When You Look Back

When you look back now

Do you think it was special?

All those nights

All those waits

Playing second best

Coming last

Fighting to remain in those thoughts

Crying till

Your eyes ran dry

To a man

That could never understand
That used

That held you close

Only when he sought it fit

Love so cold

That it left you burn

When you look back now

Do you think it was special

Even if you knew it would end?


Herbalife is what the snake oil doctor was in the old west, a lot smooth talking but empty results. Herbalife is by far, one of the most rich and shady companies around. Though they promote good health and a better life, but they do it in a way which is lies piled on lies, side effects of Herbalife kidney damage, diabetes, Herbalife drinks are good shot of sugar with nothing to give your body.

Herbalife gets its income off one source, the consumer, who becomes a distributor, think long and hard for a minute. That’s like Macy’s, Sears, fuck even MCD making their consumer a distributor after they bought their product to resell to other people. But of course, Herbalife changed that when they came under fire, there’s no distributors anymore, just members, who are still selling their product.

Herbalife claims, they make product, their consumer just buys it…what, huh, say what, if that’s true, then why is Herbalife hounding for sells from their “distributors” oh wait, my bad, “members.” Why doesn’t Herablife real professionals sell their stuff, why is it, that anyone can join, without a background check? I’ll tell you, it’s because this is the new generation of the door to door sales men, selling his new iron that play the radio and make a grilled cheese.

Herbalife is making money off the people too lazy to take care of their health, that’s the truth, let’s not play the “we care card.” if the CEO know Herbalife was a grand new idea to beat the best, he would have never allowed the average joe join. This is the truth of the Scam.

You don’t need Herbalife, you can walk, eat right, spend your money on something better, than just a false promise of a better life through a mlikeshake.

Herbalife “distributors or members” are not living the high life, they’re living on edge to make sales to suckers willing to buy or playing the guilt trip on friends.

That’s my two cents

The Perfect Woman: LIES


David, why didn’t you tell me?” Angela gasped at all the paintings he had drawn in the art studio, paintings of her in different poses. She never knew he rented this place to begin with, but she was proud that her boyfriend was pouring so much of his soul into his work.

“ I wasn’t sure if you were ready to see this side of me.” He winked at her. He ran to the corner of the studio and came back with a bottle of champagne. “ I did have this plan for quite awhile, as you can see.” He nervously laughed as he pointed to the candles and red drapes.

“ You’re beautiful.” She walked up and caressed his cheek. She grabbed his hand and they walked to view every single painting he had drawn of her. Every painting they passed always seemed to focus on her eyes, she giggled at this observation, it was refreshing to know that one man in the world wasn’t keen in her breast or ass. “ Somebody likes my eyes.” She teased him.

“ Well, they were the first thing that caught my attention.” He said with a smile, how she melted each time he did that. There was something so pure about David, he could do no wrong. “ It was like I was staring into heaven and finding the missing part of my soul.”

Angela placed her hand on his chest. “ Baby, I have a confession to make, it might kill you.” She laughed and as did he. “ These are contacts.”

“ Pardon?” He said stunned.

“ Yeah, these aren’t my real eye color.” She reached and retrieved one of her contacts. “ I have black eyes.” She said laughing hysterically.

“ How could you.” David hung his head in disgust.

“ Baby, is everything ok?” She slowly crept up to him. “ you‘re not upset about it are you?” She held his hands in hers.

“ You lied.” His British accent was gone, he squeezed Angela’s hands tightly. “ You used me, you toyed around with me, why!?”

“ David, you’re hurting me, let go!” Angela’s eyes began to tear, as David vise like grip was crushing into her fingers. “ David!” She shouted louder. “ Let me…” Before she could say another word, he head butted her with sheer force, breaking her nose instantly, sending the bone out of place and poor Angela down onto the floor. She couldn’t feel the pain, she was too stun to feel anything.

David just stared at her with so much hate and anger in his eyes, that he began to slowly let out the sorrow that consumed him, the tears began to run down his face. “ Why did you used me!” He screamed at her.

“ David, I’m sorry.” The blood began to drench down her mouth, she could barely speak. Her entire body was dazed from the hit, all she could do was sit there and look at him.

“ You knew how much I loved you and you ruined it, with your fucking disgusting filthy lies!” He began to breathed harder as she kept staring at him with those eyes, those same eyes that lied to him, that called out to him. “ I never want to look at them again.” He said to her.

“ David, take me home, please.” The words barely managed to escape Angela’s mouth. Her shaking hand extended out to him, she wanted to have her sweet angel back. She would give anything to have him back.

David walked over to Angela, slapping her hand away. “ Like I would touch those fucking hands.” He scoffed at her.

He used his knees to pin her arms to the side. He grabbed her head with his hands, let his tears dripped down onto her face, he wanted her to see the pain she caused him. “ Don’t do this.” She pleaded.

Her words set a fire in him, he tighten his grip on her head and began to slam it to the concrete floor repeatedly, David wanted her to pay for the lies she had cast down on him, he wasn’t going to stop until she paid for it all. He could hear the back of her skull begin to crack, but her eyes kept staring at him, they mocked him, called him a fool. “ Stop laughing at me!” He used his thumbs to dig into her eye sockets, he squeezed with all his force, the blood began to seep from the corner of his fingers. Angela cried out in dry heaves, kicking her legs under him, hoping to break free.

A few seconds later his thumbs caved into her, causing Angela’s body to seize up, foam shot out of her mouth as she felt his finger digging into her skull. Seconds later her entire body shut down. Angela was no more.
David remained on top of her, still crying, his thumbs still inside her sockets. He cursed repeatedly under his breath. He looked at every painting he had up, shaking his head. “ I did this for you, you were suppose to be apart of something special. But, now look at you.” He said to her dead body.

Podcast coming soon

So, I’m working on a podcast with my dear friend the CREEPYCROW, it’s eight phone recordings of our random shit. Just stuff we talk about and just end up going way off course. IQ’s do get lowered. Here’s some art work I’m working on for the podcast.


Little Guy on the shoulder is a drawing of the CreepyCrow

Little Guy on the shoulder is a drawing of the CreepyCrow

Crow getting beat up



Look Me In The Eye

Look me in the eye

Tell me this is the end

With your bucket full of lies

With you grin

You dirty swine

Knock me to the ground

Walk over me

Like I wasn’t there

Pretend it was just a fling

A moment you could put away

Sleep in bed


There was a  you and I

Look me in the eye

And say that shit again

Tell me it was lie

When you came to me at night

Asking to be held tight

When there was no there

To save you from the demons

That lurked inside your head

Robin Williams ” The Last Laugh”

We lost a good man, one who made us laughs, who dealt with the demons inside his head, that still stared the public in the eye, and laughed like it was the end, no matter what is said, no matter what people cast, it is not, mine, yours, or anyones to disrespect such a wonderful man.


RIP Robin Williams, an amazing man, may you find your peace, may you keep laughing, like the time you came to our world.



The Game Of Your Life


Can’t think
There’s no time
To think of the actions
To this game
We just got to play
Someone’s got to lose
Someone’s got to die
Someone’s got to get screwed
As we laugh inside
That’s the game of life
It’s so
Ha ha ha ha
Try to cheat
Get ahead
Get caught
Go to jail
There’s no getting out
No belts allowed
These people will heckle
And point at us
As we play
While they sit above
And high
This is the game of your life