Attention My Love

Pay attention my love
I told you before tonight
There would be nights
We would cry
Nights we would want to die
A broken promise
For a broken heart
I lied to myself
Pretending it was worth it
When I knew how this would end
Now photos of us
Are in the ashes of time
Now we spend our night
Wishing ourselves way
Oh let’s have makeup sex
And repeat this from the start
And destroy our lives
Pay attention my love
This is the last time

Falling In Love With DC all over again


Yes, I am a comic geek. I love everything about superheroes. You might not be able to tell with my twisted writing and poems. But I have been a Batman and Superman fan for as long as I know. I will admit, as a kid or teen, I never got the chance to follow all the storylines of DC. I was able to catch up as an adult with Batman Year One, The Long Halloween, Dark Victory, The Dark Knight Returns, The Killing Joke, Knight Falls, Superman All Star, Superman Doom’s Day and many more.  But I never truly got to sit down and follow chapter by chapter.

Well that changed when they did their reboot but not really a full reboot on the DC universe. I’m still trying to figure out what happened and didn’t.

But moving along. I must say, reading the Court Of Owls series just blew my mind away. It’s so dark, edgy, and a trip to the darkest corners of Gotham. And the crossover book Night Of The Owls just made me smitten for other characters. I really want to read more about Batwing, whom, I think they ended the series due to lack of sales. I hope to GOD, DC makes a movie or a tv series off that character. It would rock.

But this new reboot of Batman has surely brought new life to the DARK KNIGHT. Scott Synder has been giving amazing series for this franchise, if I’m DC, I make sure he stays where he’s at and try to make a few films off his storyline, which I can see happening soon.

My love for DC is all new again. We’re seeing things from a new angle. We’re getting a new fresh take on it all, I want to read everything they have. And keep following where they will go next.

I do have one small gripe, and that’s the Robins timeline. We were shown that Batman has been in Gotham for six years, and has four robins already Dick, Jason Todd, Tim Drake and his son. That left me a bit confused as to what was going on. If you know anything about that fill me in.

Beyond that, I love this series once again. If you’re a comic lover, I say pick yourself a copy as well.

Looking Through The Darkness


Looking Into Darkness
written by: Jesse Abundis

” I will pay you anything, everything, if you let me walk. I can give it to you all.” Maxwell couldn’t stop stuttering each word coming out of his mouth. Not once did he picture, in his life, such evil existed. He always thought they were just a story to scare children, to make them behave, but what he was seeing face to face was beyond human, he didn’t know how to describe the large black figure standing in front of him. ” Please, just don’t harm me.”

It chuckled as he pleaded so helplessly. ” What can you give me, you owe nothing I want.” It’s voice so hallow and dark, Maxwell knew this is how the devil should sound.

” Name your price and I’ll give it to you!” Maxwell was wealthy, he was a well respected lawyer in New York. He came to these backwoods of Ohio to spend time with his mistress in a private Cabin he owned out here, it was meant for the family to escape the city, but it also worked as a very well placed fuck pad. His mistress a nineteen year old want to be model was dragged out of bed by the large black figure in the middle of  the night, she screamed so loud as it took her into the darkness, he could hear her calling out his name, as he ran out the door for safety in a panic, he was going for his car only to find the tires slashed.

Soon after the dark figure gave chase after him, no matter  how fast he ran, the creature seem to hover close by, soon his legs gave out and now they were here standing face to face.

” I want to hear you scream, I want to tear your flesh apart.” It chuckled.

” No, no, please God no.” Maxwell cried.

” There is no God, there is only me.” It laughed.

” No please,” It was ready to dig it’s claws into him. ” I’ll give you my children, my wife, just spare me!” He cried out, stopping the beast in it’s tracks.

” You have six days.” It’s cold breath touched his neck. ” If not, I will come collect you.”

” Thank you, oh God, thank you.” Maxwell bowed his head to it.

” Do you want to make a deal for the woman?” It waited for him to answer.

” Take her, and give me an extra day.” He bargained with it.

” Very nice,” It laughed. ” A man willing to make a deal with the devil. You have your extra day.”

Giving Me Reason

She’s coming into this scene

She smiles and nothing is the same

Hey, hey

Girl you’re giving me a reason to find myself

She’s dancing

She’s swaying

We’re both losing sleep

We’re both sharing our fears

Let’s never tell a soul

Let’s keep this between us

Hey, hey

I’m acting strange

She’s making question myself

And she’s dancing through my brain

Maybe this is that thing

Maybe this is that dream

I always had

I’m acting strange

Maybe the only thing to do

Is to go insane

Hey, hey

Girl you’re giving me a reason

Pay For The Crime

She’s looking around
Seeing if all is clear
Then she bangs her head
She plays yesterday in her head
She knows she fucked it away
Now she’s walking through the crowd
Acting as all is well
But she broke a soul
The crime is smeared all over her face
She wonders if sleeping at night will become a struggle
She says a prayer
Just to hide her face
Hoping no one notice
Secretly hoping
Time will end
She can never forget him
She can never forget what she did to him
She can never understand
She can never take that day away
She can never hold his hand again
She killed him
She broke him
Now she has to stand there
Trying her best not to make a sound