Batman V Superman review

To the people who said this Superman was souless, were you watching the wrong movie or looking at your Facebook feed? SUPERMAN comes full circle in this film. This was a Superman man sequel.

The 1st hour is an epic drama, and that’s what I wanted. It pinned comic world with real world situations. It slowly drawned in Bat V Sup conflict. SUPERMAN doesn’t know where he fits in this world, he’s an outcast, he can do right but it just keeps getting worse, which in the real world would freaking happen. And you can tell Superman is a little jealous of Batman doing his thing and not getting crapped on.

I saw a very emotion vulnerable Superman and that was great.

The opener was a very 9/11 DC world, it was hauntly beautiful and the Suicide bombing, Jesus. This is a dark film and that’s what makes this great! We’re getting different, and maybe that’s what bugged critics. The writing is amazing, Terrio earned his pay.

Ben Affleck is more Michael Keaton Batman. He’s going to fuck people up and if they die oh well. Alfred (who was played by Irons beautifully) said it best, that Bruce had change his methods, meaning he took his craziness to the max. You can tell Batman is suffering from PTSD from all the years wearing that cape. And I think it’s an emotional badge he carries with him best as he slowly reflects on life.
Lex Luthor played by Jesse, is amazing. He was the Luthor we needed in this franchise, the know it all, who does know it all.


Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman fucking crushes it!!!!! She is the monkey wrench that added to the film.

I will say, this film does best when it goes into the human emotion of its characters and focuses on how humanity views Superman. The film does lose a few steps and brain cells when Synder directs action scenes. I think Nolan did a much better job directing the actions scene than Synder. Synder tends to go a little too Transformers with his film. I think if he had scaled it back four points, the film would of been a 10 out of 10. The final act is rushed, and I feel the Justice League could of been put on hold.

This isn’t really a Batman V Superman, it’s more of World’s Finest and I’m fine with it. The title was misleading, but it was still a great film. It’s a huge step up from Man Of Steel, and does it well. Bring on Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman.

Also to add, the mama Kent and Superman bound from Man Of Steel which carries on, it’s perfect. The feels are real.


Rating 8.5 out of 10


The God Damn Wonder Woman

12342705_479012385602134_6923413123868604151_nCould be one of reasons I’m thrilled to death to see this film, but this is the other reason!


IMG_20151203_000225Not the Trinity shot, but freaking Wonder Woman!!!!! She looks and feels like a total badass. Look how she’s front and center in the fight, while Batman and Superman stand behind.

Seeing her be a true hero, not just the girl who cries for help. This woman can hold her own, and that’s what I always wanted for this hero. To have the writers make her more, make her steal the show. I know Gal Gadot will own this role, doesn’t hurt to have Terrio writing your lines.


I hope her standalone film due 2017 is in the right hands. Having someone who thinks of this as a comic book film will ruin everything DC is trying to create. Okkk, I gushed enough, let me know what you think.

Did The Batman V Superman Trailer show too much?

Did the Batman V Superman give too much into the film, did it spoil the entire plot, should we not go see it? You my friend, are freaking crazy. No we did not see the whole film in that trailer, we had reveals. Which many are claiming told the whole story, can you be sure of that?

This film is roughly going to be a 2hr 40 min film. We saw 5 to 6 mins of trailer, that’s counting all the film used in the past three trailers, which a lot of them were repeats. I heard even Youtuber Jeremy Jahns cry “I didn’t want to see Bruce and Clark talk for a whole minute.” Yet, somehow he felt this gave and ruined the movie by showing that interaction, which really is what we wanted to see.

We did see Doomsday, if we can call it Doomsday. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but everyone is jumping on it. Could be an early stage look at the monster that turns to it’s full self by the end of the film. IF, that’s actually the main threat. A lot of people are really underselling Chris Terrio. I don’t think a man in his field would write just a simple comic book film, Hero V Monster, fight, bam, the end. That’s not what he was brought in to do, if you wanted cheap comic book action you would of kept David Goyer’s draft. This is why I truly believe what we saw was just a small glimpse into ACT 1 and ACT 2. The Doomsday bit might just be eye candy, something that doesn’t even play a major plot to the film, just a part that shows the team working together before going against someone bigger.

I for one, wasn’t shock they would unite together. The dang film is called Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Meaning Prologue is Bruce witnessing the destruction of Metropolis, showing us why he fears the Man Of Steel. That will take roughly 9 to 12 minutes. Then we setup the Batman V Superman ACT 1, showing us the interaction, the fights, Lex Luthor and his crazy motives. Which should run to 1hr and 30 Min. Then jump into ACT 2 DAWN OF JUSTICE, Wonder Woman coming to save their ass from the Doomsday Monster, all of them trying to figure out the real threat ( I’m calling Brainiac, manipulating Lex Luthor, because of that new LEX Operating System that was hinted in the viral marketing, that could find a threat and wipe out before it beings, sounds like something Brainiac would do.) That should run up to 50 mins, then we end on a high note to launch the DC universe.

I don’t see the trailer telling the whole story of this movie. I don’t believe WB/DC would put so much money into this film just to screw it up with telling the whole story in a trailer. Some might say, well, they did it with Amazing Spider Man. That was different, you actually saw main fights play out for more then 15 seconds in the trailer. In Batman V Superman we only see 2 seconds tops of a clip, think about that, can you really tell a story from a 2 second clip.

If you’re talking about script wise, BVS is 160 pages long. We’ve only seen 6 pages, leaving 154 pgs left to see. So to say we saw it all, is overstating. And we still have a lot of questions left unanswered.
I can’t wait for this film to come out, and you can bet I’ll be there the moment it releases.

Star Wars Force Awakens ( Plot and ending predictions)

Here’s how I think Star Wars Force Awakens storyline will play out. ( now remember, I could be 100% dead freaking wrong. But I’m going to do my best in trying figure it out)
Kylo Ren is the son of Leia and Han. Luke Skywalker created a new order after the events of EP VI. Kylo (which I don’t think is his real name, just the name given to him by the new order) grows up to be a Jedi, but someone with the order begins to study the ways of the Sith, also dragging Kylo whom beings to understand his grandfather Darth Vader ideology.


Luke will have a love interest that died before the film took place, killed by Kylo, knowing he failed to stop this and bring balance to the force. Luke goes into exile.

Han and Leia during this struggle have a new child Rey, for her own protection they hide her away, seeing she might the last thing in the universe that can stop Kylo and the Sith.
(Ok that’s the back history)


Jumping forward, Kylo and the new order will create the Starkiller an homage to the Death Star and doing what Vader set out to do in the first place, rule the galaxy in his image.


Leia will be leading the attack among the new order, torn that she must battle her own son, and knowing there will be no turning him back to the moral side of justice and knowing he must be killed. Han will come back to recuse Rey after knowing Kylo is on the hunt for her, even in the trailer he hands his daughter the lightsaber, pushing to take the role of a Jedi for better or worst.

Luke will be sought out to finish the fight he left undone, and destroy the order he created with his new soon to be Jedis Rey and Finn , after there near death experience against Kylo.


Kylo won’t kill Rey in the scene where he’s holding the light saber to her neck, thus hinting at there bond of brother and sister.
Also I believe Chewie will die after saving Rey from an attack of the First Order. Sealing the deal for Luke to come back from the shadows and force himself to see he has done more damage in hiding then he could ever have if he was out there in the world.

The ending battle will not take place against the Starkiller, but saving the rebel base from falling into the new orders hand. I believe Luke will clash with Kylo, not killing him, but trying his best to let him turn back. Rey will try to kill him, only to have the truth come out of who he is. The Rebels will win an inch.


Finn and Rey will be lost within the truth of it all, but will continue to study the ways of a Jedi to protect the world from the First Order.


Thus leading to a build up to EP 8 which will focus all the cast for one final fight that will lead to many deaths and new starts.


Ok, that’s how I see it playing out on film. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. We’ll see come Dec 18th.


May the force be with you . . .

Lex Crop at NY comic con

So a new viral marketing campaign for Batman V SUPERMAN has dropped on us, and now we have a video of Lex Crop invading NY comic con. Anyone who logs in to the Wi-Fi at event under Lex Crop will see an intro video and become a registered user.

In the video clip we get introduce to an operating system called Lex OS which claims to be state of the art and beyond breachable. Something in my mind pops Brainiac but we shall see.

In the mean time I am loving this interaction we are being given. The video just dropped right now. Check it out via Lex twitter Check out Lex Luthor (@alexanderluthor):

Heroes Reborn Review

Heroes Reborn, let me state off the bat. This wasn’t a first timer friendly show. A lot of newbies would be lost by the whole setup, story line, pretty much bitch and moan what the hell was going on screen. The only  way they would grab the weight of it was to at least watch season 1. That being said, how was the much awaited series  in my eyes.

Heroes Reborn, was freaking fucking spectacular. That is not an  overreaction statement, that was my true to the bone reaction watching this show. One thing it grasp so well, was keeping it focused and fresh. It felt like falling in love with that classic show that won our hearts when we first watched it. And I really think having a shorter season forced this team to stop making pointless side quest, that go nowhere.

( Spoilers Ahead In Case You Haven’t Seen The Show )

The opening act of the show starts off with the destruction of Odessa, Texas. Where Claire Bennett ( the indestructible girl ) got blown to kingdom come after she tried to be a sort of beacon of light to bring together evos ( meta-humans ) into the world, to show the people they had nothing to fear, that these people were here to do good in the world, even perhaps save it.  Well Someone, something went wrong, as a nuke or someone with the ability of one ended up blowing the place to hell. Killing humans and Evos ( Meta-humans). Noah Bennett ( Jack Coleman ) was caught in the blast, only to awaken, screaming the name of is daughter among the ashes. A big red flag popped into my head the moment I saw that play out, one, how did Claire die if she was practically indestructible, second how did Noah make it out alive, being so close to ground zero? A lot of flags going up, which frankly begins to smell fishy.

Later on we find out, that Sendhil Ramamurthy as Mohinder Suresh has taken the blame for the attack, turning into a sort Evo terrorist. Mankind is hunting down Evos ( Meta-humans) like it was rabbit season. One of these hunters is Zachary Levi as Luke Collins and Judith Shekoni as Joanne Collins, a couple who lost their son in the Odessa bombing. They’re roles are just amazing, their motives and lack of remorse as they gun down Evo (Meta-humans) is just too much to handle, they know what they’re going up against, they know they can die, but it’s all about vengeance.

This new world also leads to an underground rail road in Los Angeles, helm by other Evos who try to sneak people out of the country. I felt that story line alone, could of been it’s own series with Ryan Guzman as Carlos Gutierrez. They got a little Batman going into that part of the story. Another part I enjoyed about the series, is despite having different plots and stories going in different angles, you didn’t feel any of them become slow painful torment. Each one is telling their story well and will come full circle as the series moves on.

Robbie A. Kay as Tommy Clarke has gotten a lot of beef by some reviewers, who saw it as another sad cliche of a looser kid in high school with superpowers… I’ll remember that when it comes to review Spider-Man or any other Marvel film you’ll be praising and saying ” THE MOST ORIGINAL IDEA EVER”. His character was enjoyable, I found myself rooting for this kid to kick ass, especially when he came face to face with Zachary Levi as Luke Collins, sending them packing to God knows where. “Is this hell?” said a very scared and almost losing her mind Judith Shekoni as Joanne Collins.

Tommy is the one to root for, you can tell this kid will be the heart to this series as it continues. He’s an Evo himself who has been running all his life, even was held captive for years till a breakout in season 3. This kid knows what it means to be hunted down. He’s going to be the anchor when everything is going to hell.

Another character story line I felt was right up there with comic book worthy storyline is Kiki Sukezane as Miko Otomo. The girl can literately project herself in a game, that’s right she can live in virtual reality, but it can also kill her. She seems to be connected with Hiro, she has his sword, that lets her unleash these powers with in her. A lot of debate if this will end up being his child.

Then we have the man looking for truth to his missing sister, Henry Zebrowski as Quentin Frady. He stalks Noah, and even tells him that  June 13 the attack on Odessa was a cover up, it was made to fool the world…seems crazy till Noah and Quentin start digging deeper, finding a list at the old Primatech HQ which has his daughter as N/A missing.

All in all this series has me sold. It’s making Heroes, HEROES again. I find the negative reviews a little shallow and just mainly attacking show that doesn’t have the Marvel or DC brand on it. To me this show was a solid 10 out of 10. Driving the whole series on character and story line. Yes, we’re just two shows in, but what a way to start. I was going make my decision to stay with this series based on these two episodes, and for them to knock it out of the park as they did, has me invested for the season. I hope Heroes Reborn ends strong and returns to a second season with a limited 13 episodes.

Heroes Reborn, Can They Really Do It?

Heroes was a break through season for at least the first part of the season, it was a group of people who obtain superman human powers, it was the X-Men for TV. Second season was hurt by the writer strike, season three took it a notch up with the super powers and fight, season 4 might be the most over hyped of season and the worst of the worst. All in all, Heroes over stayed it’s welcome by Season 4. And forced NBC to give the series the boot.

But the series is back, with the new title HEROES REBORN. It’s not a reboot, but being sold as a brand new idea, which hardcore fans and new can enjoy. By that they mean the original cast deiced to pass or have anything to do with the series. For instants Milo Ventimiglia as Peter Petrelli the main protagonist of the series, which they never made stand out as a true hero that could rise from the darkest of it’s depth. Hayden Panettiere as Claire Bennet the one who started the ” Save cheerleader save the world story arch, which became a freaking throne. Zachary Quinto as Sylar , the bad guy of every season, the only reason worth watching the show, is no longer here. He was the one who would crack open skulls just for fun, so he could take abilities and copy it to himself.

Time has passed, and some of the cast have moved on. Found new work, found a new life after the series. Heroes had it’s moment early back in the days . After coming back nearly six years, the show is entering into a ocean of where the heroes show has expanded, with shows like Flash, Arrow, Gotham, Agents Of Shield, Daredevil, can they step in and shake things up?

That’s the question for the series. The reviews of the first two episodes have been very very underwhelming. A lot of people are saying the show is having the same problem the last two seasons had, a voice, a plan, a road. I loved the trailer to the show, it showed promised. But If it starts to stall like it did the past two seasons, this could end in the worst way.

I’ll post my thoughts after the show debuts.