Lost And Gone

Should of said your name

Should of held you close

We needed no introduction

We sparked

Glowing hearts in the murky night

Knew the groove , knew the curves

No way we could miss a step

That was us

That was beautiful

Maybe I dropped 

Maybe I let it slip

Now we’re far, now we’re gone

All I hold

Is the image of you

In my dreams

In the night skies

Knowing there’s no more glowing in the dark for my heart.   
~Jesse Abundis

Farewell To The

People say to me

“You look like death

No one wants you”

What a wreck

I just don’t understand

I have a different view

Floating to the unknown

As I’m branded 

With labels I never knew

Is it fine if I don’t care

If I try to escape

And lose myself 

Pretend to be well

As I ponder the steps

That took me back to this place

Will that be alright with you?

Too late I moved on from you.

Miss My Life

Miss my life

Miss my home

Miss those simple things

I held close to my heart

Before I had to see

Before I had to leave

Let this life run its course

And find myself standing in this strange world

Dead on the floor

Six feet in the ground

Feeling this world pass me by

While I lay there like a block of stone

Nothing to say

Nothing to show for

(Jesse Abundis)

I Am Trying

​I am trying

To be heroic

In a age

That devours my soul

I try to stand 

But in my heart

I am lukewarm

This is history

This is the story

I know will end in bloodshed

And this makes my blood run cold

I have seen the hate 

I have seen the end

Now I wonder

If there’s any chance

I can return back home

(Jesse Abundis)

Came Into This World

​I came into this darken day

No one could see my soul

No mother to care

No father to leave a name

Time was like water

And I was like the sea

Wouldn’t know it was passing

Don’t mind my smile

It’s always there

Just to fit in

What would you say

What would you do

If I asked to be your friend?

(Jesse Abundis)

Watch Me Burn

​Watch me burn

Because of my lies

Had no choice

This life had a gun to my head

If I stayed true

I would be burned

Eyes on me

Wondering what I’ll spin for my life

If I told you who I was would you respect me

If I told you I didn’t have a dime

Would you hold me close, don’t lie

You think you can

But you wouldn’t be able to stand

I had to lie, I had to spin

Even though I can’t find a single thing

That makes me apart of humankind 

(Jesse Abundis)