to start over flowing in your head, forming words is going to be tricky. I’m amazed you’re awake, I wasn’t expecting that.” He brushed back her brown bloody hair. “Then again you’re not like other people, you‘re special.”

Lisa began to shiver from fright. Gerard voice was getting harder to hear, he sounded muffle at times. “ Why ?” the word fought to come out of her mouth.

“Because you and I are meant to be together, forever. You knew that the first time we met.”

“You lied to me.” Poor Lisa whimpered out in pain, closing her eyes tightly refusing to look at the man she once pictured marriage with, someone she wanted to have children with, someone she could call friend and lover.

“Don’t say that.“ He held her hand tightly. “You know the love we have for each other is greater than anything in this world , we were two lost souls waiting for that other half to come along. I saw what others couldn‘t.” He caressed his hand at the center of her chest. “ You have a very special heart.”

“Don’t kill me.” She pleaded.

“ I’m not going to kill you,” He leaned in and kissed her on the lips, trying to calm her rattle nerves. “ I love you too much to do a thing like that.” He pulled himself away from her lust and began to strip away her clothing.

“ Stop… just stop.“ Lisa stuttered in tears, as he pulled everything off her piece by piece.

Once she was strip of her clothing and lying naked on the operating table, Gerard couldn’t resist running his hands over her exposed body, and pressing his warm face against her cold skin. “ You smell so sweet.” He kissed her inner thigh, before walking out of sight into the corner, returning back shortly with a medical tray, surgeon tools, an ice box, gloves and a mask.

“ Gerard…” Lisa could feel herself drifting to sleep, she was trying her best to talk him out of this, but he just smiled at her as she spoke.

He walked over to her and strapped her head down to the table as well. “ What.. Why, what is..” She tried to ask why he was strapping her head down, but forming the words were beginning to become a difficult task as he had told her.

“ I don’t want you flopping around.” He chuckled at her, as though she should know the answer to that already.

He put on the surgeons mask and gloves. He retrieved a cloth from the pocket of his suit and shoved it down Lisa’s mouth, to keep her from biting down her tongue and to keep her screams silent, this was their night after all, he wouldn’t allow any outsiders to interfere.

He walked to the corner of the room once more, retrieving a bottle of alcohol from a duffel bag, there laying beside it was the bloody baseball bat he used to crack her skull with. He poured the alcohol around her chest to disinfect the area he planned to do his incision. He reached over for the scalpel, only to pause to stare at a mumbling Lisa who cried out for mercy. “ Don’t worry, this will be over before you know it.” He said with a gentle smile.

Lisa began to hyperventilate as the knife inched closer to her chest, she stared at the ceiling, hoping she would wake up from this nightmare. But the moment the sharp knife pierced into her upper chest it was clear there would be no waking up from this.

She felt the knife pulling down on to her chest, making it‘s way to her stomach and continued to rip her apart until it reached the edge of her belly button. Lisa screamed and clawed the surgeons table with all her force, her nails cracked as she dug into the steel.

The blood surged out of her, spewing onto the table, the air began to fill with a metallic scent that filled her nostrils. Lisa witnessed with her own eyes as Gerard used his bare hands to pull open the skin, she could hear her own flesh be torn apart. Her stomach and intestines began to bubble up to the surface, as Gerard pry opened her body, it was like watching someone trying to pry open a pit bulls mouth.

It was at this moment as Lisa began to feel herself float away, she could see flashes of her mother walking the dog, smiling at her, waving to her to come home, reassuring her that everything would be alright. How she found solace in that smile.

In her final seconds of life, she witnessed the man she loved pushing aside her stomach and intestines to the floor, fighting to place the cold clamps on each side to keep her chest cavity open. She could only giggle, as Gerard looked at her with the same love he did the first time they met, as he saw her faint beating heart. “ That’s the most beautiful thing I‘ve seen,” His eyes tearing with joy. “We were meant for each other.”

“ I knew he loved me.”

The Perfect Woman CH 3

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Chapter 3

A Night Like No Other

Lisa was treated to the Everly brothers as Gerard drove down to a studio art complex in the Bronx, it wasn‘t the band behind the bushes, but it would do. Lisa was a bit confused as to what they were going to do in an art studio, she wonder if this was going to turn out like a scene from Titanic, her being swayed to undress as Gerard painted every inch of her naked body, she wouldn’t be upset if that was the case, not one bit.

She tried restlessly to get him to divulge the surprise but he would not budge, even if she nibbled on his neck, which half the time worked in the past. Nonetheless she gave up and went with the flow, after all she was with the person she wanted to be with the most, what else could she ask for?

The car came to a stop, “ Here we are.“ He raced to get out, so he could open Lisa’s door as a gentlemen would. She felt like royalty from the special treatment she was getting, he even gave her a hand out from the car.

“ You’re such a gentlemen, but I’m not tipping you.” She joked around.

They crossed arms and walked up the stairs to the complex. “We’re on the fourth floor.” He said to her.

The building was old and worn out, it was in need of a desperate paint job or a demolishing crew. When Gerard open the door to the building, it made a haunted mansion style creak and the smell of a dead animal carcass seem to loom in the air. Lisa prayed whatever Gerard had planned, was worth going through this. The halls of the complex was hot and musty, graffiti written every where and puddles of water on the concrete floor, no doubt from the leaking water pipe above.

They walked into the freight elevator, which seemed to be the only way to reach their floor. Lisa was a tad scared if they would make it to their destination alive in the old and rusty elevator. Even with all these faults Gerard just kept smiling at her. “After you madam.” He closed the gate behind them and pulled the rope down to close the elevator doors.

He pressed the button on the panel and the elevator hummed to life with an almost dying breath. “ Going up, hopefully.” He chuckled, which Lisa came back at him with a pinch on the arm. “I’m kidding.”

He nestled with her and began to playfully kiss her neck. “ What’s waiting for me?” Lisa asked through her moans of pleasure, as his breath tickled her neck.

“ You’ll see.” He said with a devilish smile as he devoured her.

“ If your plan is to fuck me, we can do it right here in the elevator. I’ve always felt the urge to be a dirty girl and judging by the floor I would be one.” Lisa enjoyed her own joke.

It took the old elevator a few seconds until they reached their stop. “ Close your eyes.” Gerard said with a child like enthusiasm. She did as she was told, she wasn’t one to ruin his big plans for tonight.

Lisa could hear him pushing down the doors and opening the gate, he almost seemed out of breath, “ Babe, don’t faint on me.” She told Gerard, who seemed more eager for this night than her.

“ Okay, I did my best, I hope you like it. Now, open your eyes.”

Lisa was welcomed with a view of candles lighting up the entire studio, classical music playing in the background, and a bottle of wine waiting for her on a red cloth table. She slowly stepped in, amazed at the work he had done, the wooden floor had been waxed magnificently , the windows covered with red drapes. There were a few wooden crates and a bag in the corner, still none of it was enough to take from the beauty of it. This explained why he had made it so late, he was planning all this for her. “I love it.”

“I thought you would, I spent all day fixing this up just for you.” He softly squeezed her hand. He gestured to the table.

“Baby, did you rent this place just for tonight ?” She asked

“Yes I did, I just wanted to give you a night like no other. “ He kissed her cheek, “ Go have a drink, I think you’ll like the wine.” He devilishly smiled.

“Care to join me?”

“I will in a moment, but I got one more big surprise, so no peeking.” He wagged his finger at her.

“Hurry up, I don‘t like to drink alone.” Lisa patted him on the butt, squeezing a little as he walked away. She made her way over to the table to give Gerard time to whip out his next surprise. Lisa examined the wine bottle before pouring herself a glass, she couldn’t believe what it was, “Cabernet Sauvignon. “ This was the same drink they had together on their first date, at the restaurant in Little Italy, Casa Cotti. “ Baby, I didn‘t think you remembered.” She said awestruck.

“How could I not? “ He said to her.

Lisa could hear him fumbling with the crates behind her, probably miss placing her gift. She nibbled on her lip as the image of an engagement ring came to mind. She poured herself a glass and took one large gulp to calm her nerves.

She could hear Gerard walking back to her, she couldn‘t stop smiling, she knew this was it, he was going to pop the question to her, “ So, what‘s my next surprise? ” She turned around with a glowing smile shining so ever brightly for this moment, “ I‘ve been waiting all day for it.” Only to be greeted with the image of Gerard holding a wooden baseball bat in his hand, “ What are you doing?” She laughed out loud, not knowing how to react to this picture, it seemed like a bad joke. But before the reality of it could sink in, he swung the bat at her, sending her world into darkness.

The Story About This Girl

Will you listen to my story

About this girl that came in the night

And asked me if she could stay

I thought she was mad

But she had that face

That made you feel so sorry

She found a place in my heart

When she weep

She grab my soul

As she laid by my side

Days got better

Love was in this heart again

I never knew life could be this good

Days got darker

Pain turned to love

Tears turned to laughter

I felt my body go cold

As she put me down

To friends who I knew

I never felt so lonely

I asked if she would leave

But she cried

And promised to stop such things

Lock the door

And she pounds till I let her in

She acts so cool

Till things get out of hand

And I’m left feeling sorry

Thinking about that night she leap into bed

I should of knew that smile

Meant only the worst

Lock the doors

But she’s always got a way inside my head

Ending Time

A second will past

A moment will fade

The things that we have

Will vanish into a haze

The people we knew

Will age

Will change

Will be morn

Will be forgotten

As it is

As it was

As it always has

Time passes

People forget

Soon these words

Will be fresh in your mind

Soon these words

Will grow old

And it too

Shall be gone


Is the greatest enemy

Of mankind

The Perfect Woman CH 2

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Chapter 2

Hopeless Romantic

She looked outside her apartment window hoping to see Gerard’s blue Honda Civic pulling down the street, it was already eight, and no sign of him. She cradle her cell in her hand as she whistled out of+ nerves. As long as they’ve been dating he’d never been late, he was a very punctual person.

Gerard had gotten off from work at six, he never enjoyed working the graveyard shifts at the docks, even if they did pay the overtime. There were nights he would come home to her and just rant about how unfair they treated him and how they would always keep passing him up for promotions. She always felt the urge to tell him to quit, she knew how smart he was, and how gifted of a painter he was as well. It drove her mad to see his gift be wasted on such a place. But she knew it was better to let him realize this on his own, pushing someone never worked in life, and no matter what path he chose she would stick by him till the end.

She wonder if she should text him or not, the last thing she wanted to do was sound pushy or seem upset, but apart of her argued how could she not, she was dressed like a princess for this special night. She wore her red dress, the same one she had bought the first time they went dancing, she remember how he called her a goddess as they nestled together and slow danced to Michael Bolton. To top it off she wore her mothers favorite earrings, the same ones her mother wore as Lisa’s father purposed to her. Her mother had passed them on to Lisa to wear when she felt the moment was going to come, for good luck.“ There’s always something in the air, you can just feel it.” Her mother would always recount that story with so much passion when she was growing up.

Now that she stared so intensely outside, she could feel the tears crawling their way up. She had invested herself too emotionally for this night, she felt like she had no one but herself to blame. She let the thoughts of marriage over take her, when perhaps there was none at all. “ Nice going, dummy.” She kept glaring outside the window, she knew this wasn’t like him to just forget or even call if he was going to be late. She could only hope nothing had happened to him.

Sorry GOT CAUGHT UP, But look out at your window ;)

Her cell vibrated with the message, she fumble with the phone to see who it was , she smiled and thanked God for giving her this night. She stared out the window but didn’t see his car, there was a black Ford Focus parked outside, but no sign of Gerard. Lisa texted back, “ Where are you?”

See the Focus outside?

“ My baby has a new car !” she said out loud, loud enough that the next store neighbor pounded on the walls. “ Stupid paper thin walls.” Lisa grumbled

She locked the door to her apartment and raced down the stairs to see her man’s new car. She whistled at the brand new vehicle like a construction worker would whistled at a woman walking down his path. Gerard came out with his hair freshly cut, a nice black suit and tie. Lisa stepped back to soak in the image of him, he never looked more handsomer in his life, she could feel her knees go weak at the sight.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her in, giving her a kiss and slowly caressing her face to see those cheeks turn red. “ You’re so easy to make blush.” He teased her as they pulled away slowly.

“ Shut up.” She covered her face into his chest trying to deny the truth. Once the blushing faded away, she slowly met his gaze. “ I could look at those eyes all day.” She said to him. There was excitement in them, Lisa could tell , they always seem to shine when he had something cleverly planned.

“ This is not the surprise.” He pointed at the car. “ I swear on my door mat.” He reassured.

It wouldn’t bother her if it was, just being with him seemed like the world got a little better and things weren’t all gloom and doom. She smiled and ran her hand through his black hair. “ I can’t tell you how much you mean to me.” she passionately let those words slip out of her mouth, they weren’t rehearsed, they weren‘t meant to please him, they were just the truth and he could see that.

He swallowed his emotions, he was never good at telling people how he felt, but Gerard knew Lisa was different. He took her hands into his and said “ You mean the world to me, you have such a beautiful heart, I’m a lucky man that you came into my life, you have no idea how many nights I spent looking for someone like you.” Gerard eyes began to tear up.

Lisa knew he was the one, there would never be anyone else like him, he was her soul mate, her missing piece to fill the hole in her heart. She kissed him, holding him tightly, never wanting to let him go.

They both laughed as they slowly pulled away. “ So, where are we going ?” Lisa asked, wiping away the lipstick she smeared on him.

“ Madam, if you get in the car, I will give you a night that you shall not forget.”

“ Then drive me away, my good man. “ She said with a breathless voice.

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A serial killer plagued with an idea to find his ideal woman, has taken to the streets of New York to harvest the body parts of the women he has romanced and fallen in love with, to paste together his perfect woman, all to end the demon inside him.  This killer is unlike others, he's avoided the attention of the NYPD by making his victims look like love struck girls, running to disappear from their lonely broken lives.  Unaware to the killer, two unlikely souls, Karen & Peewee, have taken the cause to investigate and put an end to the string of disappearances. Their search will lead them down a dark path, one that will bring Karen's own demons into the light.  But they are not the only ones that have crossed paths with the killer, Lieutenant Detective Brian Klecko was the first one to investigate the first missing victim, a case that crippled his soul and put his sanity into question as he falls deeper into a black abyss that temps him to become a monster this world has ever seen.

Red Revolution Chapter 2 Mark Of The Beast

Chapter 2

Mark Of The Beast

Men come in, dropping the rings that they wore tightly on their fingers. Pretending to be a single man, held by no chains, no family obligations to be seen, these men love to pretend to be free. Wagging their dollars, calling out the women that past them by. Each seductress eying what poor fool is holding the most in their hand, the man they will give one minute of pleasure, then lead them out of the brothel, were they will slumber back into the street with a smile, and a burden on their shoulders as they sneak back into their home. With a wife that will see the signs, even after they shower and shower, to wash away the stench of another juice all over their flesh.

All seem eager for lust, for a kiss, for sex. But not him, the one in the corner, twirling the gold coin, tossing it in the air, remembering the night the Devil tossed the coin to his feet. “ Something for your mother’s service.” He kept the coin with him, never letting it go, never letting slip from his hand. This was his only this thing he had from the Devil, the only proof that he existed, when others debated his existence in life.

He waited for him to show, Stella the dancing sexual queen, the one that promised to lure the Devil out with her flesh and meat, something he found as a treat. She promised on her grave, she would not show her face till she brought what he so wanted to claim.

How he waited for this day to come, so many years, so many restless nights trying to find that evil that flew away into the night. Now to have it here, to have it near, he exactly knew how he would react when that evil step through that door. He would hand him the same coin he gave to him that night, put the blade under his neck, smile wide as he did, and see the blood gush side to side.

Minutes elapsed, till she walks through the door, soaking wet. A storm had come. She watches him from afar, nods her head, doesn’t meet his gaze.

The man holds the coin tightly to his fist, muttering these words under his breath. “ Tonight you shall come, as you did into my life, tonight you will die, as I died that night.”

The door swings open, everyone in the room falls silent as the night. The man that has entered is not the Devil, but just a mere puppet that was with him that night, the man that was begging and waiting his turn to enter this poor man’s mother insides. A round man, long mutton chops, rotting teeth, a gold chain with Jesus pressed to his chest, with a large dark coat that hung on him like his soul.

Stella runs to him, shock in her face, she falls to the ground as this man graces her present. “I thought he would come, I called for him, sir, did he not answer my call?”

The man spits on top of her, showing her the kindness he will show her, and anyone that lays in front of him. “ No wench, he does not answer you, nor does he answer any man. You call him, but what do you have to offer, just use used abused skin, what makes you think he would rise from the ground just to answer a filthy thing that gives herself to any man?”

Stella picks her head, fear in those eyes, just like everyone who mutters a prayer, hoping this evil will leave and let them be. Not a single one dares to bat an eye at him. “ Forgive me, I thought he would come, I thought I held a place in his heart.”

The man laughs and snickers at her. “ You will pay for this, this is why I am here. You call on such a man, waste his time, demand!” He growls at her with those busted teeth. “ You must be taught to learn your place in this world, as all of you should!” He screams at the people here, they all bow their heads.

Stella cries for mercy as her hair is pulled by the brute “ Forgive me sir, please I beg you to forgive.”

He laughs like a mad man, dragging her like a doll. “ No, no, every whore has to learn her mistake, it’s time you learn yours.” Taking her out to the cold, far from a place she called home.

The man in the corner follows behind, people gasp knowing he follows the cold chill that runs through the room.