I Taught Myself

I taught myself to scream

I taught myself to bleed

I taught myself to drown

I taught myself to frown

I taught myself to forget what it meant to have a dream



Falling to the ground

Harder with each step down

Close my eyes

Lock in a picture

Something far from I

Something I dared never be

Open my eyes

Holding onto the seed

Deep inside my head

That does me in

Laying in bed

Waiting for the next round

Love From The After

A whisper

Speaking to me

Beyond the here and now

What words it says
I can not make out

From the corner of the eye

I see the one I left behind

Getting closer beside my ear

Whispering the words

I could not here

Lover, how is life, when I am not here, do you cry, do you drown in the bottle at night

How I wish I could kiss those cold lips

Feel that life

I used to have

Before that night

Fading Generation

Older generation

Have ended their tune

Now we sit and drink to you

Younger generation

Just stand


And cry




This is life

Younger turn older

Older die

The others look

But they just sigh

No answers

To the same old questions

That caused the others to die

This is the rhythm of life

That goes




Let’s Capture This

Let’s take a photo

Let’s put this in a frame

Of you kissing me on the lips

Of our love that was new

Of our love that was pure

Let’s write this down

Let’s put it in a book

Of the fights we shouted

Of the times we said it was over

Of the times we cried

Let’s film this

Let’s put it out for all to see

Of our lives from past to now

Of the makeup sex we had to ease the pain

Of the love that still flows through you and I

Will You

Will you shake

Will you ache

When I walk away from you

Will you think back

Will you shiver

When you are in the arms of another

Will you break

Will you cry till there’s nothing left inside

When I pass your mind as you kiss another

Will you say my name out loud

Will you regret it all

When they put me in the ground

Trapped In A Cage

Can’t breathe

Can’t handle these things

That shake me from my sleep

Think death is grasping on to me

Telling me time is near

Time is dear

Better say a prayer

Down on my knees

Begging please

Knowing there’s a sky above me

Still feel locked in a box

Locked in with my thoughts

No where to run

No where to hide

That lock my jaw tight at night

If I would scream

What would it do to me

Still I’m here

Trapped with these thoughts

That are killing me

To The Races

We’re all racing
To the finish line
Telling a fistful of lies
Losing ourselves
Losing every god damn thing that we held close to our hearts and died the moment someone took it away
You might cover your eyes
Pretend it’s what we got to do
When we leave that child behind
And gotta put on some new shoes
You’re feeling less alive
You going to buy this lie
You gotta win this race
Just to have a life
That will just eat you up inside
But that’s ok
We’re too deep
Too lost in the pile of broken lives
To just walk away
Who cares in the end
If we gotta bare a truth
That this race is a joke