Lex Crop at NY comic con

So a new viral marketing campaign for Batman V SUPERMAN has dropped on us, and now we have a video of Lex Crop invading NY comic con. Anyone who logs in to the Wi-Fi at event under Lex Crop will see an intro video and become a registered user.

In the video clip we get introduce to an operating system called Lex OS which claims to be state of the art and beyond breachable. Something in my mind pops Brainiac but we shall see.

In the mean time I am loving this interaction we are being given. The video just dropped right now. Check it out via Lex twitter Check out Lex Luthor (@alexanderluthor): https://twitter.com/Alexanderluthor

Time Has Me Over

This time

Is doing me over

I used to be so radically clever

Now I seem to be losing charm

I was the center of attention

No, it was all in my head

Oh what happened to me

When did I start seeing

This laughable life that was me

Why did time

Have to be so cruel with me

Can’t I go back

And live as clueless

As I used to be?

Here It Comes

Here it comes
Another hit
Fucking sake
I tried to talk my way out
But they say
It’s just part of life
Here it comes
A man who wants to be dad
But can’t be a father
Fucking Christ
Here it comes
This woman full of hate
Been done wrong
From side to side
Still she says she wants a man
Fucking sake
Here it comes
This lonely fool
Can’t make a friend
So they talk to the shadow
That hides behind me
Fucking Christ

Out In The Sun

Out in the sun

With a loaded gun

Finding my way back home

There I met a man

Who came from a place called

New Mexico

He held in his arms

A bucket of lies

And a book tuck in the back

All about the home he left behind

And the kids that turned their back

I felt despair

Or was that regret

Taking my hand?

I Do Not Care

I don’t care
I don’t care
If my words seem to offend you
That is neither here or there
I got so little time to bite my tongue
Cruse my name when I’m dead
But I refuse to stop
But I refuse to declare my words are dead
I will live my last moments of my miserable life
As I please
If that’s hard to understand
Then I feel for you
Sorry for the sperm that was used to create you
I don’t care
I don’t care
If this all sounds cruel