Guess Who

They all just stared
They all began to say
They sold me
Before they knew me
But I could care less
I’m broken
But a pretty mess
Guess that’s all to it
Guess that’s my story
Guess who lost
The go in and go for it
(Jesse Abundis)



I found myself

But I lied to myself

So I changed my mind

Changed my skin

Just to stay alive

This Shadow

See this shadow running over me
Holding my demons
Holding my truth
Clutching and grasping on every inch of me
Refusing to let go like cancer
Run as fast as you may
But it will always catch up to you
Because this shadow is really you
(Jesse Abundis)

Your Humanity For Sale

They call you slave
Never by your name
Just a part of their little game
Keep you in shame
Keep you in place
Take what makes you human and make everything a disgrace
Shame on you if you speak
Shame on you if you try to break away
Shame on you for seeing the value in yourself
Shame on you for not wanting to bow
That’s the rules
That’s the dance we’ve entered with these fools
Every dollar you make
Another pint of blood they will take
(Jesse Abundis)